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Bombers - The Song

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Words and music by David Bowie


  All clear wail the sirens
  Sunshine on the wasteland
  Old man sitting in the white sand
  Think we're in for a big surprise
  Right between the eyes

Seemed a good idea
To drop a bomb on the wasteland here
Only one man could be seen
And he was old and so serene
Captain sat in his deck chair
And the red light flashed Beware
Pilot felt quite big-time
As the bomb sailed through the air
Well, they danced and sang
When the bang went bang
When the lights popped out
And the smoke began to clear
It was positively queer


"Die" said the General
"Cobblers" said the man
So the Pentagon sent a cable
And the Queen a telegram
A-bombs, H-bombs, even very small ones
Ripped apart that sand
'Til the stench was just revolting
And the sky a greenish tan
But the soldier said "Sir,
there's a crack in the world"
And the figures went "squash",
and the bits flew far and wide
How the universe sighed!

(CHORUS twice)

When the smoke had blown away
There was nothing left to view
Except a man dear Lord who looked like you
Floating high up in the sky


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