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Never Let Me Down - The Album

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When this was rereleased in 1995 by Virgin, they added the bonus tracks, but omitted Too Dizzy. EMI continued this trend when they rereleased the back catalogue in 1999. Some say we should be thankful for small mercies :-)

Songs (Time)

  1. Day-In Day-Out (5:14)
  2. Time Will Crawl (4:17)
  3. Beat Of Your Drum (5:03)
  4. Never Let Me Down (4:04)
  5. Zeroes (5:44)
  6. Glass Spider (5:30)
  7. Shining Star (Makin' My Love) (5:04)
  8. New York's In Love (4:31)
  9. '87 And Cry (4:18)
  10. Too Dizzy (3:59) omitted from Virgin and EMI rereleases!
  11. Bang Bang (4:29)

    Bonus Tracks (on Virgin rerelease only)

  12. Girls
  13. Julie
  14. When The Wind Blows
Release details
Release by David Bowie 1987
Rereleased by Virgin 1995
Rereleased by EMI, September 1999
David Bowie and David Richards
David Bowie: vocals, guitar, keyboards, tamborine, backup vocals
Carlos Alomar: guitar, guitar synthesizer, tamborine, backup vocals
Erdal Kizilcay: keyboards, drums, bass, trumpet, backup vocals, violins
Peter Frampton: lead guitar
Carmine Rojas: bass
Phillipe Saisse: piano, keyboards
Crusher Bennett: percussion
Laurie Frink: trumpet
Earl Gardner: trumpet, flugelhorn
Stan Harrison: alto saxophone
Steve Elson: baritone saxophone
Lenny Pickett: tenor saxophone
Robin Clark, Loni Groves, Diva Gray, Gordon Grodie: backup vocals
Sid McGinnis: lead guitar on Bang Bang, Time Will Crawl and Day-In Day-Out
Mickey Rourke: mid-song rap on Makin' My Love


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