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John Smith, Exeter David I would just like to be among the many who wish you all the best on your 50th birthday as well as congratulate you on the last few years for a truly exciting body of work. (How much do I love BoS?) Keep cool Irish regards from John Smith Irishka , Moscow Russia Happy Birthday David! When you were in Moscow with the concert I enjoyed it very much ! It was an incredible show , YOUR show . I think that the gods live only for you and your work . And it was the first show that really impressed me . I think through the years you become sexier and your works become more intiguing . THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Of course it's a joke you're 50 already ? (*laughing*) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Irisha !
Andrew Follon Happy 50th Birthday David! Many thanks for the past 25 years. You created a soundtrack to my life. Keep giving us the best of your creativity Love and Best Wishes Andrew Follon I'm In Tears Again David, Happy birthday! Been with you from the start, always will be...
karin jonkers Best wishes on your 50th : ) birthday ! Keep up the good work!!!!!! Have a nice day. Karin Jonkers
Stephanie Bruna
Happy 50th Birthday! On my 16th birthday, a ticket to see u in concert for the "Serious Moonlight" tour was my birthday present! And 14 yrs. later, I can honestly say, that u have inspired me so. Not only musicaly, but the fascination for u hasn't worn off. As long as u have someone such as myself that finds u quite fascinating; may the fascination of the fascination himself live forever! W/ much love, Stephanie Bruna ... "I'm happy, hope you're happy too"
Claudia Raven de'Lioncourt Rothschild Loves YOU Happy 50th Birthday David! Dear David, I think you're the greatest, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep on performing, and I look forward to your next album. Love always, Claudia Grant Mandarino I have just started to enjoy your music. I like most of your old stuff the best, but I find myself really liking most of anything you have written. I have just recieved "The Man Who Fell To Earth", and I found that it was really rather boring. I would like to know what you personally thought about it. I hope that you are open to questions. Have a good birthday !

Will Cullen
Hello David, I am so thrilled to be writing this greeting! I have followed you now for over thirteen years and you have been a big influence in my life. It's been so great following you for all this time! I truly believe you are an artist of great integrity and your work is never lacking. 50! and still rocking so hard! I hope it never lets up. I wish you and your family the best. Happy Birthday, Will. Maise from SC Happy, happy birthday David! I hope this one is the best for you yet. Remember we all love you!
Christer Leivo Happy 50th Birthday David! And thank you for have given magic to my life over the last 23 years, and for have being an aesthetic guideline i. e. in my studying and working with history of ideas and literature. Hope to meet you some day, or at least to see you perform in Sweden again! Love from Christer in Sweden LEGO11 in GA Tis another day in the life of the great David Bowie. I'm sure that you feel much different now that you have officially turned another year older. Time is artificial, my unknown friend. Sort of like the artificial colors and flavors that make life so interesting. Everyone likes sweet-tarts. Why is time our enemy? O.K. Enough. May this be another year to remember, if it suits your fancy.
Kiong Nam So Happy 50th Birthday David! Buon Compleanno! |-)3 But what are the birthdays? Birthdays are nonsense we are ageless

Thank U for all the things that U teach me.

Dennis McGuire Happy 50th Birthday David! I want you to know how much your work has meant to me for so many years. I first became a fan in 1974 and have followed your career since. You've brought much happiness to me and through this small message I hope to return a bit of it. Much health and happiness to you.
My Love, Laura McFarland, Indiana January 8, 1947::: A big Thank You to your mother and father for giving us YOU. And a Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you DAVID! Stay restless, and we are sure to keep getting new, great and surprising work from you that will keep us all tittillated!!! Your contribution to humanity has been great. Have you any idea how many suicides you have prevented??? I wonder. I want to be your friend. Stay healthy and live Looooonnnggg! Love, Laura
Even at 50, Bowie still looks good in drag!
Happy B'Day David! If you are ever in South Florida or ever have some free time, drop me a line and we'll do something! Hope you have a great one! -David L. (
Pantar and Ektar, ( Greetings from Pantar and Ektar: Anytime you want to pick us up, David, and take us to the sun in your spaceship with the Spiders from Mars, we're ready! We've packed our bikinis! Next time you're in our sector of the galaxy, stop by, and we'll serve you some of our world-famous Girl Scout cookies (made by Little Brownie Bakers). Keep on swingin, and singing, and prancing around the stage! We love you! Thanx for everything. Pantar and Ektar Marit Synnevåg, Norway Rebel, rebel - Happy 50th Birthday! Still crazy about you after all these years! Hope you look in on my Bowie-page sometime: The Illustrious Personae of David Bowie Love from Marit (fan for more than 25 years)
Mc Guinness's Greeting! Happy 50th Birthday David! Joyeux Anniversaire Fils! je te souhaite tout ce qu'on a souhaite pour le mien C'est aussi aujourd'hui !!! ;-) Cheers.
Roi Gilboa
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