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What in the World
Came for a cocktail with you David. Do you recognise the place? Thanks for a lifetime of pleasure and may it long continue. Don't forget to tour. All the best for your 50th Birthday - Trevor, Kay, Ben and Melissa
Irene Kyrpotyna Novosibirsk Russia
Happy 50th Birthday David!

(I've got so many to tell you, that I don't really know what to say)

Be very very happy!

Aefils' E-Mail
Aefils' Page

Emily J. (ziggystar) Happy 50th Birthday David! I've loved your music ever since I saw Labyrinth as a little girl. Hope you keep making music for another 50 years!! Ricardo Silva Freak out in your birthday (daydream), oh yeah! Happy 50th Birthday David!

in a state of fractal disbelief, USA
Years ago, fallen angel into hands received. Cannot imagine, cannot feel, hurt, desire, need, cry a tear so hard, so hard. I explode into everything and 2 inches away you do not connect the chain, yet eye to eye I was given everything. Greet me when the stars dance above my head. Thank you for helping me find directions I didn't know existed. Thank you for being the inspiration. Happy Birthday, see you next visit. Lucas Merino Pedro Llobell Happy 50th Birthday David! I just hope that you have a happy life from now on, enjoying everithing that sorrounds you, from your family to us, your fans and, of course, your present and future works. Best wishes Pedro Llobell

Madame Sand and all her beauty
David; I imagine I've met you, had intimate conversations with the sun. Felt you heat and squinted at your brightness. That I've touched the flame and did not burn. I've seen the hero look in your eyes, haunted with fear yet drenching me with seduction. I stray into different realms of your immortality and am comforted by the thought. As I hope you are. To you I bestow my greatest compliment. Mr. Bowie you inspire me to be creative. Thanks, MS.
Sara Lubbes St. Louis MO *come to visit me!*
David, I'm overwhelmed and have spent hours (days, weeks) agonizing over this message. I just want to thank you for the way you've changed my life and say: "Happy 50th Birthday!" I love you more than you'll ever know, you inspire, intrigue, and make me think (smile, cry...) with your music!:-) I hope this card lets you know how really important you are to all of us (or at least gives you a few laughs!!) ALL MY LOVE, SARA
fournerie cedric Happy 50th Birthday David!i'm a french student and i send you this letter from PARIS I expect that you'll come in paris soon
Rex Leetham and Elvis, Utah
In the early 70's I used to listen to a local radio station called "Stereo X". They played a lot of your music, "Space Oddity", "Changes", "Ziggy Stardust" and more. Your music struck a chord within me that resonates to this day. You are now 50 years young, creating music that continues to challenge the senses, music that is vital, relevant, innovative and stimulating. Thanks for being true to yourself and loyal to your long time fans. Happy Birthday David!
crystal tabor Happy 50th Birthday David! I became a fan when I first dreamed of you after seeing Labyrinth. I instantly had to know more about you.I hope you will continue to put out wonderful music and unforgettable movie performances. Thank you for being the wonderful man that you are. Love you forever..... Christian Lipski Tucson, Arizona USA -Love on ya Many, many good wishes on your 50th birthday! Words cannot describe the influence you and your music have had on me and mine. I hope you celebrate this day by doing whatever makes you the happiest. My best to you and your family.
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