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June 11, 1999

Transcript by Rachel S.

Susan Woods: He's a music legend. David Bowie, also known as David Jones, Ziggy Stardust, and the Thin White Duke. He's got 36 albums to his name. On the strike of midnight on New Years Eve, Bowie will take the stage at the Gisborne 2000 Festival for the first concert of the new millennium. For the occasion he's writing at least one new song and promising surprise guests.

This morning at half past nine our time, five thirty pm New York time that is, David Bowie spoke to us from New York. That was the only time of the day that worked out for both of us and you'll notice the backdrop here looks a bit strange. It was so early, you see, our set people weren't able to get the Holmes set in place in time and I'll explain why, it's because the breakfast set is where the Holmes set is. And there you go, now you know that.

So why then did Bowie choose New Zealand and Gisborne to see in the new millennium?

Bowie: I think, you know, the sun chose New Zealand rather than me. I mean, I could've chosen Bradford, in England, which I like very much, but it just didn't have that thing, did it, really. It was Gisborne 2000 or nothing!

When you put it like that, no.

Bradford 2000!

So are you coming out to hang out and holiday a bit beforehand?

Er, I'm not sure. That's gonna be difficult because one of the people … I definitely know we're gonna spend some time in New Zealand around that time. One of the people who's working with me - Gail, my bass-player - she's virtually on the road, working now in Europe, probably well into the end of this year, so we're going to have to really rehearse very quickly and very hard. So I think I'm going to be doing an awful lot of rehearsals, firstly, 'cause we wanna do so much on the show.

Can you tell me what you're planning to do? We're hearing all sorts of stories about a retrospective, about a new song, what can you tell me?

Absolutely we're gonna be doing songs this time. No doubt about it! No stand up and very little mime, only a little bit of that. (puts up both his palms and briefly does a trapped-in-glass-box mime)

How's the new song?

No I'm not gonna tell you what we're gonna do!

C'mon, c'mon, well you can tell me a little bit, c'mon don't play with me like this, tell me a little bit!

I've started … I've started … alright then, ok. I've started work on three ideas for songs and knowing me I'll probably wanna play them all but I'm gonna do one song for sure, especially for the occasion and it might turn into three, might turn into an album! Oh no, not anotheralbum! I'm just finishing another album actually, right now. We just finished this morning.

We will be doing quite a few of the older songs. Not the expected ones, of course, but songs that I think everyone will know pretty well and, maybe they'll like some of them! And some newer songs. And I hope that we'll be able to rehearse up two or three songs from the new album as well.


Which will be coming out on October the third (which he says very clearly, then looks off camera and laughs).

Which leaves me… that leads me very neatly into what are you doing right now and you've almost answered the question. But are you working hard?

I sorta did, didn't I?

Well kinda, but we're sort of on the same wavelength here.

We're doing two things at the moment … yeah I know … how are you, Susan?

Oh, I'm great, David! How are you?

Good. Very well indeed.

Our producer commented how gorgeous you were looking and young.

It's the jumper you know, it's the sweater. That's all it is. Wear a nice sweater, feel good. What was I saying? (counts on his fingers) I'm doing an album at the moment and er doing music also for a game; I'm doing a lot of stuff on the Internet and I'm doing a lot of painting and a little bit of sculpting; er, I'm enjoying married life tremendously. It was my seventh wedding anniversary the other day on the 6th of June.

Tell me about your painting.

C'mon! (beckons with both hands) c'mon!

What do you like to paint?

Er, kitchens, bathrooms, the odd living room. I use a roller. As it's more expedient. You actually use less paint that way.


That's it.

That's it?

What kind of painting did you think?

You said you like to do painting. I thought, you know, canvasses.

I'm doing it for our eighth year of marriage, you see. I said: 'Oh, I'll paint the living room'. So I did. I did a canvas of the living room. Ha ha ha, painting of the living room, y'see.

So who else is on the bill? Split Enz!

Split Enz.

They're pretty great.

So do you know the guys? Do you know Neil Finn?

They're getting back together for this.

Um. I've met a couple of them, yeah. But I'm not … I've never … obviously I've never seen them as a band because by the time I was anywhere where they were they weren't anymore. But they are gonna be. Aren't they. Yeah.

You've spent a bit of time in New Zealand before, though, have you?

Yeah. I've not gotten much further outside of Auckland than sort of half an hour or an hour in a car. I took a four wheel drive and did a spot of driving around. I think this time because you just know nobody's gonna be flying on the first or second. We'll be clubbin'! I'll tell you what will be great though is because my wife has never been to New Zealand so I think she's gonna. That's gonna be a treat to show her your peaks and valleys!

Alright, well, we're looking forward to seeing you.

I'm very excited about coming down, I really am. We're gonna have a blast, it's gonna be a fantastic night … and day and night and day. It's going on for about seven weeks, isn't it?

Oh, forever.

Or is it just the one? No, it's gonna be great, it's gonna be really terrific.

Because of course you won't be able to leave for a while, you won't be able to fly out of the country for a few weeks.

I'm doing a duet with Kiri!


I'm doing a duet with Kiri, y'know. We're doing I Got You Babe. I don't think, I don't think I've told her yet. That would be fabulous, wouldn't that be fabulous? Doing I Got You Babe with Kiri!

That would be wonderful

I wonder if she's … I wonder. Has she got the humour to do that, I wonder?

She's a wonderful woman.

Kiri, if you're around love, if you just, er indoors, if you got the time, you want to have a listen to the Sonny and Cher record. Um, I think we should probably do it. 'Cause now I've got the hair, you see. I'm hoping to be mayor of New York, that's why I'm growing the hair. 'Cause if you grow long hair and sing I Got You Babe you can become a mayor.

David, it's been a pleasure, we'll see you.

What else do you wanna talk about Suzanne ((sic))? Oh good! We've finished!

We've run out of satellite! We're about to run out of satellite time, you'll just be a blur on the screen.

You've run out of satellite?

Yeah. It's all we can afford down here you know

It's not the first time is it?

No it's not, no.

Well put another penny in the meter!

We can't afford it!

It's really good to talk to you, Suzanne. And promise you'll come and say hello in person when we come down.

Oh love to, I'd love to catch up with you. Thanks for your time, David.

God bless everyone. Bye bye.

Notice the cigarette he pulled out? I had him on about it actually. I said we don't like that, David. He said "Look, I've got two vices left and this is one of them."

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