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Wolfram Balzer, Germany
Congratulations Mr. Bowie! You made it till your 50th and you are proving that even a rockstar can get older with dignity. Please do not become a pensioner till your 70th! Otherwise my own life misses the heartbeat of your music and performence. A small plot of land and Hallo spaceboy are shinny fresh pearls in a dull rock scene! Alles Gute, Prost und beste Wünsche from Germany
Larry Holder,
Happy 50th Birthday David! I was happy to be there to celebrate your 50th. You are my favorite entertainer and have been for the past 23 years. I'm very excited about your new music and I'm very glad to see that you are too. Cheers to the beginning of a new year!

Matt Hill
Just wanted to say happy birthday. I've been a Nine Inch Nails fan for quite some time now and was exposed to your music through the Outside tour. I have a great deal of respect for you and your music and think that you are a wonderful performer. I just hope you can take me seriously with my rediculous picture attatched to this. Happy Birthday and keep up the cool work. Matt Crystal Beaureguard I wish you the best of luck with your music, I love your music and i love you! Happy 50th Birthday David!
Tal Nissim Happy 50th Birthday. first if u (david) read it so happy happy birthday to u. second i want to thank u for all the music u gave to this world and all things u made for him and. now if u r reading it i must say u were at our country about 5 mounth ago i didnt go to your concert becuase my parnets didn't let i u can please send just a clue that u r going to prform here again in thanks tal. tal. Gene HArrison Happy 50th Birthday David! I just wanted to say happy 50th. You have given us so much with your music over the years I just wanted to say thanks. I know you might never read this letter but if you do Happy Birthday love Gene
Frode Torresdal Happy 50th Birthday David! And a happy new year. Feel free to visit my homepage (Mimushka) Finland Once upon a time there was a group of Zetans, who told us what was to come. We ignored it, and those who knew in governments stood still and denied it. Tell me what you think of it, These Zetatalk stories in web. And have an ever expanding mind in your path of aging house. Love, Mimushka.
Solitaire AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Have I caught your eye, hmm, I think not. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! There, got ya, happy birthday ya kook. I'd get ya something, but I'd never get it to you and wouldn't know what to get. If there's anything I can ever do, let me know(feel like I owe you). I can always be reached at ''. Take it smooth ya crazy nuttbar sandwich:) P.S.-Hunky Dory changed my life, thanks. Clay Draper Happy 50th Birthday David! I discovered your work primarily in just the last week, and I'm busy burning through your records, devouring your poetry and performance. I'm counting on your dedication and excellence for at least another century! May you and your family be blessed in this time of celebration and joy:<)
Dusty Young "Africa has sleepy people, Russia has its horsemen, Spent some nights in old Kyoto, Sleeping on the matted ground." Bonne Anniversaire,
Dusty Young
PS: Tell Dick Cavett that you're almost there.
Dino Smith (wildeyedboy) Chattanooga, TN Happy 50th Birthday David! I've been with you for 21 of those years, and I've loved every minute of it! We're all looking forward to next 50! My little kook, Brittani, also wishes you a happy birthday. P.S. Happy 25th, Ziggy!
Rene Verhoeven Happy 50th Birthday David! I know this is my only chance to wish you all the best. For me you're the artist of the world. I wish you also the best from Rob Ormeling René Verhoeven ( Pace Ebbesen Seattle, WA Happy 50th Birthday David! Thank you for your music, lyrics, philosophy, and prescence. The way you approach and experiment with the craft of storytelling is an inspiriation to me. Please accept my thanks and a wish that you have a wonderful birthday. Love, Pace
Joe Schalk Happy 50th Birthday David! Best Wishes on a Happy Birthday, David! You have given us the great music, but the best still to come. Keep it coming, see you on the road.... Joe and Jeff
mary hilla
I can remember when I was just 13 and saying, "Do you think I'll still like him when he's 'old' and forty". Well, it's been some 23 years since I made that statement and I'm still faithful! And now I'm pushing 40 and that ain't so bad!! So thanks, David, for giving me so many years of joy listening to your music & making so many "Bowie Friends" at your concerts over the years. Happy 50th! ;-)

Alys, Calgary CANADA, (
Best Wishes on your 50th David! My god, it's so hard to think of what to say. I remember when I first saw you. I was watching Labyrinth for the first time when I was 7 years old... and I was hooked! You looked good then, and you look even better now. I hope you like my poem. Please come to Calgary on your next tour. Take care, Love Alyssa.
David Bowyer (
David, we almost share the same name! When I make bookings at restaurants, I sometimes get a breathless "David WHO?!" when I give my name ... But anyway, thanks for rocking the Shoreline with NIN and the Bridge Benefit, I'll never forget it. You rule, mate ... luvonya! (By the way - do you think they'll discover life on Mars?) BEST WISHES, DAVE (San Francisco resident, Sydney native)
Jennifer Cowan, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Happy 50th Birthday David! I have been a fan of yours since I saw Labyrinth. I love your music! Keep making great music! BABY GRACE Greetings from a little girl with no life but popmusic
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