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Station To Station - The Album

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Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie except Wild Is The Wind by Dimitri Tiompkin and Ned Washington.

  1. Station To Station (10:08)
  2. Golden Years (4:03)
  3. Word On A Wing (6:00)
  4. TVC15 (5:29)
  5. Stay (6:08)
  6. Wild Is The Wind (5:58)

    Bonus tracks on RykoDisc release

  7. Word On A Wing (6:10)
  8. Stay (7:24)
Release details
Original release by RCA 1976
Rerelease on CD by RykoDisc 1991 with bonus tracks
David Bowie and Harry Maslin
David Bowie: vocals, guitar, saxophone
Carlos Alomar: guitar
Roy Bittan: piano
Dennis Davis: drums
George Murray: bass
Warren Peace: vocals
Earl Slick: guitar

Bonus track details

Bonus tracks live from Station To Station tour, recorded 3/23/76 at Nassau Coliseum, Long Island.

David Bowie: vocals
Carlos Alomar: guitar
Dennis Davis: drums
Stacey Heydon: guitar
Tony Kaye: keyboards
George Murray: bass


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