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Tin Machine II - The Album

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Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie/Reeves Gabrels except One Shot, You Can't Talk by Bowie/Gabrels/H. Sales/T. Sales, If There Is Something by Ferry, Stateside, Goodbye Mr Ed by Bowie/H.Sales, A Big Hurt by Bowie and Sorry by H. Sales.

  1. Baby Universal (3:18)
  2. One Shot (5:11)
  3. You Belong In Rock 'N Roll (4:07)
  4. If There Is Something (4:45)
  5. Amlapura (3:46)
  6. Betty Wrong (3:48)
  7. You Can't Talk (3:09)
  8. Stateside (5:38)
  9. Shopping For Girls (3:44)
  10. A Big Hurt (3:40)
  11. Sorry (3:29)
  12. Goodbye Mr. Ed (3:24)
Release details
Original release by Polydor 1991
Tin Machine and Tim Palmer
David Bowie: lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar, piano and saxophone
Reeves Gabrels: lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals, vibrators, drano and organ
Hunt Sales: drums, percussion, lead and backing vocals
Tony Sales: bass and backing vocals

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