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Santa Monica '72 - The Album

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7" Vinyl cover

Limited Edition Picture Disc

Standard European release

Limited Edition Box Set

The soundtrack from a live performance with the Spiders at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 20 October 1972.

Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie except My Death by Jacques Brel and Waiting For The Man by Lou Reed.

  1. Intro (0:15)
  2. Hang Onto Yourself (2:47)
  3. Ziggy Stardust (3:24)
  4. Changes (3:32)
  5. The Supermen (2:57)
  6. Life On Mars? (3:28)
  7. Five Years (5:21)
  8. Space Oddity (5:22)
  9. Andy Warhol (3:58)
  10. My Death (5:56)
  11. The Width Of A Circle (10:39)
  12. Queen Bitch (3:01)
  13. Moonage Daydream (4:38)
  14. John I'm Only Dancing (3:36)
  15. Waiting For The Man (6:01)
  16. The Jean Genie (4:02)
  17. Suffragette City (4:25)
  18. Rock 'N Roll Suicide (3:17)
Release details
Released by Griffin Music 1995
Digitally Remastered by
lestyn for Holistic
David Bowie: guitar and vocals
Mick Ronson: lead guitar, bass guitar and vocals
Trevor Bolder: bass guitar
Mick "Woody" Woodmansey: drums
Mike Garson: keyboards

Hunters and Collectors

Gold Au20 disc

An Au20 gold disc with the DJ's closing remarks at the end was made available in Holland (Information from dag).

Boxed Set

A special boxed set was made available in the US, limited to 1000 copies. It includes the alternate cover shown above, as well as a t-shirt, key chain and short video. Note that the video was not actually from the Santa Monica show! Michael Harvey sent me the following info..

Recorded: 21 June 1972 (film) and 20 October 1972 (music)
Editor: Mark Coker

In 1994 to promote the release of the album SANTA MONICA '72, a one-track promo-only video (TMV label) edited by Mark Coker was included in the limited edition Santa Monica '72 Concert Box set (Griffin - GCD 385-0). The 3:17 video, which premiered on the ITV Chart Show on 16th April 1994, used previously unseen footage from a silent colour film made at the Dunstable, England concert on 21 June 1972 combined with the live audio recording of "Ziggy Stardust" from the Santa Monica, US Ziggy Stardust concert on 20 October 1972.

I'm told that the rest of the Dunstable film remains in someone's possession. Shame.....its a great clip and to have the rest of the concert would be brilliant (albeit without sound)

Thanks to Kris Simon for the scans.

Box Set cover

Box Set Video
In addition, an even more limited edition came in a small wooden box with Ziggy's image carved onto the lid, and a brass plate indicating the series number. Only 250 were made. The CD itself is the picture disc with Ziggy and the ticket (see above). Information from Brian Gallagher.

3 Track sampler

A 3 track sampler picture disc also exists, with a catalogue number of GCD-382-2. The picture is a closeup of the ticket all over the disc. Information from Mikael.

  1. Ziggy Stardust
  2. Waiting For The Man
  3. The Jean Genie

In addition, a similar limited edition sampler + an interview disc was released. The interview disc has a picture of Bowie in his Thin White Duke persona, giving a 45 minute interview covering the history of his career until 1990. (Thanks to Sandra for the info).


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