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The Big Servo himself
Hikeeba great one!!!! Happy 50th B-DAY Keep up the incredible work. I have to go sit and axiously await "Earthlings" This Chaos is Killing Me Stephanie Massick All the best, David! I have been a fan for half my life - ever since Labyrinth. I, too, am a Jareth devotee and think your suave portrayal was memorable. Drop a line to and you'll delight dozens of fans on the Labyrinth mailing list! Your lyrics, voice, and eyes mesmerize . . . at 50, you're forever young.
Nilz It seems that bands today have forgotten how to make beautiful music, real music. You've never forgotten that. Happy birthday. Nilz Edith Bellinghausen, New York City Happy 50th Birthday David! No photo of me...but hey, gotta keep up the mystery, ya know?? Well, here's to an artist who knows the true meaning of the word performer. I loved the Outside tour and was fortunate enough to catch the east coast gigs, too. Maybe someday we'll meet; that's what got me in the music business to begin with! Thanks for the music...keep on doing what you do best - paving your own way.

David- If it wasn't for you.....I would NEVER have: Gone into a "mosh pit"..... Known what it was like to do a five-city tour....... Driven 500 miles through a hurricane to see a concert.... Found out how invaluable scalpers are.... Opened my eyes to new music..... Discovered the internet or Made some great friends..... I could go on, but we're not getting any younger..... Love, Scary Bonster, alias dbfan, "no matter how old I get, YOU'LL be older!" Dan "no clever name or picture" Happy Birthday, Bowie. I have nothing else to say. You've lived for just these fifty years. Don't die for at least twenty more.
Sodapop: J.Freeman, OR 97520 Salutations and happy birthday Bowie. You're amazing. Always have been, always will be. With my love and respect, J.Freeman.
Andre Roy from St-Luc Canada.
Happy half century Birthday Mr.Bowie! I hope that you will perform 50 times better than before and I not so worried about that. Have a nice day.
Keri Matthews David, thank you for being so great at what you do. I hope to see you in concert sometime. Please do a U.S. tour SOON! Anyway, My name is Keri Matthews and I'm 14 years old. I have liked your music since I was two. Please have a VERY, VERY happy birthday! Love, Keri
Katia,Steevens and Erika .Brazil
Dear friend,thank you for the young rock singer,for the aristocratic European,for the odd detective,for the space invader,for the lost astronaut,for the authentic vampire. Thank you for filling up our lives of sounds,histories, legends,realities,dreams,wishes,passions...Please never stop fascinating us with your magic and tormenting our dreams with your vampire eyes,which suck our minds. With all our kindness to you,from the simple mortals.
Mark "they were blanks" Anderson, Corvallis OR Woohoo for David. You rocked at the Bridge School Benefit (both nights), it was really a treat for my ears. You're the best there ever was, keep it up. I would write more, but my eyeballs are bleeding again. My eyes have never been the same since my contacts were melded to them by that darn X-ray beam.
Martyn King, Fleetwood, Lancashire, England.
Hello David, I've been a fan for years and this is the first time that I've been able to write to you. Have a happy birthday and let's have another variation on 1.Outside ASAP. Best Wishes, Martyn King (England, the North of)
Jim Fodey, Regina, CANADA Happy 50th Birthday David! Well old chap...(forgive the "old") I too am on the fast track to 50. I've lived with and loved your work for 25 years...Thank you David; the adventure continues. Good health and happiness to you always! Joe Wakeling Happy birthday David! Best wishes for the future near and far, thanks for all the great music you've made and here's hoping you'll make a lot more :)

007 spain
congratulations, u have the same age that kylie abdul at the same time you never let down (well, maybe once) but u know, money is too tight to mention and it seems you met a stranger (some night?) better than nice. eurocentric presents african chair, tall metal face boy is alive. italians do it better, ragazzo solo met ragazza sola, helmut newton should do more pictures of you and the people u love. Thomas Eriksen Happy 50th Birthday David! Every good boy deserves birthday greetings. And most specially you do. I basically just want to thank you for contributing so much to my life with your music (I hope this doesn't sound too melodramatic). I have been a devoted fan since the age of 12, when Ashes to Ashes came out. I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures or artwork - I hope that my words are enough. Happy birthday Yours truely Thomas
Some cat was layin down some rock n roll Happy 50th Birthday David! Congraulations on hitting the big 5-O! Just keep the good work, keep your thinking cap on, and come back here to Raleigh,NC on tour, but to a smaller venue like the Ritz. Thank you for all the great music over the years, although I'm too young to remember much of it, and keep being creative ROCK ON! david menestres By the way, Basqiuat was incredible! Julie Levesque, Quebec, CANADA Happy 50th Birthday David! After all these years, what you're doing is still great! I hope you'll get a happy birthday! :) Hope i'll get the chance to see another show, soon!
Rick McKenna Calgary, Alberta, Canada Happy 50th Birthday David! You are a god; your'e the best.... You are better than the rest.... the king of cool you'll always rule rickrickrickrick Alligator (Toronto) Hey there, sexy. I worship you. I worship the ground you walk on as I do the microphone you sing into. If you're in town sometime... give me a ring. I'll make it worth your while. :)
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