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John Peel 60th Birthday

August 29, 1999
John Peel
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Bowie was one of the birthday wishers on the BBC's 60th Birthday show for John Peel, famed BBC Radio "DJ" who promoted many performers before they become hugely famous (leading to many BBC session tapes called "The John Peel" sessions).

Afterwards, they played a different take of the Old Grey Whistle Test's Oh! You Pretty Things than most had seen before where Bowie fluffed the third verse. Various viewers in the UK claim that this clip had never been aired before.

Here's the full transcript of Bowie's birthday wish.

"Dear John. When you worked with me on the T-Rex tour, and I was doing a mime piece based on the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese... you were somewhat non-plussed that the audience didn't like the piece where the back row of the audience lifted their hands up with Chairman Mao's little red book, and there was a whole feud going on between me and the audience.

You decided that the problem was that I was doing mime. You didn't like mime. And until I came here to America, I never realised that you were right. Nobody in the world likes mime.

Thanks for the advice about the songs. I'm glad I stayed with the songwriting. And a very happy birthday."

John Peel Birthday John Peel Birthday John Peel Birthday
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