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There are currently 332 greetings

Jess Portsmouth, Lancaster 50?Well I hope we get more from you yet! Kelly-Marie Bonne Anniversaire David! Thank you for twenty great years...WHen everyone else became let downs, or burn outs, you stayed BOWIE!
Erwin Keimes Happy 50th Birthday David! Greetings from Belgium.
Christina Coryell
Well as my birthday is in a week from now I would like to wish you the very best. How does it feel to be 50? I'll be there in 3 years. No I am not a teenager, but I have enjoyed your music from the start. I used to have a crush on you when I was a teenager. I wish you many more happy and healthy years of music making. Christina Coryell
marco Vlieg Happy 50th Birthday David! And thanks for all of your music over the last 30 years, there were some good years and some bad. I hope you can continue the good work for another 50 years, maybe not as an entertainer but as an artist. So congratulations to you,Iman and Joe (Zowie), and please visit Holland again sometime this year. All the best Marco Vlieg Holland
Leslie Crudup. Allentown,PA/USA
Hi David! Have a great Birthday! mine's on the 15th. We're practically twins! ...uh....maybe not. Anyway, I'm fifteen years old. I love your music. I've been meaning to hear a lot more of it. You're a great inspiration. Also, I loved you in Labyrinth!! I know there were others but that was my favorite! Happy Birthday!
DAJ WISCONSIN Ever since watching you on the Sonny & Cher Show back in 1975, I have been a fan. I look to your work for broadening my thinking, for entertaining me, and for providing a "familiar" voice whenever I am in need of one. Thank you and Happy 50th Birthday David!
Caillean Greywolf
50? Thats impossible, you're young! Sexy, alive, and still sharing some of the best music in the world with your fans. I still can't believe how much energy and talent you posess. Few people on this earth are so blessed, probably because people like you are *so* blessed there isn't any left for the rest of us! Loved you in Labyrinth, and loved the Capital Ballroom show, you were fantastic, as usual. Goddess Bless!

This is a drawing I did called "BowieLove"
I am 12 years old and have been a fan for about two years. I first saw you in Labyrinth and I instantly fell in love with you. I don't have many of your albums (CDs) yet, but I am getting more soon! Happy 50th! You look great and your music is amazing! I love you. Love, BowieManiac...p.s.Can you PLEASE have a concert in Pittsburgh, PA??? I REALLY REALLY would like to meet you...soon... mark farmer Happy 50th Birthday David! "foget that I'm fifty cause you just got paid" Many Happy returns on this special day. Hope to see you in Australia soon! Mark

Brian Baker, Cambridge MA
Happy Birthday David! Your performance at the Avalon in Boston this summer was the most intense concert I've ever seen! Thank you for expanding my tastes in music! - Brian Steve Enright Happy 50th Birthday David! Please consider coming back to Perth, Western Australia. We miss you. Have a great day Steve
DarkWarrior Dear David, Thank you for your inspiration and guidance. As a child I grew up with my father's old LP's of your work. (My dad bought you a Coke once) As a young adult, I find you to be the guiding influence in my own works. Your work was, is, and (I imagine) always will be magnificent. Thank you for everything. Love eternal, Brian "DarkWarrior" Grisaffi (maintainer of ground zero: home of "Sons of the Silent Age")
Diana Ebner
Happy 50th Birthday David! good luck and keep it going on and on and on ...

Carl Robinson, Grimsby, England
Happy 50th birthday David! What to say to the person who influenced my life and musical tastes more than any other ?. The first of your albums I heard was "Heroes". Since then I've collected about all of them. I'm sure there'll be plenty more to come. Keep on surprising us all with your originality and ability. Rock on forever !
Myriam CA
Happy 50th David! I am a photographer and I can not think of any other individual who has influenced my work more than you have, and I wanted to thank you. The foundation in all my pieces can be traced back to your work one way or another. Thank you for opening my eyes and soul to art and your constant inspiration.
Shannon Barker Happy 50th Birthday David!! I'm a really big fan of yours.I love you!! DOJO
Monica J. Roxburgh
         _______________            ________
  ___   /.`  \   . /  ` \   ___    / HAPPY  \
 /. `\ / _ (o) (o) (o) _.\ /   \  / BIRTHDAY \
 \ \. Y   \   .   .   /.  Y `/./  \  DAVID!! /
  \ \ .\.  \_________/   /. / /    | /-------
   \.\__\ \__v_____v__/ /__/ /     |/
   /  \ /||\        /||\ /  \
  //||\\                //||\\
      (mutant vampire frog)
Krina Despota and Anne-Marie Jetter of SF, CA
Evan Torrie Stanford, CA, United States
Happy 50th Birthday David! I first encountered your music at the age of 10, and immediately fell in love with your innovation and desire to break the rules. As maintainer of Teenage Wildlife, it's great to see more young fans coming on board even as you approach 30 years in the business. Moreover, thanks for giving me a reason to delay my graduation for another two years! :-)
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