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There are currently 332 greetings

Chris Gentry Happy 50th Birthday David!
Liv Rainey, Michigan
I've been a fan for half my life! I'm not sure whether it was Labyrinth or the Glass Spider Tour that did it! But it certainly did it! Keep doing whatever it is you're doing, and have a good birthday David!
Andre Franca - Brazil Happy 50th Birthday David!
Hi David!!!
Thank you for the music all these years!!!
Long life, happiness and a hundred new CDs!!!!

Sonja Ingeroi
Just a few days from Epiphany, your birthday is a holiday to me. I treasure that baseball you signed. Too much? "Only God, my dear could love you for yourself alone." (And I believe He does laugh at your jokes.) Happy birthday, David!

Happy 50th Birthday!Wow,I don't know what to say.I've loved you and your music since I first saw Labyrinth when I was 7.That was 10 1/2 years ago.You made a huge imact on my life.I've met so many wonderful people because of you.Anyway,just want to say that I think you are the most talented man of all time.Thanks for all the wonderful music and art.Here's to another 50 years(you get better with age).Best wishes and lots of love,Jenn,Philadelphia,PA.
Ben Lally (AKA: Ice Fiend)
Happy Birthday! You know, people say that we look very similar. Oh, who am I kidding? This is actually a picture of you. I thought maybe I could fool you if I darkened it a little. Admit it, you were fooled. David, thank you for everything, and thank you in advance for every future project. Always remember -- you'll always have the fan support, no matter what direction you wish to travel. Best of luck, and don't forget to have fun!!

Jukka Muhonen, Finland
Hallo David!!!! Very happy 50th Birthday from! The concert at Madison Square Garden was AWESOME! It was fantastic to spend the winter holiday in New York and see this very special event!!! And thanks for the wonderful albums over the last 30 years!
Trinia, Manila, Philippines
Happy 50th Birthday David! I just would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the great music and for opening up new worlds for me. If not for you and your work, I don't think I will be the person that I am now. I am most grateful. We will always be here to support you all the way. May God bless you and your family. Belated Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Harry Williams: Melbourne, Australia
Remembering the good laugh we had over the Australia-Paris satellite link (around Tin Machine II time) about Reeves and his vibrator-induced solo technique, I can still recall the excitement of talking to you in person… At 34, I still get excited everytime I come across new tour news, albums or interviews. Thanks for doing what you do best, (writing and singing,) and for staying away from Graphic Design (for the most part…) That gives me something to do!
Robot Monster, Suburbia, Anywhere USA
Birthday greetings. I'm busting up my brains for the words, you understand. Underneath this rough exterior and mass of circuitry lay a simple beast in love with your music. I can still recall each time the needle hit another fresh slab of vinyl containing your work that my allowance could afford. Thanks for inspiring countless fits of giggling and snickering over the past ten years. Bring back Vic!
Deon Filmer Hey David - Happy 50th! Thanks for the years filled with great tunes, I'm looking forward to many more! Boys keep Swinging Happy 50th Birthday David! May this milestone in life bring you happiness and joy! Paul c/o

Shai Shamir
Happy Birthday David ! Like you Israel will celebrate this year her 50 birthday. Why wont you come to party with her/us ? best wishes! shai shamir ISRAEL. (
Rebecca Hayes Georgia USA
Happy 50th David! I want to say (though you've heard it before) that I absolutely ADORE you and your music. I got started on Labyrinth at age 12 (I'm now 15) and I'm trying to get a collection going. I wanted to see you during the NIN tour but couldn't!! Oh well. You may be 50, and old enough to be my grandad, but you're still gorgeous !!(I don't care what people say) Stay great forever for me. Love, Rebecca

Leonid Andreev, Cambridge, USA
Dear David, Happy Birthday! You've done so much over these 50 years, but I'm sure at heart you are still younger than most folks out there (and look better, too!) I've been listening to your music since I was a kid and I still love it. You _have_ changed my life and something tells me you've changed it to the better! ;) Love, Leonid. Robert Johansson Happy 50th Birthday David!
ANGELA MITCHELL Happy 50th Birthday David! Congratulations on your BIG birthday - you don't look a day over 30!! - you are sooooo sexy!! and I LOVE your music too!! Hope you have an excellent day and continue to give us lots more brilliant entertainment for many many more years to come! Love to see you back in Scotland - you were SUPBERB last time in Glasgow!!! Lots of Love Angelaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FALKIRK, SCOTLAND jonathan sussams Happy 50th Birthday David! Nostalgia is all I can offer, though approaching 40 myself, I can understand 50 is daunting. I lived opposite Arthur Brown in Foxgrove Avenue and my first girlfriend was Caroline Finnegan daughter of Mary. Sparks moved into Beckenham after you left. Now Arthur and I live here in Lewes. Three Tuns of Birthday greetings, Jonathan.
Elizabeth A. Allen the concupiscent creator What can I say that will be different from everyone else's message? Hm...Well, your lyrics prick me on to philosophy and stories (especially "The Supermen"); your androgyny arouses me, and your role as Jareth in "Labyrinth" keeps me dreaming. You've changed my life; I'm obsessed with you, and I wish you a surreal and inspiring birthday and 50 more amazing years... ;) (Web site about Jareth -- of "Labyrinth" -- at Jac Hedberg Hey Man! My work's down the drain. Hope your work will be fun and stimulating for years to come, so that we can enjoy even more music by you. Shine On You Brilliant Diamond and Happy Birthday. ...Jac Hedberg
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