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This is a picture of me, Eddie the Bear.
Do whatever you like, so long as it makes your 50th a festive one. I think you're only improving with age--I love the recent records and you were a hoot as Warhol. I don't have much new to add so I'll echo the earlier sentiments. Only come closer to Des Moines the next time you tour, and say hi to Iggy for me. (Write for a laugh, if you like.) John McElhenny Happy 50th Birthday David! I just wanted to wish the best musician ever a happy 50th birthday. I hope that you continue to write new music and tour for a long time. Happy Birthday!!
ALICIA KRAMER UNITED STATES Happy 50th Birthday David! I do not wish to be with you as some of your fans, I aspire to be like you. You are an extremely talented person. Through your several forms of expression, especially music, you have changed our world for the better. Please continue, I can not wait to experience what the next 50 years will bring.
Lars-Goran Svensson
50 years has gone...50 more to come! Happy Birthday, David!
Cribiu Jean-charles Happy 50th Birthday David!
Ramona I. Gardea, the San Francisco Hair-Puller
Happy 50th Birthday DADDY!!! Sorry, just trying to catch your attention. ;) Word limit (Evan!) and too much to say. You'll never know how you've changed my life, but I do and I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU for being there for me whenever I need you. You melt away all my madness/sadness and give me reasons to believe. Mother saw Ziggy in 1972. You still scare her, but I did a little in utero happy dance of joy. And when you sing/say my name...oh David...
Rick Farris-Hood River, Oregon, USA Happy 50th Birthday David! Keep up the great work! Wishing you at least 50 more
Per Lewander, Stockholm, Sweden
Happy 50th Birthday David! Ever since I first heard your voice in "Life on Mars?" Ive been caught. Ive seen you once when you did your consert in Stockholm one rainy night in early august back in 1990. Boy, did we forget about the rain that night....Ill hope you will continue to do moore great songs in the future. All the best wishes to you! :-) Per Richmond, OH USA Happy Birthday David! I just thought I'd add a note to Evan's card to say "Hi" the high tech way.'s been 22 years since I first met you, but as always you still look and sound GREAT!!! Hope you have a great birthday, best of luck in '97 and enjoy life BEYOND THE BIG 50!!! Lots of Love Vicki Lee White Jose Reis Happy 50th Birthday David! I just want you to know how important you've been for me in the past 13 or more years... You taught me about music, about art, about feelings and about LIFE....THANKS FOR ALL!!! Wish all you the best for your birthday!!! PARABENS!!!!!!! Jose Antonio Reis- Porto, Portugal

Seth Diamond, New Yawk
This is just to say thank you for reinventing rock and roll whenever you feel motivated The new songs you played at Roseland make up for never let me down you did then but you don't now
Al Cole
Happy David Bowie Day! You make fantastic music! So.. I'm happy, hope your happy too! Happy Birthday Mr. Bowie! And.. Thanks for the Capital Ballroom Show! Al Cole, Cleveland, Ohio (or wherever DB is playing)

Thom Barker
Happy 50th Birthday David! I seem to be one of the oldest ones to visit the site. I bought Diamond Dogs when it came out and you blew me away with your innovative styles and imagery! Thanx for all the years of great music.
LONDON TALENT COOL CREATIVE ART HAIRDYE UNIQUE INSPIRATION STYLE SEX MISSING LINK IN MUSIC EVOLUTION....REALLY NICE EYES. Well David, fifty years, over 30 of them in the music industry.....what have you got? Thousands of adoring fans, a place in history, a place in the future...quite a bit of money!! Just want to say thanks for not conforming, thanks for being the most influential ARTIST in music and thanks for wearing tights in Labyrinth....oh yeah and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Kristi.
"This one hangs on my fridge." -Mark (USA) Happy 50th Birthday Mr.Jones! Uh, I mean, Mr.Bowie. If your eyes ever do set upon these words, let them say to you how much I enjoy your music, and the messages you've sent with all those notes and rythms and sounds you've come up with since becoming David Bowie around 1966: the year I was born! Yes! You are a "Rock God" to many and may you continue to be for many, many years to come. Yours, Mark Corbie Crystal - Vancouver, Canada ********************Happy Birthday!********************* Dear Mr.Bowie, Although I find it greatly impossible that I will get a response from you personally, one thinks: it is worth a shot. Now then, to the message. It will be short and brief for anything else would be better left to private conversation. I wish to thank you for the imaginitive ride through your music and thoughts. It has been both thought provoking and a pleasure. Sincerely, Crystal (aka: CrystalJapan)

Jason Woliner
David - Happy birthday from our family - 2 and a half generations of true fans. Looking forward to the new material - it keeps getting better. See you on Thursday at the garden. Here's to fifty more. Roberto Galvez Happy 50th Birthday David! CLIMB TO A HILL ,LOOK TO THE BEAUTY OF THE WORLD . YOU MIGHT BE OLDER, BUT WISER !!! REMEMBER :MUSIC AND ARTS WILL EVER THANK YOU . WE WON'T FORGET YOU. FROM Lima,Peru, Roberto Galvez

Noel Barretto, India
Happy 50th Birthday David!
As a special birthday gift,
you're invited to spend a week or two
at my place in Mumbai, India. How about it???!!!
Best Wishes,

Philip Johnson, Columbia, Missouri, USA
Happy 50th Birthday David! I wish you continued success in all your artistic endeavours! Amd I am looking forward to all your new music.
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