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The Gospel According to Tony Day - The Song

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Words and music by David Bowie.

Thanks to Ruud Altenburg who helped with some of these lyrics.


The Gospel according to Tony Day (x3)
If I find a girl he'll take her away
Rotten Tony!

The Gospel according to Brendan O'Lear (x3)
If I buy him a Scotch, he'll buy me a beer
Tight fist, friends

The Gospel according to Pat Hewitt (x3)
If it's written on a sweater then I'd better not do it
Got to, got to

Your mind, blow it
Blow it

The Gospel according to Marianne Brent (x3)
She'll be mine if I pay the rent
Good old Marianne, who needs friends, oh

That's the fucking time, take a look at my life and you'll see
Take a quick, butchers, rotten Mary down the oak
Wouldn't give me two pence for him


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