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'hours...' - the hologram story

An interview with the designer of the hours... lenticular cover

lenticular cover

Martin RichardsonLimited numbers of 'hours...' were released with what's called a lenticular insert. This is a technology which, like holograms, allows a three dimensional scene to be cast using a two dimensional material. In the case of 'hours...', the person commissioned to direct and produce this cover was Martin Richardson of T.H.I.S. - The Holographic Image Studio in London. We asked Martin some questions about the production of the unique cover.

How do you know David Bowie?

I have known db for a number of years via the Fine Art circuit in London, and keep him informed regarding new technological advances in the world of 3D holograms.

How involved was David with the concept of the 3D cover?

db was very involved with the concept and after a meeting in New York, during the recording of 'hours...', I was invited to the photo shoot for the album.

How did you go about producing the cover?

When Tim Bret Day had finished his pictures at the photo shoot we managed to film about 20 minutes of db in 3D using a specially adapted movie camera normally used for the making of holograms. Some of this footage was used to create the 3D effect for the lenticular, but the images of db were taken from Tim Bret Day's photographs.

How many people were involved?

A team of around 15 people were involved with the production of the final product, excluding artwork by graphic designer Rex Ray. Others included printers, interlacers, a post production company and my own team at T.H.I.S.

Have you done any other hologram work for music albums?

So far 'hours...' has been my only album cover.

You can see more of Martin's work at his company website T.H.I.S. - The Hologram Image Studio. He also has a limited edition photographic record book titled Spacebomb with 45 colour illustrations.

Lenticular cover Spacebomb
The lenticular cover for hours Spacebomb
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