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There are currently 332 greetings

Tara, Alexandria, VA USA
Happy birthday, David. Best wishes for much continued success and creativity in the coming year. (C.KEY, South Carolina)
Congratulations on your 50th B-day, David!
Sarah Grossberg Novato, CA Happy 50th Birthday David! Thanks for opening my mind. Thanks for influencing me enough to go against my parents wishes and get a degree in the Arts. Thanks for helping me hold onto a very valuable friendship. You will always be a part of me. Don't be a stranger! Come visit sometime!!! Oh, and thanks for the great sense of humour. Much love- Sarah
HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY DAVID ! You should really be in the Guiness Book Of Records for being the sexiest 50 year old ever ! I'd like to say a big thankyou for being a part of my life for the past 10 years. I've made loads of new friends and had some great times. Hope you have a great birthday and best wishes for the future. Lots of Love Jeanmarie XXXXXXXXX P.S. Please come back to Scotland soon !


And now for something completely different.

everson selwyn Happy 50th Birthday David! KEEP ON ROCKIN u made the grade today!
Dara O'Kearney Happy 50th Birthday David! Now that the half century is up, we expect you to go on and make your hundred, my boy. Never retire, never do what they (the fans, the critics, the record company executives, your friends, your relatives, your peers, your enemies, the aliens who some say are controlling you) tell you to. You're my biggest hobby.
God is on top of it all... and you are next to him Congratulations David!
What to get for the boy who has everything? Oh, David, it's been a long time In qualudes and red wine I'm intoxicated by the sounds you make I made you a really yummy cake I hear the new album's already made So forget that your 50 cause you just got paid! Love ya alot, I do Happy birthday you little wonder you Love, David Savoy P.S. I used the William Burroughs cut up technique to compose this poem. (just kidding, of course) P.S.S. PLAY NEW ORLEANS SOON!!!
Ilsa and crew
Dear David, thanks for the many years of amazing performances and great music you've given my wonderful Bowie fan family which wouldn't exist without you. We found each other through you and will always be grateful. We all love you and wish you so much good health and good fortune as you continue to keep us happy in whichever medium pleases you.
Håkan Sagbrant, Uppsala, Sweden Happy 50th Birthday David! When I was 11 years old I heard a song on the radio. It was "The man who sold the world". Since that moment your music has meant a lot to me, and still do. Can't wait to hear the new album. Hope to see you in Sweden soon! Bernadette Moyer - Philadelphia, PA Best wishes on your 50th birthday, David! May this year be your best ever. Best of luck and much happiness to you and your family. Love on ya!
NIR HALM from israel YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT FIGURE IN MY LIFE!!! david you and your music shape my life. you bring me so much joy, without nowing, and this fact a bit bother me,but this is life.anyway i have all your records (32) i manage to here one every 2/3 days "you are the greatest in all the meaning" wish I wound know how to thank you! when i finish the army i plan go to your shows in the world, until then see you david!!! [50=(30db)]
Stephane Bedard, Montreal, CANADA
Bon anniversaire David, When I was younger, people said I looked a bit like you. But of course you are unique... shivers is what I get when I listen and live your music, because it really has to be lived and understood to appreciate all the talent you have. Hope to see you perform soon, again, happy B. ;)

Lorraine Hawaii, USA
Happy 50th Birthday David! I'm not very good with words but I really want to thank you for being you, you're great! Hope you have a wonderful year. Keep on rock'in! Love and Aloha, Lorraine
Kris(tin)Simpson, WP AFB, OH USA
Happy 50th Birthday David! You've traveled far in the highway of life, yet still you continue exuding a youthful spirit! You've made fantastic contributions to the artistic/creative world & I pray you be blessed with continued luck on all projects. I say this as your work has both inspired and comforted me through a camofluaged twisting 17 years. Happy Birthday, David! We fans will always be astounded by the evolution of your personality and talent!

ZooZee - Denmark
Happy 50th Birthday David!

I have been following you all the way back from the early 70'es.

I just LOVE your music !!

Keep on goin' the next 50 - hope I can keep up with you.

All the best wishes with years of luck and good health.

Hugs and kisses from Susanne Krog from Denmark

Alexander Burr, Clifton Park, NY, U.S.A.
Hey David. Congratulations on your birthday, and thank you for expanding my horizons. I used to only like punk, but through your music I have learned to love jazz, blues, classical, experimental, and many other of the wonderful forms of music in the world. Here's to another 30+ years of your always fresh, original, and creative new music.

Carlos Quinteiro, Brazil
Hi, David!! Here's a Brazilian family that likes you a lot!! Dad Carlos is the President of the familiar fan club, Mom Sonia wants to see you alive, and Mabel and little Daniel had listened to your music all the time (they don't have alternative!!!). Congratulations for your birthday!! You're the Number One!!! Jason Harshman Maryland,USA Happy 50th Birthday David! I wish to you the greatest birthday of them all and hope that you'll still be here and rockin' for another 50 years and hope that you will continue to amaze the world with your amazing and beautiful music.Thanks for all that you've given us over the years and thank you for being a great insperation to your fans allover the world. HAPPY 50th DAVID!!!!!!!!!!
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