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October 20, 1999

Bowie performed just one song; Thursday's Child, and then proceeded to endure a seven minute interview where the host managed to ask him nothing about his album or music.

Adrian Celentano
Picture contributed by Marc Plouvin

Here's a brief report from Phillip:

As expected the interview turned out to be a complete waste of time - again I must ask why is David bothering to do such shows when he could pick and choose from the best?

Italian TV at best is terrible - but last night's programme sunk to new depths.

The only bright side to David's appearance was the rendition of Thursday's Child - a slightly different version - Gail Ann Dorsey played guitar with the guy who normally plays acoustic (and who always wears that strange hat! (Mark Plati?) playing bass. David also cut the song by three lines missing out the famous "lucky old sun is in my sky etc etc" - I thought he was up to his old tricks of just plain forgetting the words - but no it seemed deliberate to me.

A couple of things from the dreary (and frankly embarrassing) 7 min interview.

"Hours" was not mentioned once!!!(I thought the idea was to plug the CD ??) neither his recording career!!!

David started off by replying to a question about world debt/poverty and what governments can do about it. After trying to say it was up to politicians he was asked the question again - and replied "Don't ask me"! He looked completely bored - and a little angry especially replying to his host "having met on this occasion we never need to in the future"!!

He complained that he was only allowed to sing one song and could "talk you under the fucking carpet man"!!!

He did promise not to start a war (???) and joked he was receiving Radio Moscow in his earpiece (when he had had enough of a certain question)! The interview ended chaotically - with David clearly wondering what he was doing there and why he had bothered to be interviewed!!!

A feeling I had myself!!!

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