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Cosas Que Importan, TVE, Spain

October 19, 1999

Bowie performed four songs, although only two were broadcast (Thursday's Child and Survive). UPDATE The full four songs and interview were later broadcast on TVE2 on January 1, 2000.

  1. Thursday's Child
  2. Seven
  3. Survive
  4. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell

Here's a brief report from Miryam who saw the show on television.

David appeared at the Cosas Que Importan Spanish chat show last Tuesday. It's a late night show aired by the public channel centered in usually very important guests, but the audience rates are usually disappointing, as well. He took the stage for just two songs, Thursday Child and Survive. No chat afterwards. David's performance had been pre-recorded while the rest of the programme was live, so the situation was a bit awkward, live audience reaction was cold and absolutely muted. But that isn't a novelty: Spain and David Bowie have never been too impressed with each other.

David looked extraordinary, as usual, dressed in a yellow sweater, leather pants and such curious shoes. Longer hair and whiskers (the conductor said afterwards, "David Bowie. 52 year old" as if daring you to believe it). A friend of mine, who isn't a Bowie fan, said she hadn't seen such glittering eyes in her life. All in all, I got the distinct impression that he was rather uninterested in what he was doing, just "going through the motions". He was professionalism itself, don't get me wrong, but there was not a bit of spark (as it was pre-recorded, connection and feedback from the audience was missing). He barely moved at all during the performance. Reviews of the show later praised David's voice, and indeed that was his one strong point in the show. He sang live, and presented us with a ravishing vocal performance. His voice was superb, hitting all the high (and lower!) notes properly. I got the impression that he fluffed the lyrics to Thursday Child a bit, but that is not a novelty. For Survive he donned an acoustic guitar which he didn't so much as pretend to strum!

The band was the usual suspects. Gail was wearing a long flowing white dress. The backing singers were unobtrusive enough. I missed Uncle Fester a lot, though.

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