Jack Docherty Show

Report from Adeline Cantais

On Friday, April 18, he was on the Jack Docherty show. There were 150 VIps and about 200 ticket people. We managed to get the front row. The recording took just under 90 minutes. He was in great form, very playful and witty, this time wearing a leather coat.

First Jack Docherty did a (bad) jokes routine then they installed two seats and mikes for a brilliant and moving acoustic version of Dead Man Walking. They were about 1 minute into the song when DB stopped playing and ex[plained that Reeves' guitar was not coming out of their monitors. It took a while to get the sound OK, DB was still not 100% satisfied but said they could live with that.

Between this he approached the audience and signed 2 autographs (one of which was my Earthling CD cover!!!!!!). They then played the song again but not before DB mocked the floor manager who was demanding silence from the over enthustiastic audience (90% DB fans). He said she was making him feel like 14 again and started pulling faces at her. They then played the song again. Technicians started removing the mikes and suddenly DB decided to help! He pikes up his and wanted to move it to the left side just to discover that it was connected to the right side of the stage. He made a comment about not having done this for a while. He than disappeared for a cigarette break. When he returned he was asked to walk with Jack to the chair for the camera, he started making a silly robot-walk. all around the stage.

The interview was longer that what was broadcast. They cut the bit when DB corrected the host about the prodigy not being a Drum and Bass band for instance. He said he would not do Ziggy again, would tour in South Africa and could not remember a thing before 1974 but that he read a lot about the seventies!

One of the gimmicks of the show is a giant rat bringing the ratings Ha ha... DB obviously loved the costume because when the full band returned for a very powerful version of Scary Monsters he was wearing the paws and Reeves the head. He then left thanking the delirious and loud audience several times. Later he left the backstage and again signed a couple of autographs. The whole thing was brilliant, relaxed and fun.

Report from Luis

Just some info about Bowie's appearence on the "Jack Docherty Show" on the Channel Five. Bowie did this show last Friday night. It's a 40mn daily show that features a guest. It's not a live show it's recorded and broadcast later on the evening.

Bowie was in a very good mood he did two songs Dead Man Walking (acoustic) and Scary Monsters (fantastic rock version). Bowie joked a lot with the host, Jack Docherty and the audience. During the interview Bowie confirmed that he had absolutly no plans to revive Ziggy Stardust "the only thing I'll revive from Ziggy, is the hair colour", he said. Also asked about the summer tour Bowie stated "We will be moving through Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, and hopefully South Africa by the end of the year".

Bowie had to start twice DMW as the first time he couldn't hear Reeves guitar and between the two takes Jack Docherty announced that Bowie could play all night if he'd like to and said "David Bowie, the same song for 3 hours" to which Bowie replied "Yeah Jack, that would be just like a Tin Machine show" and burst into laughter. Also between the two takes Bowie came forward to the audience and signed some autographs. Jack also asked Bowie about "You also said that you have a brain full of holes was it the coke" and Bowie replied very seriously "Oh no Jack, that was not coke, it was the food I was eating at the time and specially milk,I was drinking a lot of milk".

It was a very very good show.


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