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Peter Scibak Massachusetts USA Earth Milky Way Happy Birthday David!!! As one of your youngest fans (just turned 15)I had to tell you of the immense influences that you have and continue to spread worldwide from generation to generation. I'm a "hand me down" fan (my sister got me hooked). My favorite song is "Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud" You are beautiful and everyone in Massachusetts thinks so... BTW Loved you in both Labyrinth and The Man Who Fell To Earth. That's All... Sincerely Peter Scibak
Laszlo Varga
First came Bowie, then Baudelaire, Eliot (there he is), Joyce, the Brazilian Manuel Bandeira and other great poets. That's the way it happened to an Brazilian Hungarian's descendent in his teenage(very)"hard"life. You were a guide. FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO. My wife, Flavia, sends you happy birthday too. Laszlo Varga (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Jen Chapman (
Congratulations and happy B-day! I've been listening to your music since I was 12 (when I first saw Labyrinth) and I just wanted to say thanks for all the years of great music/art. I'm sure you will have many more wonderful years ahead of you. :)
Peter Cami, Belgium
Happy 50th Birthday David! Been a Bowiephile since 1980. Admire all your work. Keep doing what YOU think is right !! Regards, Peter

Antoine Poncelet
Dear David, Ever since I saw you in LABYRINTH as a young child, I have loved, admired, and respected you. You are a beautiful and angelic genius. I wish you a very happy birthday, but most of all, happy and fullfilling days for the rest of your life. One final wish from me is that you always continue to enjoy all that you do and that you know your contributions to the lives of your fans! love on ya!
daniele, Italy
hallo david, do you remember when you was in milano? it was great!!! happy birthday david i hope to meet you asap in the next year to give you a little present.
Jason Mcdonald Happy Birthday David. Many thanks for years of inovation..and a great performance at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert in '92. Cheers to the next 50 years.. Best wishes Jason
Helen (that wild O'Neil woman!!)
Happy 50th Birthday David! Thanks for being the best!! It's been a long time since '69, but you are still the gorgeous, creative, intelligent, sexy, entertaining fellow you were before it all exploded into fame. Good luck and best wishes....much love, too! Hel P.S. Despite all the wonderful things you've done, I'm STILL not satisfied, so come back SOON and play more shows on the East Coast! Please?

Amethyst, Scotland.
I don't obsess on you but on a character you played, Jareth. I have a
web page with Labyrinth fiction on it among other stuff. I could listen to you sing anything, I've always loved the sound of your voice. I love Outside and Hunky Dory. You look a lot like my father's side of the family, which always made me feel I knew you a bit. Happy 50th, maybe I'll get your 60th birthday message up before your birthday.

Josie Jones, Philadelphia
Happy Birthday David! I admire your sense of style and innovative nature. You are a true artist, Mr. Bowie, and as a fellow musician, I aspire to be all that you are. Here's to fifty more years!

Julie and Bruce.
Happy Birthday David, from your two biggest fans down-under. Hope you get to tour Australia early next year so we can offer our best wishes in person. You were in Australia during your 40th year. So it's only fitting that you come on down again for your 50th.See you then.Love always.Julie and Bruce. P.S.Maybe we can have a "Fosters" together again. Charlie Sutherland Congratulations, David! Happy 50th, and I hope your new projects are all going well. Your music has taught me a lot and if you are ever in need of a good keyboard player, I'd love to help out. Again, happy birthday and I'm looking forward to "Earthling" and whatever follows!
arnold corns, Eugene Oregon Happy 50th Birthday David! Good luck on the next 50 years and everything. Boy, am I starving! I gotta go get some lunch! See you later! Love, arnold. Ben in NY Happy 50th Birthday David! Here's to another 50. Nah, make it 100.
Guy Polak Happy BD DB! Hope you enjoy the day and continue to pump out the music well into your next half century. Take care and I can hardly wait for the new CD. Antonio Morey David,it's great to be inside the Teenage Wildlife. But nothing compares to knowing your career and whatever came out of it. I truly think you are not from this Earth. I saw you in Brazil in 1990, but this was just a small part of you when I remember of "Space Odity", "The Jean genie", Labyrinth sound track, and works like "Black tie..." and "Outside" albums. I just love you and whatever you do. Happy birthday! Long live the King Bowie!
Richard Guerin Happy 50th Birthday David! Dear David; Briefly, I flew from Edmonton, Canada to New York for the famous celebration and got stranded at the Toronto airport due to a storm. We arrived to the show directly from the airport. I sadly missed evreything but the last half of "Jean Genie" and "Space Oddity". A dissapointment I'm not over yet. Happy Birthday David.
chiba tomoe
Happy 50th Birthday David! OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU Let's have YAKINIKU Dinner together when you come to Japan next year.
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