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Wolfram Balzer, Germany
Congratulations Mr. Bowie! You made it till your 50th and you are proving that even a rockstar can get older with dignity. Please do not become a pensioner till your 70th! Otherwise my own life misses the heartbeat of your music and performence. A small plot of land and Hallo spaceboy are shinny fresh pearls in a dull rock scene! Alles Gute, Prost und beste Wünsche from Germany
Larry Holder,
Happy 50th Birthday David! I was happy to be there to celebrate your 50th. You are my favorite entertainer and have been for the past 23 years. I'm very excited about your new music and I'm very glad to see that you are too. Cheers to the beginning of a new year!

Matt Hill
Just wanted to say happy birthday. I've been a Nine Inch Nails fan for quite some time now and was exposed to your music through the Outside tour. I have a great deal of respect for you and your music and think that you are a wonderful performer. I just hope you can take me seriously with my rediculous picture attatched to this. Happy Birthday and keep up the cool work. Matt Crystal Beaureguard I wish you the best of luck with your music, I love your music and i love you! Happy 50th Birthday David!
Tal Nissim Happy 50th Birthday. first if u (david) read it so happy happy birthday to u. second i want to thank u for all the music u gave to this world and all things u made for him and. now if u r reading it i must say u were at our country about 5 mounth ago i didnt go to your concert becuase my parnets didn't let i u can please send just a clue that u r going to prform here again in thanks tal. tal. Gene HArrison Happy 50th Birthday David! I just wanted to say happy 50th. You have given us so much with your music over the years I just wanted to say thanks. I know you might never read this letter but if you do Happy Birthday love Gene
Frode Torresdal Happy 50th Birthday David! And a happy new year. Feel free to visit my homepage (Mimushka) Finland Once upon a time there was a group of Zetans, who told us what was to come. We ignored it, and those who knew in governments stood still and denied it. Tell me what you think of it, These Zetatalk stories in web. And have an ever expanding mind in your path of aging house. Love, Mimushka.
Solitaire AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Have I caught your eye, hmm, I think not. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! There, got ya, happy birthday ya kook. I'd get ya something, but I'd never get it to you and wouldn't know what to get. If there's anything I can ever do, let me know(feel like I owe you). I can always be reached at ''. Take it smooth ya crazy nuttbar sandwich:) P.S.-Hunky Dory changed my life, thanks. Clay Draper Happy 50th Birthday David! I discovered your work primarily in just the last week, and I'm busy burning through your records, devouring your poetry and performance. I'm counting on your dedication and excellence for at least another century! May you and your family be blessed in this time of celebration and joy:<)
Dusty Young "Africa has sleepy people, Russia has its horsemen, Spent some nights in old Kyoto, Sleeping on the matted ground." Bonne Anniversaire,
Dusty Young
PS: Tell Dick Cavett that you're almost there.
Dino Smith (wildeyedboy) Chattanooga, TN Happy 50th Birthday David! I've been with you for 21 of those years, and I've loved every minute of it! We're all looking forward to next 50! My little kook, Brittani, also wishes you a happy birthday. P.S. Happy 25th, Ziggy!
Rene Verhoeven Happy 50th Birthday David! I know this is my only chance to wish you all the best. For me you're the artist of the world. I wish you also the best from Rob Ormeling René Verhoeven ( Pace Ebbesen Seattle, WA Happy 50th Birthday David! Thank you for your music, lyrics, philosophy, and prescence. The way you approach and experiment with the craft of storytelling is an inspiriation to me. Please accept my thanks and a wish that you have a wonderful birthday. Love, Pace
Joe Schalk Happy 50th Birthday David! Best Wishes on a Happy Birthday, David! You have given us the great music, but the best still to come. Keep it coming, see you on the road.... Joe and Jeff
mary hilla
I can remember when I was just 13 and saying, "Do you think I'll still like him when he's 'old' and forty". Well, it's been some 23 years since I made that statement and I'm still faithful! And now I'm pushing 40 and that ain't so bad!! So thanks, David, for giving me so many years of joy listening to your music & making so many "Bowie Friends" at your concerts over the years. Happy 50th! ;-)

Alys, Calgary CANADA, (
Best Wishes on your 50th David! My god, it's so hard to think of what to say. I remember when I first saw you. I was watching Labyrinth for the first time when I was 7 years old... and I was hooked! You looked good then, and you look even better now. I hope you like my poem. Please come to Calgary on your next tour. Take care, Love Alyssa.
David Bowyer (
David, we almost share the same name! When I make bookings at restaurants, I sometimes get a breathless "David WHO?!" when I give my name ... But anyway, thanks for rocking the Shoreline with NIN and the Bridge Benefit, I'll never forget it. You rule, mate ... luvonya! (By the way - do you think they'll discover life on Mars?) BEST WISHES, DAVE (San Francisco resident, Sydney native)
Jennifer Cowan, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Happy 50th Birthday David! I have been a fan of yours since I saw Labyrinth. I love your music! Keep making great music! BABY GRACE Greetings from a little girl with no life but popmusic

Hi David! You rock my world. I'm 14, and I hadn't heard much of your music until I saw you with Nine Inch Nails last year. Wow, you put on a great show! Now I have some albums and I think you're the best. Outside is an incredible album. I love it! I can't wait to hear Earthling. Well, have a great one and keep up the good work!
Michael Thomas Fairview Park Ohio , USA
Happy 50th Birthday David! I have appreciated your work since 1971. You have added a lot to my life and want to thank you for all the years of beautiful music. Have a GREAT b-day, oh by the way thank you for giving US a birthday gift (Earthling)on your birthday, only you would do that.
7-Star Starfield for The Pleaidies, please... :* This is a Happy Birthday Mantra for You, David Bowie: May Your Apirations and Dreams Return as The Gift of Love, Unconditional; May Life Engulf You With The Comfort and Pleasure of Greater Life, Making Love to Itself! Thank You for Being You! - Orandon Marie James Robert Cimino David, even though I've just discovered your music in the last year, I feel like I've known you all my life. I respect you for not bowing down to modern rock standards and putting out a product that isn't from your mind and heart. Instead, you put your all into your music and I respect you as a man and as a musician for that. I'll see you next time you tour the US! David, Happy 50th Birthday and keep up the fantastic work.
Jocelyn Lafrance, Granby , Québec, Canada Happy 50th Birthday David! Thank you for all the Music you did so far and LET'S DANCE another 50 Years. Jouni Kekkonen, Suomi - Finland Happy 50th Birthday David and come more often to Finland ! And same in Finnish: Hauskaa 50-vuotispäivää, David ja käy useammin Suomessa ! Best wishes by Jouni :-)
chains The happiest of birthdays to the man of music, David Bowie. May the best of your past be the worst of your future, and maybe you could try playing in Singapore again. With love and peace, you are the greatest.
Remember me?
Happy 50th Birthday David! Thanks for all the incredibly haunting, evocative, disturbing art and music you have provided for us over the years. It adds an intriguing dimension to my life on this already fascinating planet (but is there Life On Mars?). Wishing you a wonderful life. Much Love Helen

miriam sharpe

Hey David!

Happy Five-0. Thanx for all the years of great sound & vision. Your back on the cutting edge and as usual I'll be listening. Your music really does it for me. It must be a great feeling to move people all over the globe with your creativity. Be happy forever...admiration, respect and love...Miriam
KrisTessmer David, you are wonderful. Thanks for making my life and many others,that much more bearable. It isn't possible to tell you all I feel in words, so I will say only this. . . YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

Magienoire (
Have a very happy 50th birthday David/Ziggy/Aladdin/Thin White Duke/T.J. Newton/Major Tom/Detective Adler/all of your other past and future personas... (or should I say... DAVE? Sorry, couldn't resist *grin*) You are an extraordinarily talented man and I hope you continue to bring us inspiring music for many years to come. And remember: It's a great time to be silver! ;)

With Love,

The Faceless Girl
(hopefully a future fellow musician!)

yoshie sakurai Happy 50th Birthday David! Do not forget it's not only me but also so many peoples who doesn't know how to send thier wishes. Wishing you sweet years with your wife. With big love. Yoshie
NO CONTROL (Maltek, Santiago,Chile) David, I haven't stopped for ages and I doubt I ever will, because I doubt that YOU will! Keep up this 50 years good work and we won't have to die for the fifty more: Happy Birthday! Feymoon Happy Birthday! I'm glad my parents submitted me to your music at such an early age. I find your attitude towards many things, I don't know all of your opinions of course, very stimulating and have found myself pondering some of your commets and lyrics. Looking good for 50, in fact looking good for 30, but that's an entirely different story. Well have fun with all that you do and enjoy life to it's fullest.(If you haven't already)=-) Many adorations feymoon

Kris Simon (
Ever since I purchased Lodger two years ago, I knew that your music would be a great inspiration to myself and my personal music pursuits. Your music spans the spectrum of sound and vision, and I am proud to call myself a fan of David Bowie. Good Luck and have a very Happy Birthday, David!!
A rose with no thorns Happy 50th Birthday David! Thank you for being my inspiration, my fascination, and occasionally my obsession for the past 21 years of my life. Love Always, KARENK Jared Happy Birthday David, I just wanted to let you know that I think you're the coolest, and that I've got many friends down here that agree with me on that. I've been a really big fan since I was little. I grew up listening to you, I thought you were the coolest Muppet in Labyrinth, which was my favorite movie then, and it's still at the top now. Your music rules, and I can't wait for the new album. Thanks, David. Shayne Pozzessere, Miami,FL
Chris Spence 50 years already? My how time falls wanking to the floor when you're writing our lives into music. Here's to fifty more!
Dick Mac (alive!)
You made it (and you just got paid)!!!! I was fourteen when I heard Lady Stardust; it changed my life. I've a red and blue lightning bolt tattooed on my right shoulder. It looks great under a grey business suit. Thank you for the East Coast mini-tour last autumn. You were great in Avalon! And you looked great up close! But I'll bet everyone tells you that! Happy 50th Birthday David! Peace, Dick Mac (alive!)

Love from Stephen, UK
I first became aware of you in 1980 through "Scary Monsters" - I was immediately stunned at your inventiveness and creativity. The following years remain a very special period in my life as I explored your work and became increasingly intrigued about the man behind the music. Today your music, art and life remain an essential part of my life. Thanks for the pleasure you’ve given all your fans throughout your career. (Please tour England soon). Happy Birthday, David.
Sandra Passchier
Half a century alive. Make it a century! And please, keep making those albums like Outside. I can't get enough of it and can't get enough of you. Look forward seeing you on stage. Love, Sandra ( - gosh, what am I thinking..)
Kai Quale, Oslo, Norway *************** Happy 50th Birthday, David! **************** Thank you for sharing your pain and confusion. Thank you for sharing the soaring days of your life. Thank you for inspiring me, for giving my life direction. Thank you for showing me what human beings CAN be like - mortals with potential of supermen. May the next 50 be as good, or better! Love, Kai
Sarah Packard - Ann Arbor, Michigan
David, I too first fell in love with you after seeing Labyrinth as an 8-year old; you have no idea how much I cherish that glorious film! I have since enjoyed your music, which covers the entire spectrum of human emotions with your own personal flair. May you enjoy the best of birthdays! And come back to Michigan so I can see you in concert!! :) I'd also be honored if you would check out my own Labyrinth site sometime.
Love On Ya, SARI / Helsinki Strange fascination/Fascinating me Changes are taking the pace you`re going thru ------------- ----------- ---------------------------- In walked luck and you looked in time Never look back walk tall act fine I`ll stick with you baby for a thousand years Nothing`s gonna touch you in these Golden Years
Pamela Wright and friends
Happy 50th David! Thank you for the music that I've been so addicted to over the last twenty years. My favorite concert so far was at the Capitol Ballroom in D.C. last September. My favorite album? Too many to choose from, but Scary Monsters, Station to Station, and Outside would definitely be at the top of the list. Take care and keep writing. Oh, the guys in the picture with me? My friends Tom and Robert, also Bowie fans. Pamela Wright/
Happy birthay, Happy 50th Birthday David! I had the pleasure of meeting you and Mick Ronson just prior to the legendary Kingston Poly Ziggy gig in 72 and you gratiously autographed 3 of your LP's for me. I still have them to this day as a centre piece to my collection and still love your music. Keep it up for another 50!! Chaz.
Prof. D. W. Phelyx Hopkins Happy Birthday to a man who has earned everything he has. You're the best! Forever a fan, Phelyx MerrillChild Detroit, MI HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Mr Bowie! Thank you for your music! Stay well, I love you! Love, Merrill Stulberg (LittleChickStardust)

Ed & Sonia Rockford, Il
Hello, I wanted to be able to tell you, you are remarkable. I was fortunate to see you at the World Music Theatre in Chicago. I was so upset to see how many young people left that I wrote my Research paper on it. Your so important that you cover my walls. Well, Happy Birthday and best wishes to you and Iman. Jaana from Finland Sorrow was the magic song yeeeears ago.... No sorrow, but joyous and happy life even after your birthday! Having listened to your music for over 22 years now I have to admit it must be something special. - Funny - when having a chance to tell you personally something here makes my words disappear , though I guess you get words enough in this card ;-) So :I'm just sinking in the Quicksand of my thoughts and I don't have the power anymore...
mick pearce Happy 50th Birthday David! Hope you have a great day. Thank you so much for giving us years of exiting music and we hope for many many more. LOADS OF LOVE TAIT & DI.
Alassinsane (Bambi) San Diego
My, how you changed a 13-year-old's life forever at your concert in Kansas City back in '78. "Heroes" changed us all forever. Your ch-ch-changes have inspired us and now, as a 29-year-old, I wonder at your ingenuity and never-failing artistic inspiration. We love you so much!

Philip Obbard, Boston MA. USA
Happy Birthday, David. You've written that there's no telling what an artist will do once he's reached his peak; but in your case, that peak just keeps getting higher and higher. All the best in the coming year! Toogster of Ingerland. 50, nice.
Bowie music "keep smiling though" Sarajevo 92-96 Mr. Bowie, I do believe you have just begun. Only one living musician merits my fanatacism, and that musico is you. I wish you all the best returns of the day. Happy Birthday from Joshua and all your diehard fans in Bosnia! PS When are you coming to Sarajevo, Hmmm? Artur Oliveira Happy 50th Birthday David! I'm very happy with it. I just can't believe that you made all of those wonderful works: your CDs, your CD-ROM Jump, and all the other things in only 50 years. It is almost impossible. Be happy!
Tudor Stanley Fresno,Ca-something with ziggy Happy 50th Birthday David! What can I say that your cooler then ever. Though it's just recently I've became a fan of yours, your my favorete. Starman, Hearts Filfthy Leasson, Lovin The Alien, Abloute Begginers, and Space Boy are the songs that make me a fan of yours. I also love your acting. The Man Who Fell To Earth, Labyrinth, and Basqiut are your best performances. Anyways you should stop over here by Fresno I would like to see you. Enjoy your Birthday and the many more to come. Tudor Stanley Angus Ramsay Dear David, you birthday to happy, happy to birthday you to birthday you, happy happy birthday. This is a cut-up version of a famous song. From Angus I.G. Ramsay
Ed Means, Kansas City, MO David, I'd like to wish you a happy 50th and thank you for the unique experience of your music. It's been quite a ride! khaw szelin (Penang, Malaysia) Happy 50th Birthday David!My name is Sze Lin.I'm from Malaysia and have been your fan since I first saw Labyrinth.I get a lot of flak from my pals for being your fan.I say, what do they know anyway? Not much..if they don't think you are the most handsome guy on Earth! Have a wonderful birthday and visit Malaysia one day..preferably Penang,..any chance? Keep on singing and may we get another 50 years' worth of wonderful music from you!!Love, Sze Lin

Courtney Sorrell Oxford, GA
David, Well, now that I have a chance I'm not sure what to say to you. Your music has been truely inspirational in my life. It has even made me take up my clarinet and saxophone again! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Oh, and by the way, you have incredibly sexy teeth. Happy birthday! Love, Courtney picture from sept 7 1996, capitol balroom show Congratulations on 50 years of greatness! It's been so long, but it has gone by so fast! If i could freeze time to just one night, it would be september 7 1996, the first time i ever saw you perform. It was one of the most wonderful nights of my life. Your music means so much to me. I hope that January 8 1997 is your night that you want to freeze in time forever. All my love, today and forever, Lilly Goldman

sunday schuyler
Happy 50th Birthday David! Your music,and you have given me great happiness!! I have never felt such love and excitment for any artist on the planet, except for you!! Having been a fan for many years, my life would not be the same without you. I always can't wait to hear your next album or see the next film, or any other project. Please never stop singing.I wish we could meet! Love, Sunday Schuyler I wish you a great and happy 50th Birthday David! Thank you for the great and wonderful music you wrote during these past 30 years that has been really important in my life. I wish you even more success for the future. Et encore une fois... bon anniversaire!!!
frank deike Happy 50th Birthday David!all the best for the next 50 years,and we hope you`ll go on making music for the next 50 years Michael Brown You are an icon!! Happy 50th Birthday David! Michael Brown
Kirsten Kjoss Happy 50th Birthday! Hope you have a superb day! Thanks for all your wonderful, creative music, and for being a continual inspiration and influence in my life (not to mention also being THE most fabulously gorgeous looking male I've ever set eyes upon). I look forward to seeing you in concert in NEW ZEALAND this year *hopeful smile*!! Best wishes for now & always. Duncan Smith - From one transplanted, orange-haired, Januarian Brit to another:

Happy Birthday, Mister Jones !

A man turning into a baby Yo Dave ! Remember, from 50 you start decreasing years of age. Happy Birthday - hope you'll remember mine ! Alon Anders Jacobsson Happy 50th Birthday David! And thank you very much for the Outside album. It was the best record since Scary Monsters. And for the concert you gave in Gothenburgh a year ago, it was fabulous! Hope to see you soon again. Good luck & once again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Anders Jacobsson, Sweden
Svenn-Runar, Oslo,Norway. Happy 50th Birthday David! Me and my flat-mate,Mari, wish you another 50 years! You have been a great inspiration for us, and we hope to see you soon.Your performance at Roskilde `96 was great! Greetings from Svenn-Runar, Norway. Amy in Chicago "Comical little geezer, you'll look funny when you're fifty."--Chas in "Performanc"... i must say that you don't [neither does mick actually]. Have a fantastic birthday...and manymore to come...with lots more music, creativity, and happiness. Happy Birthday!
pattibowie, philly, pa 50, is it? funny, the first time i ever saw you was 24 years ago. Half our lives almost! you have given me some of the most special moments of my life, ones i will never forget. i am happy we have both reached a "landmark" together, your 50th birthday, my 100th bowie show. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! i hope you will continue to endure the road, as we all love to see you perform! Love, from one of your "sigma kids"!
Anbar Bloch
"You would measure time the measurless and the immeasurable. You would adjust your conduct and even direct the course of your spirit according to hours and seasons." "Yet, the timeless in you is aware of life's timeless, knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. And that that which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space." (The Prophet/Kahlil Gibran)
Saxiphone Hello David, Wish you well on this occasion. Also thank you for the hours of enjoyable and fasinating works that you have contributed over the years. Look forward to hearing much more from you. Lynn P.S. I love BTWN and that 80's stuff. henni weinstein Happy 50th Birthday David! You are the most influentual artists that i have ever known. i love you! you rock!

Noam Gal - Israel
Happy 50th Birthday David! When I had my birthday you gave me the best birthday present I could ever wish for. It was on July 3rd when you preformed for us Israelis fans - my birthday. It was great. I can't offer you any present that matches the one you gave me, but I greet you to keep on doing what ever is on your mind, whether it's music, painting or acting, and keep making us happy while doing it. Susan Hoover, Houston, Texas Happy Birthday to the only artist whose work occupies 20 slots in my CD case. (Beethoven is second with 10!) I've been a fan since 1982 when some college buddies turned me on to the Eno period works...and those are still my faves. Please visit the third coast of the US on your next tour! - Susan Hoover

Nickolay Kharchenko, Moscow, Russia
Happy 50th birthday, David! I can't find the words to describe the role of your music in my life. I'm only sure that only your words can help me when I'm "sinking in the quicksand of my thought". First time I heard you when I was 14. Now six years later I can't imagine my life without your music. Your performance in Moscow was the happiest moment of my life. Thanks for your great work. Roy Kessels, The Netherlands Happy birthday to U David!! Yesterday I saw the video of 'Little wonder" and I liked it very much :-) !! I hope U to continue making excellent music in the future as you did in the past, and I hope to see you on tour soon (in the Netherlands). Love and greeting, Roy (
Jeffrey Morgan ( Toronto A BELATED BIRTHDAY "THANX"-- In 1974, during your Toronto Diamond Dogs show, I gave a crew member a photograph of you and William S. Burroughs which had been signed by Burroughs when I met him earlier in the year. The photo went through 16 cities until you signed it "With Thanx Bowie 74" in Philadelphia. Now it's MY turn to say "With Thanx" for signing it and having it mailed back to me. Love on ya!
Ramsey Harris, Philadelphia, PA
Happy 50th Birthday David! I know of no other artist who has had the ability to continually astound and delight me with every endeavor. For 16 years your music has been an integral part of my life. You have been an inspiration to me to never stand still and to always strive to be my best and most creative. Best of luck and here's to the 50 more! (P.S. If you are ever in need of a good back-up singer...)

Joseph Greback (Jareth)
Happy 50th B-day Mr. Bowie! I hope it is a great one for you. I have always loved your work since I saw you in Labyrinth. I remember that day when I asked my mother: "Mommy, who is that in the tight pants?" She told me and showed me 2 Lps she had. Ever since then, I have been hooked. I recently got a job so I can afford to buy all of your CDs and a few movies. Keep up the great work and good luck to you in all you do and may God bless you..... Noella Gervais, Toronto Hello and Happy Birthday David. Your music has helped me through some pretty difficult times so I feel comfortable calling you David without the Bowie. Since it is your birthday I think I'll take this opportunity to say you are appreciated. And the most amazing thing is you appreciate back! Take care..."we talked with tall Venusians passing through."
Melanie Fischer Best wishes to you David! Your work has been a great influence on my life. You made me feel special when you winked at me at the DC Ballroom! You are a wonderous being! I am so glad that you are still producing great music and songs and I hope you continue to do so for MANY more years! You mean so much to so many of us! Stay youthful! Keep the hair RED! GRAPHICALLY YOURS! Melanie 33 Baltimore MD
Bernhard Strilka
50 years. Means something like halftime; and this means there are another 31 years of great Bowie-Music to come. Looking forward to. So, Mr. Jones, keep on surprising your audiance and also experimentic with the internet. Happy Birthday from Austria to, whereever you are.
Toti, Iceland (a picture of Iceland or what ever) Happy 50th Birthday David! Thanks for visiting Iceland, that was really cool. Hope to see you again on Iceland this summer(or winter, or what ever.) Toti.
(My baby, Isabelle). Jane Gilmartin, Boston, USA
Happy 50th Birthday Mr. Bowie! I also celebrate my birthday today, (33). The only gifts I have to offer you are my love and my thanks, both of which, though you may not know, you've always had. I love you and I hope you are forever well and happy. Thank you for the wonderful influence you've had on my life. You've taught me more than I could ever properly thank you for.

Next Fans
Found you mid '70s and been stuck on you ever since! Thanks for your mark on the world, happy 50th and keep on changing. Love on ya'....Randall
Walter Pullen from Seattle, WA
Happy 50th David! :-) At 25, I'm exactly half your age. I first became a fan of yours after seeing you as Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth. I have a Labyrinth web page at Anyway here's cheers and blessings for the next 50! :-)

Matt Westacott
Perth, Australia
"David Bowie? Isn't he the guy who sang that song about Major Tom?"

Happy 50th Birthday David!

Bob Pittman Happy 50th Birthday David! I'm 18. You were doing neat things nine years before I was born. Have fun in your "Golden Years." I really enjoy your music and I hope when I turn fifty that I will have done somewhat near the amount of amazing things that you have done. You will always be one of my "Heroes." Happy B-day. p.s. I'm thinking of naming my first son Ziggy.
remco Happy 50th Birthday David! I have loved you and your music since I saw you in the film Christiane F., Wir Kinder von Bahnhof Zoo, and I always will love you. Hope to see you soon in The Netherlands. Remco. Mayu from Kobe, Japan Happy birthday, Bowie-san! Your songs drow outer-space pictures of Dali in my head. I always love you so & for good... Mayu
Erika Oetke, Ireland. Happy Birthday David. Keep up the good work, and if you have any spare time, please come and do a gig in Ireland. You are the greatest musician that ever was. Good luck in the years to come. Love, Erika.
Paul Morgan ( Seattle
Happy 50th! Your songs have meant alot to me. I am 19 now and have loved your music for most of my teenage years. Recently, I have travelled to London, New York and Boston to see you. You were great! Enjoy the next 50...

Jason Babcock Frostburg, MD
Hope you have a great 50th Birthday and here's to another 50 years. You keep getting better with age! I hope that I'm as cool as you when I get to be 50! Keep up the kick-ass work in '97! Constance Nurmia Happy 50th Birthday David! Can you beleive you are 50??? I can't!! But I still love you and your music!!! Time can never chanage that!!! Have a good life!!! Love, Tiger aka Constance

Tanya Podshivalova from Moscow, Russia
Hello my Spaceboy! Happy 50th Birthday to you! Hot congratulations from the cold Moscow! I started to love your music in this age. All these 20 years you are still surprising and enjoying me with your art. I think you are the best in the world, and The Man Who Fell To Earth is my favourite movie. I wish you to remain so unpredictable and diverse for ever. Tanya. Morten Nicolay Wesseltoft Happy 50th Birthday David! To The Artist of the century from a old fan in frozy Norway. Hope to see you back soon!!!!
Fraser Bailey Happy 50th Birthday David! I've been following your stuff for the last 25 years - here's to the next 25! fraser@south queensferry, Scotland
Scott McCauley
Happy 50th Birthday David! You remind me of the babe... Half a century, congrats! You are the best. Do me a very big favor and never stop.

eric castaing
Happy 50th Birthday David! I know your music since 76 and I thank you for all the good moments you've bring me during these years. I'll be in NYC to support you on the 9th! Eric (France) donna schindler Happy 50th Birthday David! Dear David, Your artistry has brought me much happiness throughout my teen and adult life. You have mastered so many mediums of art, such as music, theatre, painting,movies, internet,and fashion to name a few. The latest medium you have utilized is the internet and you continue to shock and surprise as I dare say you are the first to pioneer that medium to express and convey your art in such a creative, controversial and exciting way!Thank you! Your fan, Donna Speed
Dan Liszt David have a truly free form B-day. It's amazing, but turning 50 seems to give you and your art and music more relevance than ever. So keep being the king of innovation for 50 more! From Daniel Liszt and St.Chimera Thommie jensen Sweden Happy 50th Birthday David! I look forward to listening on your new album. I have seen you live 5 times and i hope you come to Sweden soon (i misted you att the Roskilde festival in Denmark
Michael Dempsey Happy 50th Birthday David! My God, David, I don't even know how to tell you how much you and your music means to me. You are the consummate. I love. . . . With gratitude and curiosity, Michael
Hans-Erik Oeverland
Happy 50th Birthday David! Since you like the work of Odd Nerdrum, here is a painting made by him. Never quit making the best music.
Twig the Wonder Kid U.S.A. Happy Birthday Mr. Bowie!! I wish I could give the gift of you to yourself for truely that is the greatest gift, beyond my physical life, that I have ever been given- the talent and wonder of you. Please take very good care of yourself. I Love You. Twig the Wonder Kid- I'll follow you, wherever you go.
antonio farruggio - nyc
caro davide buon natalizio ti voglio bene antonio farruggio
Eric Hartz Oxford, Michigan Of course, Happy 50th, but I EVEN HAVE A GIFT, and one you'll like, let's have an e-mail discussion about the FUTURE OF ARCHITECTURE. Write me at Anelise Lacan Happy 50th Birthday David! BONJOUR,ET BON ANNIVERSSAIRE,from a French girl who really appreciates your work!I would like to add that I have seen your art works in London,in 1995 (cork street gallery),and I really enjoyed them.THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your great work!Love,from the bottom of my heart.AMITIES.
********* H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ********* ThanX a lot for being there, for your inspiration, for decades of creative work. Happy 50th Birthday, David! Beate Behrendt, Berlin. Ronda Nuce and George Happy 50th Birthday David! I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Does that make my point? Hope you have a great year and keep putting out more albums...!!!
Douglas Sinclair, Scotland Happy 50th Birthday David! Play Scotland real soon! Douglas & Evone. Andherson Miliatti Happy 50th Birthday David! From Andherson Miliatti (Brazil)
Jim Selfridge Happy 50th Birthday David! THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES CARRY ON CH- CH- CHANGING !! JIM SELFRIDGE Jos Meekers Happy 50th Birthday David! We wish you another 50 healthy an artistic years! Come soon to Belgium!
Jess Portsmouth, Lancaster 50?Well I hope we get more from you yet! Kelly-Marie Bonne Anniversaire David! Thank you for twenty great years...WHen everyone else became let downs, or burn outs, you stayed BOWIE!
Erwin Keimes Happy 50th Birthday David! Greetings from Belgium.
Christina Coryell
Well as my birthday is in a week from now I would like to wish you the very best. How does it feel to be 50? I'll be there in 3 years. No I am not a teenager, but I have enjoyed your music from the start. I used to have a crush on you when I was a teenager. I wish you many more happy and healthy years of music making. Christina Coryell
marco Vlieg Happy 50th Birthday David! And thanks for all of your music over the last 30 years, there were some good years and some bad. I hope you can continue the good work for another 50 years, maybe not as an entertainer but as an artist. So congratulations to you,Iman and Joe (Zowie), and please visit Holland again sometime this year. All the best Marco Vlieg Holland
Leslie Crudup. Allentown,PA/USA
Hi David! Have a great Birthday! mine's on the 15th. We're practically twins! ...uh....maybe not. Anyway, I'm fifteen years old. I love your music. I've been meaning to hear a lot more of it. You're a great inspiration. Also, I loved you in Labyrinth!! I know there were others but that was my favorite! Happy Birthday!
DAJ WISCONSIN Ever since watching you on the Sonny & Cher Show back in 1975, I have been a fan. I look to your work for broadening my thinking, for entertaining me, and for providing a "familiar" voice whenever I am in need of one. Thank you and Happy 50th Birthday David!
Caillean Greywolf
50? Thats impossible, you're young! Sexy, alive, and still sharing some of the best music in the world with your fans. I still can't believe how much energy and talent you posess. Few people on this earth are so blessed, probably because people like you are *so* blessed there isn't any left for the rest of us! Loved you in Labyrinth, and loved the Capital Ballroom show, you were fantastic, as usual. Goddess Bless!

This is a drawing I did called "BowieLove"
I am 12 years old and have been a fan for about two years. I first saw you in Labyrinth and I instantly fell in love with you. I don't have many of your albums (CDs) yet, but I am getting more soon! Happy 50th! You look great and your music is amazing! I love you. Love, BowieManiac...p.s.Can you PLEASE have a concert in Pittsburgh, PA??? I REALLY REALLY would like to meet you...soon... mark farmer Happy 50th Birthday David! "foget that I'm fifty cause you just got paid" Many Happy returns on this special day. Hope to see you in Australia soon! Mark

Brian Baker, Cambridge MA
Happy Birthday David! Your performance at the Avalon in Boston this summer was the most intense concert I've ever seen! Thank you for expanding my tastes in music! - Brian Steve Enright Happy 50th Birthday David! Please consider coming back to Perth, Western Australia. We miss you. Have a great day Steve
DarkWarrior Dear David, Thank you for your inspiration and guidance. As a child I grew up with my father's old LP's of your work. (My dad bought you a Coke once) As a young adult, I find you to be the guiding influence in my own works. Your work was, is, and (I imagine) always will be magnificent. Thank you for everything. Love eternal, Brian "DarkWarrior" Grisaffi (maintainer of ground zero: home of "Sons of the Silent Age")
Diana Ebner
Happy 50th Birthday David! good luck and keep it going on and on and on ...

Carl Robinson, Grimsby, England
Happy 50th birthday David! What to say to the person who influenced my life and musical tastes more than any other ?. The first of your albums I heard was "Heroes". Since then I've collected about all of them. I'm sure there'll be plenty more to come. Keep on surprising us all with your originality and ability. Rock on forever !
Myriam CA
Happy 50th David! I am a photographer and I can not think of any other individual who has influenced my work more than you have, and I wanted to thank you. The foundation in all my pieces can be traced back to your work one way or another. Thank you for opening my eyes and soul to art and your constant inspiration.
Shannon Barker Happy 50th Birthday David!! I'm a really big fan of yours.I love you!! DOJO
Monica J. Roxburgh
         _______________            ________
  ___   /.`  \   . /  ` \   ___    / HAPPY  \
 /. `\ / _ (o) (o) (o) _.\ /   \  / BIRTHDAY \
 \ \. Y   \   .   .   /.  Y `/./  \  DAVID!! /
  \ \ .\.  \_________/   /. / /    | /-------
   \.\__\ \__v_____v__/ /__/ /     |/
   /  \ /||\        /||\ /  \
  //||\\                //||\\
      (mutant vampire frog)
Krina Despota and Anne-Marie Jetter of SF, CA
Evan Torrie Stanford, CA, United States
Happy 50th Birthday David! I first encountered your music at the age of 10, and immediately fell in love with your innovation and desire to break the rules. As maintainer of Teenage Wildlife, it's great to see more young fans coming on board even as you approach 30 years in the business. Moreover, thanks for giving me a reason to delay my graduation for another two years! :-)

The Big Servo himself
Hikeeba great one!!!! Happy 50th B-DAY Keep up the incredible work. I have to go sit and axiously await "Earthlings" This Chaos is Killing Me Stephanie Massick All the best, David! I have been a fan for half my life - ever since Labyrinth. I, too, am a Jareth devotee and think your suave portrayal was memorable. Drop a line to and you'll delight dozens of fans on the Labyrinth mailing list! Your lyrics, voice, and eyes mesmerize . . . at 50, you're forever young.
Nilz It seems that bands today have forgotten how to make beautiful music, real music. You've never forgotten that. Happy birthday. Nilz Edith Bellinghausen, New York City Happy 50th Birthday David! No photo of me...but hey, gotta keep up the mystery, ya know?? Well, here's to an artist who knows the true meaning of the word performer. I loved the Outside tour and was fortunate enough to catch the east coast gigs, too. Maybe someday we'll meet; that's what got me in the music business to begin with! Thanks for the music...keep on doing what you do best - paving your own way.

David- If it wasn't for you.....I would NEVER have: Gone into a "mosh pit"..... Known what it was like to do a five-city tour....... Driven 500 miles through a hurricane to see a concert.... Found out how invaluable scalpers are.... Opened my eyes to new music..... Discovered the internet or Made some great friends..... I could go on, but we're not getting any younger..... Love, Scary Bonster, alias dbfan, "no matter how old I get, YOU'LL be older!" Dan "no clever name or picture" Happy Birthday, Bowie. I have nothing else to say. You've lived for just these fifty years. Don't die for at least twenty more.
Sodapop: J.Freeman, OR 97520 Salutations and happy birthday Bowie. You're amazing. Always have been, always will be. With my love and respect, J.Freeman.
Andre Roy from St-Luc Canada.
Happy half century Birthday Mr.Bowie! I hope that you will perform 50 times better than before and I not so worried about that. Have a nice day.
Keri Matthews David, thank you for being so great at what you do. I hope to see you in concert sometime. Please do a U.S. tour SOON! Anyway, My name is Keri Matthews and I'm 14 years old. I have liked your music since I was two. Please have a VERY, VERY happy birthday! Love, Keri
Katia,Steevens and Erika .Brazil
Dear friend,thank you for the young rock singer,for the aristocratic European,for the odd detective,for the space invader,for the lost astronaut,for the authentic vampire. Thank you for filling up our lives of sounds,histories, legends,realities,dreams,wishes,passions...Please never stop fascinating us with your magic and tormenting our dreams with your vampire eyes,which suck our minds. With all our kindness to you,from the simple mortals.
Mark "they were blanks" Anderson, Corvallis OR Woohoo for David. You rocked at the Bridge School Benefit (both nights), it was really a treat for my ears. You're the best there ever was, keep it up. I would write more, but my eyeballs are bleeding again. My eyes have never been the same since my contacts were melded to them by that darn X-ray beam.
Martyn King, Fleetwood, Lancashire, England.
Hello David, I've been a fan for years and this is the first time that I've been able to write to you. Have a happy birthday and let's have another variation on 1.Outside ASAP. Best Wishes, Martyn King (England, the North of)
Jim Fodey, Regina, CANADA Happy 50th Birthday David! Well old chap...(forgive the "old") I too am on the fast track to 50. I've lived with and loved your work for 25 years...Thank you David; the adventure continues. Good health and happiness to you always! Joe Wakeling Happy birthday David! Best wishes for the future near and far, thanks for all the great music you've made and here's hoping you'll make a lot more :)

007 spain
congratulations, u have the same age that kylie abdul at the same time you never let down (well, maybe once) but u know, money is too tight to mention and it seems you met a stranger (some night?) better than nice. eurocentric presents african chair, tall metal face boy is alive. italians do it better, ragazzo solo met ragazza sola, helmut newton should do more pictures of you and the people u love. Thomas Eriksen Happy 50th Birthday David! Every good boy deserves birthday greetings. And most specially you do. I basically just want to thank you for contributing so much to my life with your music (I hope this doesn't sound too melodramatic). I have been a devoted fan since the age of 12, when Ashes to Ashes came out. I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures or artwork - I hope that my words are enough. Happy birthday Yours truely Thomas
Some cat was layin down some rock n roll Happy 50th Birthday David! Congraulations on hitting the big 5-O! Just keep the good work, keep your thinking cap on, and come back here to Raleigh,NC on tour, but to a smaller venue like the Ritz. Thank you for all the great music over the years, although I'm too young to remember much of it, and keep being creative ROCK ON! david menestres By the way, Basqiuat was incredible! Julie Levesque, Quebec, CANADA Happy 50th Birthday David! After all these years, what you're doing is still great! I hope you'll get a happy birthday! :) Hope i'll get the chance to see another show, soon!
Rick McKenna Calgary, Alberta, Canada Happy 50th Birthday David! You are a god; your'e the best.... You are better than the rest.... the king of cool you'll always rule rickrickrickrick Alligator (Toronto) Hey there, sexy. I worship you. I worship the ground you walk on as I do the microphone you sing into. If you're in town sometime... give me a ring. I'll make it worth your while. :)

Lewis Edward Moten III
Happy 50th Birthday David! It's great to see originality and people that are just as strange as I am! FELIZ ANIVERSARIO It all comes back in a flash. It was December 1973. I was about to turn 13. I asked for David Bowie's latest album as a birthday present and I got "Aladdin Sane". That's when it all started. On behalf of all your Brazilian fans... FELIZ ANIVERSARIO!!! Emilio
ScorpPoet Happy 50th Birthday David! David Bowie is God! All my best to you and your family. Keep the music coming (videos too). You're still super sexy. Labyrinth forever, dearest Jareth. (If I were Sarah I would have stayed "forget about the baby") And as a red-head myself, I dig the red hair. (GQ) Richard Sexton Victoria BC, Canada Happy birthday and thank you for your many gifts to art/culture! I listen to your music nearly every day and I will never miss any opportunity to see you perform.

Warm Regards,

Rich Sexton

a flame (as in old) Happy 50th Birthday David! I've been a big fan all my life (yours was the first album I ever bought)! Thanks for so much great music! May your fabulous voice go on forever! Matthew Tranbarger (USA) Thank you, David, for all the inspiration and great entertainment you've supplied over the past years. You have been ( and are ) a constant reminder that there is more in this world than the expected. May your future be as bright as your past - of that I have no doubt. Happy Birthday, David Bowie.

avishay ziv Tel-Aviv Israel
Happy 50th Birthday David! David,i must tell you i cant find what's so happy in a birthday,which only symbols the countdown to our death. anyway,i must say you are getting younger and younger and you can proudly look time in his face and say i won! david i love and i want you to know that your performence in Israel was extremly short and so you must come back!!! we all look forword to meeting you again love Avishay ziv israel.
Jennifer Goodwine, Washinton State, USA

Two great things happened in 1969... Man of Words/Man of Music was born and I was born. Oh, and that man walking on the moon thing... I have adored your music since I got my first album Diamond Dogs I wish you many happy years to come. And why wasn't Life On Mars played when they launched that new probe to Mars? Just a thought.... Happy Birthday! :-)

Nicole Wasinger - Love ya! I first saw you on FNVideos when "Let's Dance" was pit against "Hungry like the Wolf". No contest. The world blanked out as I focused on the screen. I was 14. You and your work impacted my life greatly. Being a Bowie fan is a special club and the internet has brought us all closer together. Happy Birthday, David! Be true to yourself and your true fans will always be true to you. "As long as you're still smiling..." Nicole Wasinger Nicolee, Australia. See you in the front row! To the only singer / performer / actor / hunk I've ever truly adored: Thankyou for your wonderful music, it gets me through every day; I couldn't imagine my life without it. Please confirm these rumours and come down to Australia! I swear it would make my life! Enjoy your birthday, spend it doing whatever you love best!

Happy Birthday David.

Angie, Melbourne, Australia!
Dear Mr Bowie, I’m writing this to you… You made me love you, I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t want to do it. You made me love you, and all the time you knew it, especially when I saw you in Labyrinth. You made me happy, even when I saw you dancing with those goblins! You know you made me love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! May you always be the inspirational and great artist that you are. AYAKO MORITA Happy 50th Birthday David! I'm happy to send you a birthday greeting! How wonderful this page is!
Juuso, FINLAND Happy 50th Birthday David! I would like to thank you for your songs, they are something that gives me energy and keeps me awake in this boring world. I hope that you will come to Finland again soon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Vikki Otero, Houston, TX
Hey David! I was entranced when I was 8 years old and heard my sister playing one of your albums. I don't remember which one it was and it doesn't matter, because I have been an unstoppable fan ever since. Thanks for the 13 years of great music you've given me. You've made my life better. Music just doesn't get any better than yours. Happy Birthday!
A fan forever,
Terri Saunders Happy 50th Birthday David! Having been a fan of yours for more than 14 years, I have grown up with your music in my head and heart. You have been a great influence in my life and I know you will continue to do so for many years to come. I hope your 50th birthday is your happiest yet, and you have 50 more to come! I love you! Toby Germano Happy 50th Birthday David! Thank you for giving me many years of artistic pleasure. I'm so happy for you. You seem genuinely happy with your life. Your beautiful relationship with your wife, and recent original and exciting music have been inspirational. I can't wait for upcoming releases. Your performance at the Bridge Show blew my mind. Here's wishing you many more birthdays. Love, Toby Germano
LittleWonder/Kelly ( Wishing a very happy 50th to the rock-art icon-god I fell in love with when I was seven, and who's changed my outlook on life (and my musical preferences!) ... It's almost pointless wishing you success, since things get better with age ;-) , but I do wish you happiness (I know this sounds corny, but bear with me). Thank you so much for all you've done for me -- for all of us. Love you very much, forever and always-- Sara C. in MT Happy 50th Birthday David! You have helped me through many hard times. Thank you. I love you. Labyrinth will always be my favorite movie, and Space Oddity, Fame, and The Man Who Sold The World are tied for my favorite songs. (
Swiss Cheese, Cornell Uni, NY David, so the story goes, happy birthday. In a world of imitators, you are an innovator. I first saw you on 'Top of the Pops' way back when, but now realize your music is much more than just that. What other musician has been influenced by such extremes as Bertolt Brecht and the Who? You are the most interesting person I’ve ever learned about and would some day like to meet you. You never know. Best wishes, Alice Zerfowski Happy 50th Birthday David! We hope that you 50th birth won't be a block to resist you from keeping on. My Boyfriend and I went to your concert in Rotterdam in the Netherlands last July. And it was GREAT!!!! We both hope you'll give another concert in the Netherlands (maybe because of you new album) By the way what's your own e-mail address? hehehehe Greetings to your wife and Hope to hear and see you soon

This is a picture of me, Eddie the Bear.
Do whatever you like, so long as it makes your 50th a festive one. I think you're only improving with age--I love the recent records and you were a hoot as Warhol. I don't have much new to add so I'll echo the earlier sentiments. Only come closer to Des Moines the next time you tour, and say hi to Iggy for me. (Write for a laugh, if you like.) John McElhenny Happy 50th Birthday David! I just wanted to wish the best musician ever a happy 50th birthday. I hope that you continue to write new music and tour for a long time. Happy Birthday!!
ALICIA KRAMER UNITED STATES Happy 50th Birthday David! I do not wish to be with you as some of your fans, I aspire to be like you. You are an extremely talented person. Through your several forms of expression, especially music, you have changed our world for the better. Please continue, I can not wait to experience what the next 50 years will bring.
Lars-Goran Svensson
50 years has gone...50 more to come! Happy Birthday, David!
Cribiu Jean-charles Happy 50th Birthday David!
Ramona I. Gardea, the San Francisco Hair-Puller
Happy 50th Birthday DADDY!!! Sorry, just trying to catch your attention. ;) Word limit (Evan!) and too much to say. You'll never know how you've changed my life, but I do and I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU for being there for me whenever I need you. You melt away all my madness/sadness and give me reasons to believe. Mother saw Ziggy in 1972. You still scare her, but I did a little in utero happy dance of joy. And when you sing/say my name...oh David...
Rick Farris-Hood River, Oregon, USA Happy 50th Birthday David! Keep up the great work! Wishing you at least 50 more
Per Lewander, Stockholm, Sweden
Happy 50th Birthday David! Ever since I first heard your voice in "Life on Mars?" I´ve been caught. I´ve seen you once when you did your consert in Stockholm one rainy night in early august back in 1990. Boy, did we forget about the rain that night....I´ll hope you will continue to do moore great songs in the future. All the best wishes to you! :-) Per Richmond, OH USA Happy Birthday David! I just thought I'd add a note to Evan's card to say "Hi" the high tech way.'s been 22 years since I first met you, but as always you still look and sound GREAT!!! Hope you have a great birthday, best of luck in '97 and enjoy life BEYOND THE BIG 50!!! Lots of Love Vicki Lee White Jose Reis Happy 50th Birthday David! I just want you to know how important you've been for me in the past 13 or more years... You taught me about music, about art, about feelings and about LIFE....THANKS FOR ALL!!! Wish all you the best for your birthday!!! PARABENS!!!!!!! Jose Antonio Reis- Porto, Portugal

Seth Diamond, New Yawk
This is just to say thank you for reinventing rock and roll whenever you feel motivated The new songs you played at Roseland make up for never let me down you did then but you don't now
Al Cole
Happy David Bowie Day! You make fantastic music! So.. I'm happy, hope your happy too! Happy Birthday Mr. Bowie! And.. Thanks for the Capital Ballroom Show! Al Cole, Cleveland, Ohio (or wherever DB is playing)

Thom Barker
Happy 50th Birthday David! I seem to be one of the oldest ones to visit the site. I bought Diamond Dogs when it came out and you blew me away with your innovative styles and imagery! Thanx for all the years of great music.
LONDON TALENT COOL CREATIVE ART HAIRDYE UNIQUE INSPIRATION STYLE SEX MISSING LINK IN MUSIC EVOLUTION....REALLY NICE EYES. Well David, fifty years, over 30 of them in the music industry.....what have you got? Thousands of adoring fans, a place in history, a place in the future...quite a bit of money!! Just want to say thanks for not conforming, thanks for being the most influential ARTIST in music and thanks for wearing tights in Labyrinth....oh yeah and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Kristi.
"This one hangs on my fridge." -Mark (USA) Happy 50th Birthday Mr.Jones! Uh, I mean, Mr.Bowie. If your eyes ever do set upon these words, let them say to you how much I enjoy your music, and the messages you've sent with all those notes and rythms and sounds you've come up with since becoming David Bowie around 1966: the year I was born! Yes! You are a "Rock God" to many and may you continue to be for many, many years to come. Yours, Mark Corbie Crystal - Vancouver, Canada ********************Happy Birthday!********************* Dear Mr.Bowie, Although I find it greatly impossible that I will get a response from you personally, one thinks: it is worth a shot. Now then, to the message. It will be short and brief for anything else would be better left to private conversation. I wish to thank you for the imaginitive ride through your music and thoughts. It has been both thought provoking and a pleasure. Sincerely, Crystal (aka: CrystalJapan)

Jason Woliner
David - Happy birthday from our family - 2 and a half generations of true fans. Looking forward to the new material - it keeps getting better. See you on Thursday at the garden. Here's to fifty more. Roberto Galvez Happy 50th Birthday David! CLIMB TO A HILL ,LOOK TO THE BEAUTY OF THE WORLD . YOU MIGHT BE OLDER, BUT WISER !!! REMEMBER :MUSIC AND ARTS WILL EVER THANK YOU . WE WON'T FORGET YOU. FROM Lima,Peru, Roberto Galvez

Noel Barretto, India
Happy 50th Birthday David!
As a special birthday gift,
you're invited to spend a week or two
at my place in Mumbai, India. How about it???!!!
Best Wishes,

Philip Johnson, Columbia, Missouri, USA
Happy 50th Birthday David! I wish you continued success in all your artistic endeavours! Amd I am looking forward to all your new music.

Tara, Alexandria, VA USA
Happy birthday, David. Best wishes for much continued success and creativity in the coming year. (C.KEY, South Carolina)
Congratulations on your 50th B-day, David!
Sarah Grossberg Novato, CA Happy 50th Birthday David! Thanks for opening my mind. Thanks for influencing me enough to go against my parents wishes and get a degree in the Arts. Thanks for helping me hold onto a very valuable friendship. You will always be a part of me. Don't be a stranger! Come visit sometime!!! Oh, and thanks for the great sense of humour. Much love- Sarah
HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY DAVID ! You should really be in the Guiness Book Of Records for being the sexiest 50 year old ever ! I'd like to say a big thankyou for being a part of my life for the past 10 years. I've made loads of new friends and had some great times. Hope you have a great birthday and best wishes for the future. Lots of Love Jeanmarie XXXXXXXXX P.S. Please come back to Scotland soon !


And now for something completely different.

everson selwyn Happy 50th Birthday David! KEEP ON ROCKIN u made the grade today!
Dara O'Kearney Happy 50th Birthday David! Now that the half century is up, we expect you to go on and make your hundred, my boy. Never retire, never do what they (the fans, the critics, the record company executives, your friends, your relatives, your peers, your enemies, the aliens who some say are controlling you) tell you to. You're my biggest hobby.
God is on top of it all... and you are next to him Congratulations David!
What to get for the boy who has everything? Oh, David, it's been a long time In qualudes and red wine I'm intoxicated by the sounds you make I made you a really yummy cake I hear the new album's already made So forget that your 50 cause you just got paid! Love ya alot, I do Happy birthday you little wonder you Love, David Savoy P.S. I used the William Burroughs cut up technique to compose this poem. (just kidding, of course) P.S.S. PLAY NEW ORLEANS SOON!!!
Ilsa and crew
Dear David, thanks for the many years of amazing performances and great music you've given my wonderful Bowie fan family which wouldn't exist without you. We found each other through you and will always be grateful. We all love you and wish you so much good health and good fortune as you continue to keep us happy in whichever medium pleases you.
Håkan Sagbrant, Uppsala, Sweden Happy 50th Birthday David! When I was 11 years old I heard a song on the radio. It was "The man who sold the world". Since that moment your music has meant a lot to me, and still do. Can't wait to hear the new album. Hope to see you in Sweden soon! Bernadette Moyer - Philadelphia, PA Best wishes on your 50th birthday, David! May this year be your best ever. Best of luck and much happiness to you and your family. Love on ya!
NIR HALM from israel YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT FIGURE IN MY LIFE!!! david you and your music shape my life. you bring me so much joy, without nowing, and this fact a bit bother me,but this is life.anyway i have all your records (32) i manage to here one every 2/3 days "you are the greatest in all the meaning" wish I wound know how to thank you! when i finish the army i plan go to your shows in the world, until then see you david!!! [50=(30db)]
Stephane Bedard, Montreal, CANADA
Bon anniversaire David, When I was younger, people said I looked a bit like you. But of course you are unique... shivers is what I get when I listen and live your music, because it really has to be lived and understood to appreciate all the talent you have. Hope to see you perform soon, again, happy B. ;)

Lorraine Hawaii, USA
Happy 50th Birthday David! I'm not very good with words but I really want to thank you for being you, you're great! Hope you have a wonderful year. Keep on rock'in! Love and Aloha, Lorraine
Kris(tin)Simpson, WP AFB, OH USA
Happy 50th Birthday David! You've traveled far in the highway of life, yet still you continue exuding a youthful spirit! You've made fantastic contributions to the artistic/creative world & I pray you be blessed with continued luck on all projects. I say this as your work has both inspired and comforted me through a camofluaged twisting 17 years. Happy Birthday, David! We fans will always be astounded by the evolution of your personality and talent!

ZooZee - Denmark
Happy 50th Birthday David!

I have been following you all the way back from the early 70'es.

I just LOVE your music !!

Keep on goin' the next 50 - hope I can keep up with you.

All the best wishes with years of luck and good health.

Hugs and kisses from Susanne Krog from Denmark

Alexander Burr, Clifton Park, NY, U.S.A.
Hey David. Congratulations on your birthday, and thank you for expanding my horizons. I used to only like punk, but through your music I have learned to love jazz, blues, classical, experimental, and many other of the wonderful forms of music in the world. Here's to another 30+ years of your always fresh, original, and creative new music.

Carlos Quinteiro, Brazil
Hi, David!! Here's a Brazilian family that likes you a lot!! Dad Carlos is the President of the familiar fan club, Mom Sonia wants to see you alive, and Mabel and little Daniel had listened to your music all the time (they don't have alternative!!!). Congratulations for your birthday!! You're the Number One!!! Jason Harshman Maryland,USA Happy 50th Birthday David! I wish to you the greatest birthday of them all and hope that you'll still be here and rockin' for another 50 years and hope that you will continue to amaze the world with your amazing and beautiful music.Thanks for all that you've given us over the years and thank you for being a great insperation to your fans allover the world. HAPPY 50th DAVID!!!!!!!!!!

Tia Doran in FL
Hello David.This is a drawing of me laying on Syd Barrett's knee(I heard you liked Syd too).Though I'm sure the admiration of your work has been covered by many others here,I'll just say that I've loved you since I saw Labyrinth when I was eight.I hope we cross paths one day in an art gallery or when you read the Great American Novel I'm going to write one day.Best wishes and much love. Fabio Frighetto, Rome, Italy Happy 50th Birthday David!
Paola Gostoli, Italy Happy 50th Birthday David! Have hundreds of these days...from the sunny Mediterranean (on summer..) Paola Gostoli, Genova, Italy
Rupert Adley
Happy 50th Birthday David! Just to send you all my best wishes. You have been a constant source of inspiration to me. For this I thank you deeply. Always crashing in the same car Rupert Adley
All my best! Happy 50th Birthday David! All the best, David! I look forward to hearing more stuff from you at 60! I enjoy your work especially Outside and 'Bewlay Brothers' I wanted to send you a picture of one of my paintings. No means. My husband is rather upset at the fact that I am so'enamoured' with you. Only because he's a better musician than you: HE says. HIGH NOON at the OK Coral. You should take him up on it! Put out or shut up! With respect Nirmal Gerow
Margot Grouse, Sydney, Australia
In 1978 I lived near the Sydney Showground. Late one night, I lay awake with a pillow over my head. Thunk Thunk Thunk. I prayed you'd shut up. How could I have known my big sister would soon be bringing home a record filled with rollicking pop songs, a record that would... RUIN MY LIFE! From Puccini to Pearl Jam, the greatest songsters are those who occasionally generate pieces with an epic quality. Your back catalogue overflows with such creations!

Happy 50th Birthday Mr. Bowie! You look great! Love, Steven Barritz
Egil Rian, Norway
Happy 50th Birthday David! I haven't been a fan for more than a couple of years, but ever since I got hold of the Aladdin Sane album, I just had to get more and more of your music. It's amazing that you are still going strong after so many years in the business. Keep up the good work! I Hope to see you in Oslo again, the sooner the better! Many regards from Egil Rian, Norway.
Joao Lucas-BRAZIL-Rio de Janeiro Happy 50th Birthday David! Here's from a 22 year fan(since 1972/73).From Brazil. I will say something that maybe can get him(or you ,if DB reads this)proud,him being fundamentally a child from the sixties: I admire and follow with no restrictions only three artists: The Beatles ,The Stones and DB. All I want for him is to BE HAPPY and to keep daring(but never dare to quit making music). Happy birthday Joao Edwin and Ria Dodde, Groningen, the Netherlands Happy 50th Birthday David! Keep the good work going!! Live long and prosper. Edwin and Ria from Holland

Lori, from NC('lectriceye)
Happy 50th Birthday David! I really don't know where to begin. Your music, and career, has had such an impact on my life. I look foward to all your future endeavors, and may we all be blessed by having you around another 50+ years. From the very bottom of my heart, and depths of my soul-I Love You, and Happy Birthday! Thanks for the kiss, I'll remember that day for the rest of my life.
Evan Long, Toronto Canada
Yeah, as if I'm going to be able to come up with less than 80 words with which I am to send a birthday greeting to one of my biggest heroes. I could plan this letter for years and never get it just right. Mister Bowie, have a happy 50th birthday, thank-you so much for all your music, and here's looking forwards to 50 more years (I'm greedy)! Humbly, Your fan from Toronto, Evan Long. Man - what a sucky letter.

Jessica N.
Well, a happy-wacky b-day to the coolest (not to mention most beautiful) man in the world. I regret that I've no picture to send you, but you'd know me if you saw me. Je vous adore! ]_zero\/3 zero]\[ Y/-\, Jessica N.
Shane J. Wims
Happy 50th Birthday Mr. B! Thanks for making life a little more interesting! I'm looking forward to Jan '97!
Dan Goldstein : Kent, Ohio Happy 50th Birthday David! Best wishes to you on your birthday. Thank you for all the remarkable music. "Outside" is truly magnificent, and the next is eagerly awaited. May your next 50 years be your best. with love and appreciation
David Tiburcio
Dear David, just trying to write something short and interesting is quite hard, so I just wanna say that my name's David too and I like your music (Fav.: Hunky Dory, Heroes, Scary, Black tie) and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!
Mike Hughes Happy 50th Birthday David! Without you life would be dull, music would have rotted into the wastelands and not too many boys would wear makeup. The music you've made and are continuing to make is great! Hope the next 50 are as good for you too! And I guess Andy Warhol was wrong about everyone having their 15 minutes of fame! You've had at least 25!!
Gilly Rath, Essen, Germany
**Gilly hands David flowers: "David, it's a present!" **David rises pen and starts signing them... - "David! It's a Present!" - {Seems like I sign everything.} - "Today is your birthday..." -{Hi! How are you?} - "I'm Gilly." -{Sorry, Giddy...} **Gilly (sighs and) wishes David for his 50th birthday: All the Best, High Spirits, Everlasting Happiness, Good Luck, Lots of Success and Perfect Health ! xxx

Helen Spak,Sweden
Hi, David, I painted this picture for you. Happy 50th Birthday! The best movie of all movies is "The Man Who Fell To Earth". Thanx to Thomas Jerome Newton-the sexiest living creature on Earth and Anthea. Greg Lynett David- here's a tip for your belated birthday: Keep the rap crap out of your albums. Happy Birthday
Gecko Happy 50th Birthday David! What can I say to the world's most beautiful creature? Your universal gifts through music and films have inspired and entertained me. Deity, may your reign continue for 50 more years. Eternally yours, Gecko Bochum, Germany

Happy Birthday David!

It was one sunday afternoon back in ´72 when I had to join my parents for a visit at my grandmother´s. Being 15 with nothing to read, nothing to say I was allowed to turn on the radio. There it was: Hazy cosmic jive. Ever since I´ve been an admirer of your work and you´ve always been an inspiration to me.

Thank you for everything, keep on paddling your own canoe - I´m happy, hope you´re happy too.

KEVIN MORRISON; NEVER TO BE REMOVED Well, here we are for brief moment. You have given me endless decibles and colorful canvases to blow down any closed doors there could've been. my only regret is that I haven't had the chance to return the favor, But there is still plenty of time. Anyway, Bon anniversaire Mon ami. Keep Listening and recording with care. I'm sure you would'nt have any other way--Later Brother
Aimee, New Jersey, USA (
I've tried to come up with something really clever and memorable to say, but... everything seemed either too trite or too pretentious. So, here it is...have a lovely 50th birthday! Stay as ageless and mysterious and wonderful as you've always been! You've been my favourite for as long as I can remember - I don't expect that will ever change! I look forward to another 50 years of your music, art,....and everything else you create. Lots of love, aims (

greg stephens CA, USA
Hey David! Are the rumors true? Are there no more free steps to Heaven? Is it because you've used the all yourself? Well, that's OK, then. For making such music as you have, as much music as you have, you certainly deserve them! Celebrate! Paint a song, sing a picture! Whatever-- just have a Very Happy Birthday! Arild Eriksen Happy 50th Birthday David! We look forward to another 50 years of jawdropping music!!!(Never quit Tin Machine!!!!!)
Pepijn and Marijn Dave, happy 50 from the Netherlands. Hoping you will keep visting our country on a regular basis, as you did last year. Your show in Utrecht was great, but you outperformed yourself in Rotterdam. Glad to see you (still) enjoy performing that much. Jennifer ( Lincoln NE A very happy birthday wish to one half of the greatest couple on earth. Your dedication, devotion and self-respect have inspired me to remain true to myself and my goals. I only wish I could express the sincerity and strength of my respect for you and your work. As I am probably not going to have the chance of communicating in a way that could reach you again, I would also like to wish you a good millennium.

Cure of Folly
Happy Birthday Mr Bowie and thank you so much for helping me to go off the "beaten tracks" of music an art. Hope you will always be the one with a flower under his skull. God bless you. Sofi
BowieGrrrl NJ, USA
You look great for 50.Ziggy changed my life, NOT! Strangers...Meet is my fave and I think I'll cover it at every concert(once my band gets underway). I Believe that listening to your music makes kids smarter.That is what's wrong with public education.Sheesh,I learned a lot about sex! I looked up libido in the dictionary after listening to All the Madmen at 12.
Cat Happy 50th Birthday David! Bon Anniversaire! Yom Huledet Sameah! Buon Compleanno! Id Milad Said! Gefeliciteerd! Bem anniversario do nascimento! Wysoly Urodziny! Herzlichste Geburstagswunsche! Feliz Cumpleanos! S dnyem Rozdenia! Thank you for filling our lives with joy for so many years! (Only ten years of my life, but going strong.) Live long and prosper!
Lars-Ake Janhagen
Happy 50th Birthday David! Thanx for the music. From a great fan in sweden Lars-Åke Janhagen e-mail or PS Ilike your version of round & round
jane happy birthday david! thank you for all of the glorious music. i hope that you will remain as energenic and innovative when you are 80. have a fantasic year! ~jane
Sebastian 'bas74' Ciceri
I just wanted to say that I was 9 when you changed my life forever! I used to watch this kooky video show hosted by Richard Blade back in '82 or '83 & like many of those older than me at the time, I'd always wait for "China Girl"! Now I'm 22 & I've had a chance to really explore all your wonderful masterpieces. INSPIRATION... Can't Wait For "Earthling"!
Robin Shannon, London ON,Canada Happy Birthday David! Like a fine wine you keep getting better with age. I've been a fan for the past twelve years; since being introduced to your music at the impressionable age of 13 by a friend's older,cooler brother. I just want to thank you for adding a soundtrack to my life. Best wishes on your 50th, and I hope the next 50 are as productive as the first.
Yassassin, David! My artwork consists of a T-shirt I painted with ballpoint paints in 1976, photographed and "giftwrapped" with last year's Christmas paper. From the first time I saw you at the Tower with the Spiders in 1973, I realized I was the recipient of a tremendous gift. I've since attempted to relay the gift to others, through vision, dance, lyric, dream and ritual. Happy Birthday Hugs (Forever and Ever)

Biff Jones
Happy 50th Birthday David! I saw the interview you did on the TV and you came across as a decent bloke! Please check out my band The Phobics soon to be available through I think you will like us. Best wishes for the future. Biff and The Phobics uri d to david bowie. you might have sold the world but you have also given this little world of ours a chance to meet your own great world of sound and vision. thanks for the original, powerful and great songs. happy birthday. uri dotan israel

Don Becker, sans feature...errr, picture.

Happy 50th David!

As a child of the 80's I sat in awe at "Ashes To Ashes". 16 years later, I'm still in awe that one man can produce such a diverse catalogue of material for so long without becoming a parody of himself.

Your music led me to explore other artists, and I owe my appreciation for The Beatles, Roxy Music, and Brian Eno to you.

Can't wait to hear what you've got in store for us on Earthlings.

--Don Becker

Lars Rislund, Sweden Good life David ! Hope to see you soon !
John Smith, Exeter David I would just like to be among the many who wish you all the best on your 50th birthday as well as congratulate you on the last few years for a truly exciting body of work. (How much do I love BoS?) Keep cool Irish regards from John Smith Irishka , Moscow Russia Happy Birthday David! When you were in Moscow with the concert I enjoyed it very much ! It was an incredible show , YOUR show . I think that the gods live only for you and your work . And it was the first show that really impressed me . I think through the years you become sexier and your works become more intiguing . THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Of course it's a joke you're 50 already ? (*laughing*) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Irisha !
Andrew Follon Happy 50th Birthday David! Many thanks for the past 25 years. You created a soundtrack to my life. Keep giving us the best of your creativity Love and Best Wishes Andrew Follon I'm In Tears Again David, Happy birthday! Been with you from the start, always will be...
karin jonkers Best wishes on your 50th : ) birthday ! Keep up the good work!!!!!! Have a nice day. Karin Jonkers
Stephanie Bruna
Happy 50th Birthday! On my 16th birthday, a ticket to see u in concert for the "Serious Moonlight" tour was my birthday present! And 14 yrs. later, I can honestly say, that u have inspired me so. Not only musicaly, but the fascination for u hasn't worn off. As long as u have someone such as myself that finds u quite fascinating; may the fascination of the fascination himself live forever! W/ much love, Stephanie Bruna ... "I'm happy, hope you're happy too"
Claudia Raven de'Lioncourt Rothschild Loves YOU Happy 50th Birthday David! Dear David, I think you're the greatest, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep on performing, and I look forward to your next album. Love always, Claudia Grant Mandarino I have just started to enjoy your music. I like most of your old stuff the best, but I find myself really liking most of anything you have written. I have just recieved "The Man Who Fell To Earth", and I found that it was really rather boring. I would like to know what you personally thought about it. I hope that you are open to questions. Have a good birthday !

Will Cullen
Hello David, I am so thrilled to be writing this greeting! I have followed you now for over thirteen years and you have been a big influence in my life. It's been so great following you for all this time! I truly believe you are an artist of great integrity and your work is never lacking. 50! and still rocking so hard! I hope it never lets up. I wish you and your family the best. Happy Birthday, Will. Maise from SC Happy, happy birthday David! I hope this one is the best for you yet. Remember we all love you!
Christer Leivo Happy 50th Birthday David! And thank you for have given magic to my life over the last 23 years, and for have being an aesthetic guideline i. e. in my studying and working with history of ideas and literature. Hope to meet you some day, or at least to see you perform in Sweden again! Love from Christer in Sweden LEGO11 in GA Tis another day in the life of the great David Bowie. I'm sure that you feel much different now that you have officially turned another year older. Time is artificial, my unknown friend. Sort of like the artificial colors and flavors that make life so interesting. Everyone likes sweet-tarts. Why is time our enemy? O.K. Enough. May this be another year to remember, if it suits your fancy.
Kiong Nam So Happy 50th Birthday David! Buon Compleanno! |-)3 But what are the birthdays? Birthdays are nonsense we are ageless

Thank U for all the things that U teach me.

Dennis McGuire Happy 50th Birthday David! I want you to know how much your work has meant to me for so many years. I first became a fan in 1974 and have followed your career since. You've brought much happiness to me and through this small message I hope to return a bit of it. Much health and happiness to you.
My Love, Laura McFarland, Indiana January 8, 1947::: A big Thank You to your mother and father for giving us YOU. And a Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you DAVID! Stay restless, and we are sure to keep getting new, great and surprising work from you that will keep us all tittillated!!! Your contribution to humanity has been great. Have you any idea how many suicides you have prevented??? I wonder. I want to be your friend. Stay healthy and live Looooonnnggg! Love, Laura
Even at 50, Bowie still looks good in drag!
Happy B'Day David! If you are ever in South Florida or ever have some free time, drop me a line and we'll do something! Hope you have a great one! -David L. (
Pantar and Ektar, ( Greetings from Pantar and Ektar: Anytime you want to pick us up, David, and take us to the sun in your spaceship with the Spiders from Mars, we're ready! We've packed our bikinis! Next time you're in our sector of the galaxy, stop by, and we'll serve you some of our world-famous Girl Scout cookies (made by Little Brownie Bakers). Keep on swingin, and singing, and prancing around the stage! We love you! Thanx for everything. Pantar and Ektar Marit Synnevåg, Norway Rebel, rebel - Happy 50th Birthday! Still crazy about you after all these years! Hope you look in on my Bowie-page sometime: The Illustrious Personae of David Bowie Love from Marit (fan for more than 25 years)
Mc Guinness's Greeting! Happy 50th Birthday David! Joyeux Anniversaire Fils! je te souhaite tout ce qu'on a souhaite pour le mien C'est aussi aujourd'hui !!! ;-) Cheers.
Roi Gilboa
Chris Gentry Happy 50th Birthday David!
Liv Rainey, Michigan
I've been a fan for half my life! I'm not sure whether it was Labyrinth or the Glass Spider Tour that did it! But it certainly did it! Keep doing whatever it is you're doing, and have a good birthday David!
Andre Franca - Brazil Happy 50th Birthday David!
Hi David!!!
Thank you for the music all these years!!!
Long life, happiness and a hundred new CDs!!!!

Sonja Ingeroi
Just a few days from Epiphany, your birthday is a holiday to me. I treasure that baseball you signed. Too much? "Only God, my dear could love you for yourself alone." (And I believe He does laugh at your jokes.) Happy birthday, David!

Happy 50th Birthday!Wow,I don't know what to say.I've loved you and your music since I first saw Labyrinth when I was 7.That was 10 1/2 years ago.You made a huge imact on my life.I've met so many wonderful people because of you.Anyway,just want to say that I think you are the most talented man of all time.Thanks for all the wonderful music and art.Here's to another 50 years(you get better with age).Best wishes and lots of love,Jenn,Philadelphia,PA.
Ben Lally (AKA: Ice Fiend)
Happy Birthday! You know, people say that we look very similar. Oh, who am I kidding? This is actually a picture of you. I thought maybe I could fool you if I darkened it a little. Admit it, you were fooled. David, thank you for everything, and thank you in advance for every future project. Always remember -- you'll always have the fan support, no matter what direction you wish to travel. Best of luck, and don't forget to have fun!!

Jukka Muhonen, Finland
Hallo David!!!! Very happy 50th Birthday from! The concert at Madison Square Garden was AWESOME! It was fantastic to spend the winter holiday in New York and see this very special event!!! And thanks for the wonderful albums over the last 30 years!
Trinia, Manila, Philippines
Happy 50th Birthday David! I just would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the great music and for opening up new worlds for me. If not for you and your work, I don't think I will be the person that I am now. I am most grateful. We will always be here to support you all the way. May God bless you and your family. Belated Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Harry Williams: Melbourne, Australia
Remembering the good laugh we had over the Australia-Paris satellite link (around Tin Machine II time) about Reeves and his vibrator-induced solo technique, I can still recall the excitement of talking to you in person… At 34, I still get excited everytime I come across new tour news, albums or interviews. Thanks for doing what you do best, (writing and singing,) and for staying away from Graphic Design (for the most part…) That gives me something to do!
Robot Monster, Suburbia, Anywhere USA
Birthday greetings. I'm busting up my brains for the words, you understand. Underneath this rough exterior and mass of circuitry lay a simple beast in love with your music. I can still recall each time the needle hit another fresh slab of vinyl containing your work that my allowance could afford. Thanks for inspiring countless fits of giggling and snickering over the past ten years. Bring back Vic!
Deon Filmer Hey David - Happy 50th! Thanks for the years filled with great tunes, I'm looking forward to many more! Boys keep Swinging Happy 50th Birthday David! May this milestone in life bring you happiness and joy! Paul c/o

Shai Shamir
Happy Birthday David ! Like you Israel will celebrate this year her 50 birthday. Why wont you come to party with her/us ? best wishes! shai shamir ISRAEL. (
Rebecca Hayes Georgia USA
Happy 50th David! I want to say (though you've heard it before) that I absolutely ADORE you and your music. I got started on Labyrinth at age 12 (I'm now 15) and I'm trying to get a collection going. I wanted to see you during the NIN tour but couldn't!! Oh well. You may be 50, and old enough to be my grandad, but you're still gorgeous !!(I don't care what people say) Stay great forever for me. Love, Rebecca

Leonid Andreev, Cambridge, USA
Dear David, Happy Birthday! You've done so much over these 50 years, but I'm sure at heart you are still younger than most folks out there (and look better, too!) I've been listening to your music since I was a kid and I still love it. You _have_ changed my life and something tells me you've changed it to the better! ;) Love, Leonid. Robert Johansson Happy 50th Birthday David!
ANGELA MITCHELL Happy 50th Birthday David! Congratulations on your BIG birthday - you don't look a day over 30!! - you are sooooo sexy!! and I LOVE your music too!! Hope you have an excellent day and continue to give us lots more brilliant entertainment for many many more years to come! Love to see you back in Scotland - you were SUPBERB last time in Glasgow!!! Lots of Love Angelaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FALKIRK, SCOTLAND jonathan sussams Happy 50th Birthday David! Nostalgia is all I can offer, though approaching 40 myself, I can understand 50 is daunting. I lived opposite Arthur Brown in Foxgrove Avenue and my first girlfriend was Caroline Finnegan daughter of Mary. Sparks moved into Beckenham after you left. Now Arthur and I live here in Lewes. Three Tuns of Birthday greetings, Jonathan.
Elizabeth A. Allen the concupiscent creator What can I say that will be different from everyone else's message? Hm...Well, your lyrics prick me on to philosophy and stories (especially "The Supermen"); your androgyny arouses me, and your role as Jareth in "Labyrinth" keeps me dreaming. You've changed my life; I'm obsessed with you, and I wish you a surreal and inspiring birthday and 50 more amazing years... ;) (Web site about Jareth -- of "Labyrinth" -- at Jac Hedberg Hey Man! My work's down the drain. Hope your work will be fun and stimulating for years to come, so that we can enjoy even more music by you. Shine On You Brilliant Diamond and Happy Birthday. ...Jac Hedberg
Peter Scibak Massachusetts USA Earth Milky Way Happy Birthday David!!! As one of your youngest fans (just turned 15)I had to tell you of the immense influences that you have and continue to spread worldwide from generation to generation. I'm a "hand me down" fan (my sister got me hooked). My favorite song is "Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud" You are beautiful and everyone in Massachusetts thinks so... BTW Loved you in both Labyrinth and The Man Who Fell To Earth. That's All... Sincerely Peter Scibak
Laszlo Varga
First came Bowie, then Baudelaire, Eliot (there he is), Joyce, the Brazilian Manuel Bandeira and other great poets. That's the way it happened to an Brazilian Hungarian's descendent in his teenage(very)"hard"life. You were a guide. FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO. My wife, Flavia, sends you happy birthday too. Laszlo Varga (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Jen Chapman (
Congratulations and happy B-day! I've been listening to your music since I was 12 (when I first saw Labyrinth) and I just wanted to say thanks for all the years of great music/art. I'm sure you will have many more wonderful years ahead of you. :)
Peter Cami, Belgium
Happy 50th Birthday David! Been a Bowiephile since 1980. Admire all your work. Keep doing what YOU think is right !! Regards, Peter

Antoine Poncelet
Dear David, Ever since I saw you in LABYRINTH as a young child, I have loved, admired, and respected you. You are a beautiful and angelic genius. I wish you a very happy birthday, but most of all, happy and fullfilling days for the rest of your life. One final wish from me is that you always continue to enjoy all that you do and that you know your contributions to the lives of your fans! love on ya!
daniele, Italy
hallo david, do you remember when you was in milano? it was great!!! happy birthday david i hope to meet you asap in the next year to give you a little present.
Jason Mcdonald Happy Birthday David. Many thanks for years of inovation..and a great performance at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert in '92. Cheers to the next 50 years.. Best wishes Jason
Helen (that wild O'Neil woman!!)
Happy 50th Birthday David! Thanks for being the best!! It's been a long time since '69, but you are still the gorgeous, creative, intelligent, sexy, entertaining fellow you were before it all exploded into fame. Good luck and best wishes....much love, too! Hel P.S. Despite all the wonderful things you've done, I'm STILL not satisfied, so come back SOON and play more shows on the East Coast! Please?

Amethyst, Scotland.
I don't obsess on you but on a character you played, Jareth. I have a
web page with Labyrinth fiction on it among other stuff. I could listen to you sing anything, I've always loved the sound of your voice. I love Outside and Hunky Dory. You look a lot like my father's side of the family, which always made me feel I knew you a bit. Happy 50th, maybe I'll get your 60th birthday message up before your birthday.

Josie Jones, Philadelphia
Happy Birthday David! I admire your sense of style and innovative nature. You are a true artist, Mr. Bowie, and as a fellow musician, I aspire to be all that you are. Here's to fifty more years!

Julie and Bruce.
Happy Birthday David, from your two biggest fans down-under. Hope you get to tour Australia early next year so we can offer our best wishes in person. You were in Australia during your 40th year. So it's only fitting that you come on down again for your 50th.See you then.Love always.Julie and Bruce. P.S.Maybe we can have a "Fosters" together again. Charlie Sutherland Congratulations, David! Happy 50th, and I hope your new projects are all going well. Your music has taught me a lot and if you are ever in need of a good keyboard player, I'd love to help out. Again, happy birthday and I'm looking forward to "Earthling" and whatever follows!
arnold corns, Eugene Oregon Happy 50th Birthday David! Good luck on the next 50 years and everything. Boy, am I starving! I gotta go get some lunch! See you later! Love, arnold. Ben in NY Happy 50th Birthday David! Here's to another 50. Nah, make it 100.
Guy Polak Happy BD DB! Hope you enjoy the day and continue to pump out the music well into your next half century. Take care and I can hardly wait for the new CD. Antonio Morey David,it's great to be inside the Teenage Wildlife. But nothing compares to knowing your career and whatever came out of it. I truly think you are not from this Earth. I saw you in Brazil in 1990, but this was just a small part of you when I remember of "Space Odity", "The Jean genie", Labyrinth sound track, and works like "Black tie..." and "Outside" albums. I just love you and whatever you do. Happy birthday! Long live the King Bowie!
Richard Guerin Happy 50th Birthday David! Dear David; Briefly, I flew from Edmonton, Canada to New York for the famous celebration and got stranded at the Toronto airport due to a storm. We arrived to the show directly from the airport. I sadly missed evreything but the last half of "Jean Genie" and "Space Oddity". A dissapointment I'm not over yet. Happy Birthday David.
chiba tomoe
Happy 50th Birthday David! OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU Let's have YAKINIKU Dinner together when you come to Japan next year.

What in the World
Came for a cocktail with you David. Do you recognise the place? Thanks for a lifetime of pleasure and may it long continue. Don't forget to tour. All the best for your 50th Birthday - Trevor, Kay, Ben and Melissa
Irene Kyrpotyna Novosibirsk Russia
Happy 50th Birthday David!

(I've got so many to tell you, that I don't really know what to say)

Be very very happy!

Aefils' E-Mail
Aefils' Page

Emily J. (ziggystar) Happy 50th Birthday David! I've loved your music ever since I saw Labyrinth as a little girl. Hope you keep making music for another 50 years!! Ricardo Silva Freak out in your birthday (daydream), oh yeah! Happy 50th Birthday David!

in a state of fractal disbelief, USA
Years ago, fallen angel into hands received. Cannot imagine, cannot feel, hurt, desire, need, cry a tear so hard, so hard. I explode into everything and 2 inches away you do not connect the chain, yet eye to eye I was given everything. Greet me when the stars dance above my head. Thank you for helping me find directions I didn't know existed. Thank you for being the inspiration. Happy Birthday, see you next visit. Lucas Merino Pedro Llobell Happy 50th Birthday David! I just hope that you have a happy life from now on, enjoying everithing that sorrounds you, from your family to us, your fans and, of course, your present and future works. Best wishes Pedro Llobell

Madame Sand and all her beauty
David; I imagine I've met you, had intimate conversations with the sun. Felt you heat and squinted at your brightness. That I've touched the flame and did not burn. I've seen the hero look in your eyes, haunted with fear yet drenching me with seduction. I stray into different realms of your immortality and am comforted by the thought. As I hope you are. To you I bestow my greatest compliment. Mr. Bowie you inspire me to be creative. Thanks, MS.
Sara Lubbes St. Louis MO *come to visit me!*
David, I'm overwhelmed and have spent hours (days, weeks) agonizing over this message. I just want to thank you for the way you've changed my life and say: "Happy 50th Birthday!" I love you more than you'll ever know, you inspire, intrigue, and make me think (smile, cry...) with your music!:-) I hope this card lets you know how really important you are to all of us (or at least gives you a few laughs!!) ALL MY LOVE, SARA
fournerie cedric Happy 50th Birthday David!i'm a french student and i send you this letter from PARIS I expect that you'll come in paris soon
Rex Leetham and Elvis, Utah
In the early 70's I used to listen to a local radio station called "Stereo X". They played a lot of your music, "Space Oddity", "Changes", "Ziggy Stardust" and more. Your music struck a chord within me that resonates to this day. You are now 50 years young, creating music that continues to challenge the senses, music that is vital, relevant, innovative and stimulating. Thanks for being true to yourself and loyal to your long time fans. Happy Birthday David!
crystal tabor Happy 50th Birthday David! I became a fan when I first dreamed of you after seeing Labyrinth. I instantly had to know more about you.I hope you will continue to put out wonderful music and unforgettable movie performances. Thank you for being the wonderful man that you are. Love you forever..... Christian Lipski Tucson, Arizona USA -Love on ya Many, many good wishes on your 50th birthday! Words cannot describe the influence you and your music have had on me and mine. I hope you celebrate this day by doing whatever makes you the happiest. My best to you and your family.
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