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April 17, 1997

This report comes from John Sellars.

Just heard Bowie on this morning's Radio 1 Breakfast Show (UK). Good exposure for Bowie. DJ Mark Radcliffe played Boys Keep Swinging, Dead Man Walking, Little Wonder and Let's Dance as well as getting Dave to read the travel reports (!?!).

Bowie revealed a few interesting things about the coming tour. First of all the reports of the resurrection of Ziggy were dismissed. Secondly, some tracks off the Station To Station album are to be included in the new set list, although Bowie wasn't specific. The shows will not therefore only have songs from Outside and Earthling.

Bowie said he would be playing some 'interesting' oldies. Fame is one of the songs to be revived. Thirdly, Bowie professed to having no knowledge of the rumoured 2nd 'jungle' set at Phoenix and reiterated that he will be playing on the final day (Sun). I was actually rather surprised that no other British dates were announced as this would have been the perfect opportunity. It looks like Bowie's waiting to see how well DMW goes in the UK chart before committing himself to other gigs here.

Bowie finished off by taking part in the We Love Us Competition where celebrities are asked questions about their career. How much of a Bowie anorak is Bowie ? Read on.

Q1. New Years Eve 1979, Bowie was on TV simultaneously in the US (Saturday Night Live) and UK (Kenny Everett Television Show). Who did he appear on the US show with and what song did he sing in the UK ?

Bowie A: Klaus Nomi and Space Oddity (both correct)
The DJ claims he is wrong about Space Oddity and that he sang TVC15!

Q2. Who covered the song 1984 in 1984 ?

Bowie A: "I've got no idea"
It was Tina Turner (and if you've ever heard it you'll know why Bowie has wiped it from memory)

Q3. Which song are these lyrics from, "Now my brother lies upon the rocks..."

Bowie A: Bewley Brothers (correct)

Q4. Which song was used by the BBC as background music during their continuity announcements.

Bowie A: "I don't know"
It was Sound And Vision. (I'm embarrassed to admit I got this right. Super-anorak or what)

Q5. Which song on Low is 1.42 minutes long ?

Bowie A: "Haven't got a clue"
It is Breaking Glass. (Bowie protests "It's 15 minutes long on stage!")

Q6. Who was the drummer with Bowie's old band Hype.

Bowie A: John Cambridge
(I didn't know this, so perhaps I'm not such an anorak after all.

Q7. What's the connection between Bowie and Fungus the Bogey Man ?

Bowie A: The Snowman by Raymond Briggs
Answer is When The Wind Blows (apparently). Having not seen either I couldn't comment on this one.

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