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There are currently 332 greetings

Ed Means, Kansas City, MO David, I'd like to wish you a happy 50th and thank you for the unique experience of your music. It's been quite a ride! khaw szelin (Penang, Malaysia) Happy 50th Birthday David!My name is Sze Lin.I'm from Malaysia and have been your fan since I first saw Labyrinth.I get a lot of flak from my pals for being your fan.I say, what do they know anyway? Not much..if they don't think you are the most handsome guy on Earth! Have a wonderful birthday and visit Malaysia one day..preferably Penang,..any chance? Keep on singing and may we get another 50 years' worth of wonderful music from you!!Love, Sze Lin

Courtney Sorrell Oxford, GA
David, Well, now that I have a chance I'm not sure what to say to you. Your music has been truely inspirational in my life. It has even made me take up my clarinet and saxophone again! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Oh, and by the way, you have incredibly sexy teeth. Happy birthday! Love, Courtney picture from sept 7 1996, capitol balroom show Congratulations on 50 years of greatness! It's been so long, but it has gone by so fast! If i could freeze time to just one night, it would be september 7 1996, the first time i ever saw you perform. It was one of the most wonderful nights of my life. Your music means so much to me. I hope that January 8 1997 is your night that you want to freeze in time forever. All my love, today and forever, Lilly Goldman

sunday schuyler
Happy 50th Birthday David! Your music,and you have given me great happiness!! I have never felt such love and excitment for any artist on the planet, except for you!! Having been a fan for many years, my life would not be the same without you. I always can't wait to hear your next album or see the next film, or any other project. Please never stop singing.I wish we could meet! Love, Sunday Schuyler I wish you a great and happy 50th Birthday David! Thank you for the great and wonderful music you wrote during these past 30 years that has been really important in my life. I wish you even more success for the future. Et encore une fois... bon anniversaire!!!
frank deike Happy 50th Birthday David!all the best for the next 50 years,and we hope you`ll go on making music for the next 50 years Michael Brown You are an icon!! Happy 50th Birthday David! Michael Brown
Kirsten Kjoss Happy 50th Birthday! Hope you have a superb day! Thanks for all your wonderful, creative music, and for being a continual inspiration and influence in my life (not to mention also being THE most fabulously gorgeous looking male I've ever set eyes upon). I look forward to seeing you in concert in NEW ZEALAND this year *hopeful smile*!! Best wishes for now & always. Duncan Smith - From one transplanted, orange-haired, Januarian Brit to another:

Happy Birthday, Mister Jones !

A man turning into a baby Yo Dave ! Remember, from 50 you start decreasing years of age. Happy Birthday - hope you'll remember mine ! Alon Anders Jacobsson Happy 50th Birthday David! And thank you very much for the Outside album. It was the best record since Scary Monsters. And for the concert you gave in Gothenburgh a year ago, it was fabulous! Hope to see you soon again. Good luck & once again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Anders Jacobsson, Sweden
Svenn-Runar, Oslo,Norway. Happy 50th Birthday David! Me and my flat-mate,Mari, wish you another 50 years! You have been a great inspiration for us, and we hope to see you soon.Your performance at Roskilde `96 was great! Greetings from Svenn-Runar, Norway. Amy in Chicago "Comical little geezer, you'll look funny when you're fifty."--Chas in "Performanc"... i must say that you don't [neither does mick actually]. Have a fantastic birthday...and manymore to come...with lots more music, creativity, and happiness. Happy Birthday!
pattibowie, philly, pa 50, is it? funny, the first time i ever saw you was 24 years ago. Half our lives almost! you have given me some of the most special moments of my life, ones i will never forget. i am happy we have both reached a "landmark" together, your 50th birthday, my 100th bowie show. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! i hope you will continue to endure the road, as we all love to see you perform! Love, from one of your "sigma kids"!
Anbar Bloch
"You would measure time the measurless and the immeasurable. You would adjust your conduct and even direct the course of your spirit according to hours and seasons." "Yet, the timeless in you is aware of life's timeless, knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. And that that which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space." (The Prophet/Kahlil Gibran)
Saxiphone Hello David, Wish you well on this occasion. Also thank you for the hours of enjoyable and fasinating works that you have contributed over the years. Look forward to hearing much more from you. Lynn P.S. I love BTWN and that 80's stuff. henni weinstein Happy 50th Birthday David! You are the most influentual artists that i have ever known. i love you! you rock!

Noam Gal - Israel
Happy 50th Birthday David! When I had my birthday you gave me the best birthday present I could ever wish for. It was on July 3rd when you preformed for us Israelis fans - my birthday. It was great. I can't offer you any present that matches the one you gave me, but I greet you to keep on doing what ever is on your mind, whether it's music, painting or acting, and keep making us happy while doing it. Susan Hoover, Houston, Texas Happy Birthday to the only artist whose work occupies 20 slots in my CD case. (Beethoven is second with 10!) I've been a fan since 1982 when some college buddies turned me on to the Eno period works...and those are still my faves. Please visit the third coast of the US on your next tour! - Susan Hoover
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