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There are currently 332 greetings

Gecko Happy 50th Birthday David! What can I say to the world's most beautiful creature? Your universal gifts through music and films have inspired and entertained me. Deity, may your reign continue for 50 more years. Eternally yours, Gecko Bochum, Germany

Happy Birthday David!

It was one sunday afternoon back in ´72 when I had to join my parents for a visit at my grandmother´s. Being 15 with nothing to read, nothing to say I was allowed to turn on the radio. There it was: Hazy cosmic jive. Ever since I´ve been an admirer of your work and you´ve always been an inspiration to me.

Thank you for everything, keep on paddling your own canoe - I´m happy, hope you´re happy too.

KEVIN MORRISON; NEVER TO BE REMOVED Well, here we are for brief moment. You have given me endless decibles and colorful canvases to blow down any closed doors there could've been. my only regret is that I haven't had the chance to return the favor, But there is still plenty of time. Anyway, Bon anniversaire Mon ami. Keep Listening and recording with care. I'm sure you would'nt have any other way--Later Brother
Aimee, New Jersey, USA (
I've tried to come up with something really clever and memorable to say, but... everything seemed either too trite or too pretentious. So, here it is...have a lovely 50th birthday! Stay as ageless and mysterious and wonderful as you've always been! You've been my favourite for as long as I can remember - I don't expect that will ever change! I look forward to another 50 years of your music, art,....and everything else you create. Lots of love, aims (

greg stephens CA, USA
Hey David! Are the rumors true? Are there no more free steps to Heaven? Is it because you've used the all yourself? Well, that's OK, then. For making such music as you have, as much music as you have, you certainly deserve them! Celebrate! Paint a song, sing a picture! Whatever-- just have a Very Happy Birthday! Arild Eriksen Happy 50th Birthday David! We look forward to another 50 years of jawdropping music!!!(Never quit Tin Machine!!!!!)
Pepijn and Marijn Dave, happy 50 from the Netherlands. Hoping you will keep visting our country on a regular basis, as you did last year. Your show in Utrecht was great, but you outperformed yourself in Rotterdam. Glad to see you (still) enjoy performing that much. Jennifer ( Lincoln NE A very happy birthday wish to one half of the greatest couple on earth. Your dedication, devotion and self-respect have inspired me to remain true to myself and my goals. I only wish I could express the sincerity and strength of my respect for you and your work. As I am probably not going to have the chance of communicating in a way that could reach you again, I would also like to wish you a good millennium.

Cure of Folly
Happy Birthday Mr Bowie and thank you so much for helping me to go off the "beaten tracks" of music an art. Hope you will always be the one with a flower under his skull. God bless you. Sofi
BowieGrrrl NJ, USA
You look great for 50.Ziggy changed my life, NOT! Strangers...Meet is my fave and I think I'll cover it at every concert(once my band gets underway). I Believe that listening to your music makes kids smarter.That is what's wrong with public education.Sheesh,I learned a lot about sex! I looked up libido in the dictionary after listening to All the Madmen at 12.
Cat Happy 50th Birthday David! Bon Anniversaire! Yom Huledet Sameah! Buon Compleanno! Id Milad Said! Gefeliciteerd! Bem anniversario do nascimento! Wysoly Urodziny! Herzlichste Geburstagswunsche! Feliz Cumpleanos! S dnyem Rozdenia! Thank you for filling our lives with joy for so many years! (Only ten years of my life, but going strong.) Live long and prosper!
Lars-Ake Janhagen
Happy 50th Birthday David! Thanx for the music. From a great fan in sweden Lars-Åke Janhagen e-mail or PS Ilike your version of round & round
jane happy birthday david! thank you for all of the glorious music. i hope that you will remain as energenic and innovative when you are 80. have a fantasic year! ~jane
Sebastian 'bas74' Ciceri
I just wanted to say that I was 9 when you changed my life forever! I used to watch this kooky video show hosted by Richard Blade back in '82 or '83 & like many of those older than me at the time, I'd always wait for "China Girl"! Now I'm 22 & I've had a chance to really explore all your wonderful masterpieces. INSPIRATION... Can't Wait For "Earthling"!
Robin Shannon, London ON,Canada Happy Birthday David! Like a fine wine you keep getting better with age. I've been a fan for the past twelve years; since being introduced to your music at the impressionable age of 13 by a friend's older,cooler brother. I just want to thank you for adding a soundtrack to my life. Best wishes on your 50th, and I hope the next 50 are as productive as the first.
Yassassin, David! My artwork consists of a T-shirt I painted with ballpoint paints in 1976, photographed and "giftwrapped" with last year's Christmas paper. From the first time I saw you at the Tower with the Spiders in 1973, I realized I was the recipient of a tremendous gift. I've since attempted to relay the gift to others, through vision, dance, lyric, dream and ritual. Happy Birthday Hugs (Forever and Ever)

Biff Jones
Happy 50th Birthday David! I saw the interview you did on the TV and you came across as a decent bloke! Please check out my band The Phobics soon to be available through I think you will like us. Best wishes for the future. Biff and The Phobics uri d to david bowie. you might have sold the world but you have also given this little world of ours a chance to meet your own great world of sound and vision. thanks for the original, powerful and great songs. happy birthday. uri dotan israel

Don Becker, sans feature...errr, picture.

Happy 50th David!

As a child of the 80's I sat in awe at "Ashes To Ashes". 16 years later, I'm still in awe that one man can produce such a diverse catalogue of material for so long without becoming a parody of himself.

Your music led me to explore other artists, and I owe my appreciation for The Beatles, Roxy Music, and Brian Eno to you.

Can't wait to hear what you've got in store for us on Earthlings.

--Don Becker

Lars Rislund, Sweden Good life David ! Hope to see you soon !
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