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Hi David! You rock my world. I'm 14, and I hadn't heard much of your music until I saw you with Nine Inch Nails last year. Wow, you put on a great show! Now I have some albums and I think you're the best. Outside is an incredible album. I love it! I can't wait to hear Earthling. Well, have a great one and keep up the good work!
Michael Thomas Fairview Park Ohio , USA
Happy 50th Birthday David! I have appreciated your work since 1971. You have added a lot to my life and want to thank you for all the years of beautiful music. Have a GREAT b-day, oh by the way thank you for giving US a birthday gift (Earthling)on your birthday, only you would do that.
7-Star Starfield for The Pleaidies, please... :* This is a Happy Birthday Mantra for You, David Bowie: May Your Apirations and Dreams Return as The Gift of Love, Unconditional; May Life Engulf You With The Comfort and Pleasure of Greater Life, Making Love to Itself! Thank You for Being You! - Orandon Marie James Robert Cimino David, even though I've just discovered your music in the last year, I feel like I've known you all my life. I respect you for not bowing down to modern rock standards and putting out a product that isn't from your mind and heart. Instead, you put your all into your music and I respect you as a man and as a musician for that. I'll see you next time you tour the US! David, Happy 50th Birthday and keep up the fantastic work.
Jocelyn Lafrance, Granby , Québec, Canada Happy 50th Birthday David! Thank you for all the Music you did so far and LET'S DANCE another 50 Years. Jouni Kekkonen, Suomi - Finland Happy 50th Birthday David and come more often to Finland ! And same in Finnish: Hauskaa 50-vuotispäivää, David ja käy useammin Suomessa ! Best wishes by Jouni :-)
chains The happiest of birthdays to the man of music, David Bowie. May the best of your past be the worst of your future, and maybe you could try playing in Singapore again. With love and peace, you are the greatest.
Remember me?
Happy 50th Birthday David! Thanks for all the incredibly haunting, evocative, disturbing art and music you have provided for us over the years. It adds an intriguing dimension to my life on this already fascinating planet (but is there Life On Mars?). Wishing you a wonderful life. Much Love Helen

miriam sharpe

Hey David!

Happy Five-0. Thanx for all the years of great sound & vision. Your back on the cutting edge and as usual I'll be listening. Your music really does it for me. It must be a great feeling to move people all over the globe with your creativity. Be happy forever...admiration, respect and love...Miriam
KrisTessmer David, you are wonderful. Thanks for making my life and many others,that much more bearable. It isn't possible to tell you all I feel in words, so I will say only this. . . YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

Magienoire (
Have a very happy 50th birthday David/Ziggy/Aladdin/Thin White Duke/T.J. Newton/Major Tom/Detective Adler/all of your other past and future personas... (or should I say... DAVE? Sorry, couldn't resist *grin*) You are an extraordinarily talented man and I hope you continue to bring us inspiring music for many years to come. And remember: It's a great time to be silver! ;)

With Love,

The Faceless Girl
(hopefully a future fellow musician!)

yoshie sakurai Happy 50th Birthday David! Do not forget it's not only me but also so many peoples who doesn't know how to send thier wishes. Wishing you sweet years with your wife. With big love. Yoshie
NO CONTROL (Maltek, Santiago,Chile) David, I haven't stopped for ages and I doubt I ever will, because I doubt that YOU will! Keep up this 50 years good work and we won't have to die for the fifty more: Happy Birthday! Feymoon Happy Birthday! I'm glad my parents submitted me to your music at such an early age. I find your attitude towards many things, I don't know all of your opinions of course, very stimulating and have found myself pondering some of your commets and lyrics. Looking good for 50, in fact looking good for 30, but that's an entirely different story. Well have fun with all that you do and enjoy life to it's fullest.(If you haven't already)=-) Many adorations feymoon

Kris Simon (
Ever since I purchased Lodger two years ago, I knew that your music would be a great inspiration to myself and my personal music pursuits. Your music spans the spectrum of sound and vision, and I am proud to call myself a fan of David Bowie. Good Luck and have a very Happy Birthday, David!!
A rose with no thorns Happy 50th Birthday David! Thank you for being my inspiration, my fascination, and occasionally my obsession for the past 21 years of my life. Love Always, KARENK Jared Happy Birthday David, I just wanted to let you know that I think you're the coolest, and that I've got many friends down here that agree with me on that. I've been a really big fan since I was little. I grew up listening to you, I thought you were the coolest Muppet in Labyrinth, which was my favorite movie then, and it's still at the top now. Your music rules, and I can't wait for the new album. Thanks, David. Shayne Pozzessere, Miami,FL
Chris Spence 50 years already? My how time falls wanking to the floor when you're writing our lives into music. Here's to fifty more!
Dick Mac (alive!)
You made it (and you just got paid)!!!! I was fourteen when I heard Lady Stardust; it changed my life. I've a red and blue lightning bolt tattooed on my right shoulder. It looks great under a grey business suit. Thank you for the East Coast mini-tour last autumn. You were great in Avalon! And you looked great up close! But I'll bet everyone tells you that! Happy 50th Birthday David! Peace, Dick Mac (alive!)
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