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Love from Stephen, UK
I first became aware of you in 1980 through "Scary Monsters" - I was immediately stunned at your inventiveness and creativity. The following years remain a very special period in my life as I explored your work and became increasingly intrigued about the man behind the music. Today your music, art and life remain an essential part of my life. Thanks for the pleasure you’ve given all your fans throughout your career. (Please tour England soon). Happy Birthday, David.
Sandra Passchier
Half a century alive. Make it a century! And please, keep making those albums like Outside. I can't get enough of it and can't get enough of you. Look forward seeing you on stage. Love, Sandra ( - gosh, what am I thinking..)
Kai Quale, Oslo, Norway *************** Happy 50th Birthday, David! **************** Thank you for sharing your pain and confusion. Thank you for sharing the soaring days of your life. Thank you for inspiring me, for giving my life direction. Thank you for showing me what human beings CAN be like - mortals with potential of supermen. May the next 50 be as good, or better! Love, Kai
Sarah Packard - Ann Arbor, Michigan
David, I too first fell in love with you after seeing Labyrinth as an 8-year old; you have no idea how much I cherish that glorious film! I have since enjoyed your music, which covers the entire spectrum of human emotions with your own personal flair. May you enjoy the best of birthdays! And come back to Michigan so I can see you in concert!! :) I'd also be honored if you would check out my own Labyrinth site sometime.
Love On Ya, SARI / Helsinki Strange fascination/Fascinating me Changes are taking the pace you`re going thru ------------- ----------- ---------------------------- In walked luck and you looked in time Never look back walk tall act fine I`ll stick with you baby for a thousand years Nothing`s gonna touch you in these Golden Years
Pamela Wright and friends
Happy 50th David! Thank you for the music that I've been so addicted to over the last twenty years. My favorite concert so far was at the Capitol Ballroom in D.C. last September. My favorite album? Too many to choose from, but Scary Monsters, Station to Station, and Outside would definitely be at the top of the list. Take care and keep writing. Oh, the guys in the picture with me? My friends Tom and Robert, also Bowie fans. Pamela Wright/
Happy birthay, Happy 50th Birthday David! I had the pleasure of meeting you and Mick Ronson just prior to the legendary Kingston Poly Ziggy gig in 72 and you gratiously autographed 3 of your LP's for me. I still have them to this day as a centre piece to my collection and still love your music. Keep it up for another 50!! Chaz.
Prof. D. W. Phelyx Hopkins Happy Birthday to a man who has earned everything he has. You're the best! Forever a fan, Phelyx MerrillChild Detroit, MI HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Mr Bowie! Thank you for your music! Stay well, I love you! Love, Merrill Stulberg (LittleChickStardust)

Ed & Sonia Rockford, Il
Hello, I wanted to be able to tell you, you are remarkable. I was fortunate to see you at the World Music Theatre in Chicago. I was so upset to see how many young people left that I wrote my Research paper on it. Your so important that you cover my walls. Well, Happy Birthday and best wishes to you and Iman. Jaana from Finland Sorrow was the magic song yeeeears ago.... No sorrow, but joyous and happy life even after your birthday! Having listened to your music for over 22 years now I have to admit it must be something special. - Funny - when having a chance to tell you personally something here makes my words disappear , though I guess you get words enough in this card ;-) So :I'm just sinking in the Quicksand of my thoughts and I don't have the power anymore...
mick pearce Happy 50th Birthday David! Hope you have a great day. Thank you so much for giving us years of exiting music and we hope for many many more. LOADS OF LOVE TAIT & DI.
Alassinsane (Bambi) San Diego
My, how you changed a 13-year-old's life forever at your concert in Kansas City back in '78. "Heroes" changed us all forever. Your ch-ch-changes have inspired us and now, as a 29-year-old, I wonder at your ingenuity and never-failing artistic inspiration. We love you so much!

Philip Obbard, Boston MA. USA
Happy Birthday, David. You've written that there's no telling what an artist will do once he's reached his peak; but in your case, that peak just keeps getting higher and higher. All the best in the coming year! Toogster of Ingerland. 50, nice.
Bowie music "keep smiling though" Sarajevo 92-96 Mr. Bowie, I do believe you have just begun. Only one living musician merits my fanatacism, and that musico is you. I wish you all the best returns of the day. Happy Birthday from Joshua and all your diehard fans in Bosnia! PS When are you coming to Sarajevo, Hmmm? Artur Oliveira Happy 50th Birthday David! I'm very happy with it. I just can't believe that you made all of those wonderful works: your CDs, your CD-ROM Jump, and all the other things in only 50 years. It is almost impossible. Be happy!
Tudor Stanley Fresno,Ca-something with ziggy Happy 50th Birthday David! What can I say that your cooler then ever. Though it's just recently I've became a fan of yours, your my favorete. Starman, Hearts Filfthy Leasson, Lovin The Alien, Abloute Begginers, and Space Boy are the songs that make me a fan of yours. I also love your acting. The Man Who Fell To Earth, Labyrinth, and Basqiut are your best performances. Anyways you should stop over here by Fresno I would like to see you. Enjoy your Birthday and the many more to come. Tudor Stanley Angus Ramsay Dear David, you birthday to happy, happy to birthday you to birthday you, happy happy birthday. This is a cut-up version of a famous song. From Angus I.G. Ramsay
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