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Congratulations to the Bowie Family
(It's short, it's corny, but it does the trick. And it's not as if anyone's actually going to have the patience to read it.)


Congratulations on this day,
A child born, that is what they say,
Pretty as a rose,
Precious as a moonbeam,

A flower blooms- she shall play,
Summer fades as she shall dream
In the autumn day
Of sweet peaches and whipped cream,

Sweet as spring,
A cherished thing
That we can sing
Of all the wonders that she can bring
In this child, a dearest darling,

Sweetest child, loving a pure,
Like something of a forgotten lure
To be held in hearts forever-more,

And nothing is more precious
Then what was given here to see
And nothing is more loved
Then what can be
With the birth
Of this little baby.

-- Amanda Pike
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