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Tia Doran in FL
Hello David.This is a drawing of me laying on Syd Barrett's knee(I heard you liked Syd too).Though I'm sure the admiration of your work has been covered by many others here,I'll just say that I've loved you since I saw Labyrinth when I was eight.I hope we cross paths one day in an art gallery or when you read the Great American Novel I'm going to write one day.Best wishes and much love. Fabio Frighetto, Rome, Italy Happy 50th Birthday David!
Paola Gostoli, Italy Happy 50th Birthday David! Have hundreds of these days...from the sunny Mediterranean (on summer..) Paola Gostoli, Genova, Italy
Rupert Adley
Happy 50th Birthday David! Just to send you all my best wishes. You have been a constant source of inspiration to me. For this I thank you deeply. Always crashing in the same car Rupert Adley
All my best! Happy 50th Birthday David! All the best, David! I look forward to hearing more stuff from you at 60! I enjoy your work especially Outside and 'Bewlay Brothers' I wanted to send you a picture of one of my paintings. No means. My husband is rather upset at the fact that I am so'enamoured' with you. Only because he's a better musician than you: HE says. HIGH NOON at the OK Coral. You should take him up on it! Put out or shut up! With respect Nirmal Gerow
Margot Grouse, Sydney, Australia
In 1978 I lived near the Sydney Showground. Late one night, I lay awake with a pillow over my head. Thunk Thunk Thunk. I prayed you'd shut up. How could I have known my big sister would soon be bringing home a record filled with rollicking pop songs, a record that would... RUIN MY LIFE! From Puccini to Pearl Jam, the greatest songsters are those who occasionally generate pieces with an epic quality. Your back catalogue overflows with such creations!

Happy 50th Birthday Mr. Bowie! You look great! Love, Steven Barritz
Egil Rian, Norway
Happy 50th Birthday David! I haven't been a fan for more than a couple of years, but ever since I got hold of the Aladdin Sane album, I just had to get more and more of your music. It's amazing that you are still going strong after so many years in the business. Keep up the good work! I Hope to see you in Oslo again, the sooner the better! Many regards from Egil Rian, Norway.
Joao Lucas-BRAZIL-Rio de Janeiro Happy 50th Birthday David! Here's from a 22 year fan(since 1972/73).From Brazil. I will say something that maybe can get him(or you ,if DB reads this)proud,him being fundamentally a child from the sixties: I admire and follow with no restrictions only three artists: The Beatles ,The Stones and DB. All I want for him is to BE HAPPY and to keep daring(but never dare to quit making music). Happy birthday Joao Edwin and Ria Dodde, Groningen, the Netherlands Happy 50th Birthday David! Keep the good work going!! Live long and prosper. Edwin and Ria from Holland

Lori, from NC('lectriceye)
Happy 50th Birthday David! I really don't know where to begin. Your music, and career, has had such an impact on my life. I look foward to all your future endeavors, and may we all be blessed by having you around another 50+ years. From the very bottom of my heart, and depths of my soul-I Love You, and Happy Birthday! Thanks for the kiss, I'll remember that day for the rest of my life.
Evan Long, Toronto Canada
Yeah, as if I'm going to be able to come up with less than 80 words with which I am to send a birthday greeting to one of my biggest heroes. I could plan this letter for years and never get it just right. Mister Bowie, have a happy 50th birthday, thank-you so much for all your music, and here's looking forwards to 50 more years (I'm greedy)! Humbly, Your fan from Toronto, Evan Long. Man - what a sucky letter.

Jessica N.
Well, a happy-wacky b-day to the coolest (not to mention most beautiful) man in the world. I regret that I've no picture to send you, but you'd know me if you saw me. Je vous adore! ]_zero\/3 zero]\[ Y/-\, Jessica N.
Shane J. Wims
Happy 50th Birthday Mr. B! Thanks for making life a little more interesting! I'm looking forward to Jan '97!
Dan Goldstein : Kent, Ohio Happy 50th Birthday David! Best wishes to you on your birthday. Thank you for all the remarkable music. "Outside" is truly magnificent, and the next is eagerly awaited. May your next 50 years be your best. with love and appreciation
David Tiburcio
Dear David, just trying to write something short and interesting is quite hard, so I just wanna say that my name's David too and I like your music (Fav.: Hunky Dory, Heroes, Scary, Black tie) and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!
Mike Hughes Happy 50th Birthday David! Without you life would be dull, music would have rotted into the wastelands and not too many boys would wear makeup. The music you've made and are continuing to make is great! Hope the next 50 are as good for you too! And I guess Andy Warhol was wrong about everyone having their 15 minutes of fame! You've had at least 25!!
Gilly Rath, Essen, Germany
**Gilly hands David flowers: "David, it's a present!" **David rises pen and starts signing them... - "David! It's a Present!" - {Seems like I sign everything.} - "Today is your birthday..." -{Hi! How are you?} - "I'm Gilly." -{Sorry, Giddy...} **Gilly (sighs and) wishes David for his 50th birthday: All the Best, High Spirits, Everlasting Happiness, Good Luck, Lots of Success and Perfect Health ! xxx

Helen Spak,Sweden
Hi, David, I painted this picture for you. Happy 50th Birthday! The best movie of all movies is "The Man Who Fell To Earth". Thanx to Thomas Jerome Newton-the sexiest living creature on Earth and Anthea. Greg Lynett David- here's a tip for your belated birthday: Keep the rap crap out of your albums. Happy Birthday
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