Mick Rock

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Mick Rock is the photographer who took many portraits of Bowie in the early 70's and has been a longtime associate of David's.

A benefit concert for Mick Rock (to defray medical costs from a recent and unexpected operation) was to be held in New York City in May.


Where: Manhattan Center, 34th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues

When: Postponed!! Will be possibly rescheduled at a later date

Time: Be early! There are lots of bands playing. Mick said the doors will probably open at around 6:30 p.m.

Who: Sugargrass, Big Mouth, Phoids, Ray Davies (Kinks fame), Iggy Pop, D-Generation, Space Hogg and Lemonheads. Other special guests may be added later...

Cost: Mick isn't sure. He thinks between $40 and $50. Proceeds will go to defray his outrageous hospital bills. Any money left over will go to Music Cares to help other music industry-related artists in similar dire situations. Since it's a benefit, the cost of the tickets are probably tax deductible.

Tickets: Can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

Questions: For press info, call Beth Katz at (212) 779-3500. For other problems/questions, call Liz Vap at (212) 505-5414 and she can help.

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