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Initial North American tour dates announced
And yes, the tour is on...
Alive and well, and living in Reality
CDNow switches to Amazon.com
New York City Marathon Tour
Live By Request and Conan O'Brien TV appearances
The setlist straight from Roseland

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Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol

Lyric of the day!

Well they came down hard on the faggots
And they came down hard on the street

Fan Birthdays!

rien turns 58 today!
dj_space turns 33 today!
zinger turns 36 today!
enodia turns 36 today!
chas pearson turns 51 today!
Mitz turns 32 today!
Simonegiuliano turns 32 today!
Trinity turns 31 today!
Taily turns 37 today!
Simo turns 32 today!
ZzSleepyDragonzZ turns 33 today!

Fan Contribution
from: Bruce

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How do you expect Bowie's new Reality album to compare to Heathen?



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