Teenage Wildlife

Untitled No. 1 - The Song

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Words and music by David Bowie.

Thanks to Ruud Altenburg for helping out with these lyrics.


In mornings she's so regal that the valley sighs
In the chilly sea that killed her real slow
Now we're swimming up farther with the doll by our sides
Fill the cup with these sleepy souls

  Shimi Kapoor
  It's clear that some things never take
  Shimi Kapoor
  Please, heal these tears
  Shimi Kapoor

She will feel like at tea, make me laugh all along
With such feats like sex only brought upon
Oh lady, oh baby, maybe I'll live my lies alone
Jesus, up here, hear me, I, up-up-up ??


Please heal these tears

CHORUS repeat

Some things never
Never never



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