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A Small Plot Of Land - The Song

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Music by Bowie/Eno/Gabrels/Garson/Kizilcay/Campbell. Lyrics by Bowie.


  Poor soul
  Spit upon that
  Poor soul
  He never knew what hit him
  And it hit him so

  Poor dunce
  He pushed back the pigmen
  The Barbs laughed
  The fool is dead

Poor dunce
He's less than within us
The brains talk
But the will to live is dead
And prayer can't travel so far these days
The talk of your life
Standing so near
To innocent eyes
Poor dunce

Swings thru the tunnels
And claws his way
Is small life so manic
Are these really the days

Poor dunce
Poor dunce


Poor soul
Poor soul
Poor soul 



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