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Nickolay Kharchenko, Moscow, Russia
Happy 50th birthday, David! I can't find the words to describe the role of your music in my life. I'm only sure that only your words can help me when I'm "sinking in the quicksand of my thought". First time I heard you when I was 14. Now six years later I can't imagine my life without your music. Your performance in Moscow was the happiest moment of my life. Thanks for your great work. Roy Kessels, The Netherlands Happy birthday to U David!! Yesterday I saw the video of 'Little wonder" and I liked it very much :-) !! I hope U to continue making excellent music in the future as you did in the past, and I hope to see you on tour soon (in the Netherlands). Love and greeting, Roy (
Jeffrey Morgan ( Toronto A BELATED BIRTHDAY "THANX"-- In 1974, during your Toronto Diamond Dogs show, I gave a crew member a photograph of you and William S. Burroughs which had been signed by Burroughs when I met him earlier in the year. The photo went through 16 cities until you signed it "With Thanx Bowie 74" in Philadelphia. Now it's MY turn to say "With Thanx" for signing it and having it mailed back to me. Love on ya!
Ramsey Harris, Philadelphia, PA
Happy 50th Birthday David! I know of no other artist who has had the ability to continually astound and delight me with every endeavor. For 16 years your music has been an integral part of my life. You have been an inspiration to me to never stand still and to always strive to be my best and most creative. Best of luck and here's to the 50 more! (P.S. If you are ever in need of a good back-up singer...)

Joseph Greback (Jareth)
Happy 50th B-day Mr. Bowie! I hope it is a great one for you. I have always loved your work since I saw you in Labyrinth. I remember that day when I asked my mother: "Mommy, who is that in the tight pants?" She told me and showed me 2 Lps she had. Ever since then, I have been hooked. I recently got a job so I can afford to buy all of your CDs and a few movies. Keep up the great work and good luck to you in all you do and may God bless you..... Noella Gervais, Toronto Hello and Happy Birthday David. Your music has helped me through some pretty difficult times so I feel comfortable calling you David without the Bowie. Since it is your birthday I think I'll take this opportunity to say you are appreciated. And the most amazing thing is you appreciate back! Take care..."we talked with tall Venusians passing through."
Melanie Fischer Best wishes to you David! Your work has been a great influence on my life. You made me feel special when you winked at me at the DC Ballroom! You are a wonderous being! I am so glad that you are still producing great music and songs and I hope you continue to do so for MANY more years! You mean so much to so many of us! Stay youthful! Keep the hair RED! GRAPHICALLY YOURS! Melanie 33 Baltimore MD
Bernhard Strilka
50 years. Means something like halftime; and this means there are another 31 years of great Bowie-Music to come. Looking forward to. So, Mr. Jones, keep on surprising your audiance and also experimentic with the internet. Happy Birthday from Austria to, whereever you are.
Toti, Iceland (a picture of Iceland or what ever) Happy 50th Birthday David! Thanks for visiting Iceland, that was really cool. Hope to see you again on Iceland this summer(or winter, or what ever.) Toti.
(My baby, Isabelle). Jane Gilmartin, Boston, USA
Happy 50th Birthday Mr. Bowie! I also celebrate my birthday today, (33). The only gifts I have to offer you are my love and my thanks, both of which, though you may not know, you've always had. I love you and I hope you are forever well and happy. Thank you for the wonderful influence you've had on my life. You've taught me more than I could ever properly thank you for.

Next Fans
Found you mid '70s and been stuck on you ever since! Thanks for your mark on the world, happy 50th and keep on changing. Love on ya'....Randall
Walter Pullen from Seattle, WA
Happy 50th David! :-) At 25, I'm exactly half your age. I first became a fan of yours after seeing you as Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth. I have a Labyrinth web page at Anyway here's cheers and blessings for the next 50! :-)

Matt Westacott
Perth, Australia
"David Bowie? Isn't he the guy who sang that song about Major Tom?"

Happy 50th Birthday David!

Bob Pittman Happy 50th Birthday David! I'm 18. You were doing neat things nine years before I was born. Have fun in your "Golden Years." I really enjoy your music and I hope when I turn fifty that I will have done somewhat near the amount of amazing things that you have done. You will always be one of my "Heroes." Happy B-day. p.s. I'm thinking of naming my first son Ziggy.
remco Happy 50th Birthday David! I have loved you and your music since I saw you in the film Christiane F., Wir Kinder von Bahnhof Zoo, and I always will love you. Hope to see you soon in The Netherlands. Remco. Mayu from Kobe, Japan Happy birthday, Bowie-san! Your songs drow outer-space pictures of Dali in my head. I always love you so & for good... Mayu
Erika Oetke, Ireland. Happy Birthday David. Keep up the good work, and if you have any spare time, please come and do a gig in Ireland. You are the greatest musician that ever was. Good luck in the years to come. Love, Erika.
Paul Morgan ( Seattle
Happy 50th! Your songs have meant alot to me. I am 19 now and have loved your music for most of my teenage years. Recently, I have travelled to London, New York and Boston to see you. You were great! Enjoy the next 50...

Jason Babcock Frostburg, MD
Hope you have a great 50th Birthday and here's to another 50 years. You keep getting better with age! I hope that I'm as cool as you when I get to be 50! Keep up the kick-ass work in '97! Constance Nurmia Happy 50th Birthday David! Can you beleive you are 50??? I can't!! But I still love you and your music!!! Time can never chanage that!!! Have a good life!!! Love, Tiger aka Constance
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