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Hunky Dory - The Album

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Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie except Fill Your Heart by Biff Rose and Paul Williams.

  1. Changes (3:33)
  2. Oh! You Pretty Things (3:12)
  3. Eight Line Poem (2:53)
  4. Life On Mars? (3:48)
  5. Kooks (2:49)
  6. Quicksand (5:03)
  7. Fill Your Heart (3:07)
  8. Andy Warhol (3:53)
  9. Song For Bob Dylan (4:12)
  10. Queen Bitch (3:13)
  11. The Bewlay Brothers (5:21)

    Bonus tracks on RykoDisc release

  12. Bombers (2:38) Previously unreleased track recorded in 1971
  13. The Supermen (2:41) Alternate version recorded in 1971
  14. Quicksand (4:43) Demo version recorded in 1971
  15. The Bewlay Brothers (5:19) Alternate mix
Release details
Original release by RCA 1971
Rerelease on CD by RykoDisc 1990 with bonus tracks
Ken Scott
David Bowie: vocals, guitar, sax, piano
Mick Ronson: guitar
Rick Wakeman: piano
Trevor Bolder: bass
Mick Woodmansey: drums

Bonus track details

All four bonus tracks written by David Bowie.

Hunters and Collectors

A Gem label preview pressing of this (dated 19 October, 1971) exists, perhaps when Bowie was fishing for a new record deal? The three scans show part of the rough cover, plus Sides 1 and 2 of the disc. The handwriting says: David Bowie "Hunky Dory" Preview Pressing 19 October 1971. (Information and scans courtesy of J.L.)


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