Teenage Wildlife

Early On (1964-1966) - The Album

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Many thanks to Ruud Altenburg, raltenburg@eti.bio.uva.nl, who provided the lyrics to all of these songs!

Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie (aka David Jones), except Liza Jane by Leslie Conn, Louie, Louie Go Home by Paul Revere and Mark Lindsay, and I Pity The Fool by Deadric Malone.

  1. Liza Jane (2:18)
  2. Louie, Louie Go Home (2:12)
  3. I Pity The Fool (2:08)
  4. Take My Tip (2:15)
  5. That's Where My Heart Is (2:28)
  6. I Want My Baby Back (2:39)
  7. Bars Of The County Jail (2:06)
  8. You've Got A Habit Of Leaving (2:31)
  9. Baby Loves That Way (3:03)
  10. I'll Follow You (2:02)
  11. Glad I've Got Nobody (2:32)
  12. Can't Help Thinking About Me (2:47)
  13. And I Say To Myself (2:29)
  14. Do Anything You Say (2:31)
  15. Good Morning Girl (2:13)
  16. I Dig Everything (2:44)
  17. I'm Not Losing Sleep (2:52)

    On some versions of this album, there appear two extra tracks with alternate vocals

  18. I Pity The Fool (2:13) alternate vocal
  19. Take My Tip (2:14) alternate vocal
Release details
Released 1991 by Rhino US (#R2 70526)
A. Davie Jones with the King Bees (Nov '63 - Aug '64)
Davie Jones: vocals, tenor & alto sax
Roger Bluck: lead guitar
George Underwood: rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals
Dave Howard: bass
Bob Allen: drums
B. The Manish Boys (Aug '64 - Apr '65)
Davie Jones: vocals, tenor & alto sax
Johnny Flux: lead guitar
John Watson: bass, rhythm guitar, vocals
Mick White: drums
Bob Solly: organ
Paul Rodriguez: tenor sax, trumpet, bass
Woolf Byrne: baritone sax, harmonica
Jimmy Page: guitar solo on I Pity The Fool
C. Davy Jones
Davy Jones: vocals, acoustic guitar
D. Davy Jones/David Bowie with The Lower Third (Mar '65 - Jan '66)
Davy Jones/David Bowie: vocals, tenor & alto sax
Dennis Taylor: lead guitar
Graham Rivens: bass
Phil Lancaster: drums
Nicky Hopkins (on some sessions): piano
E. David Bowie with The Buzz (Feb '66 - Dec '66)
David Bowie: vocals
John Hutchinson: lead guitar
Derek Fearnley: bass
John Eager: drums
Derek Boyes: organ
Davy Jones: vocals, acoustic guitar
Session musicians unknown


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