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Lewis Edward Moten III
Happy 50th Birthday David! It's great to see originality and people that are just as strange as I am! FELIZ ANIVERSARIO It all comes back in a flash. It was December 1973. I was about to turn 13. I asked for David Bowie's latest album as a birthday present and I got "Aladdin Sane". That's when it all started. On behalf of all your Brazilian fans... FELIZ ANIVERSARIO!!! Emilio
ScorpPoet Happy 50th Birthday David! David Bowie is God! All my best to you and your family. Keep the music coming (videos too). You're still super sexy. Labyrinth forever, dearest Jareth. (If I were Sarah I would have stayed "forget about the baby") And as a red-head myself, I dig the red hair. (GQ) Richard Sexton Victoria BC, Canada Happy birthday and thank you for your many gifts to art/culture! I listen to your music nearly every day and I will never miss any opportunity to see you perform.

Warm Regards,

Rich Sexton

a flame (as in old) Happy 50th Birthday David! I've been a big fan all my life (yours was the first album I ever bought)! Thanks for so much great music! May your fabulous voice go on forever! Matthew Tranbarger (USA) Thank you, David, for all the inspiration and great entertainment you've supplied over the past years. You have been ( and are ) a constant reminder that there is more in this world than the expected. May your future be as bright as your past - of that I have no doubt. Happy Birthday, David Bowie.

avishay ziv Tel-Aviv Israel
Happy 50th Birthday David! David,i must tell you i cant find what's so happy in a birthday,which only symbols the countdown to our death. anyway,i must say you are getting younger and younger and you can proudly look time in his face and say i won! david i love and i want you to know that your performence in Israel was extremly short and so you must come back!!! we all look forword to meeting you again love Avishay ziv israel.
Jennifer Goodwine, Washinton State, USA

Two great things happened in 1969... Man of Words/Man of Music was born and I was born. Oh, and that man walking on the moon thing... I have adored your music since I got my first album Diamond Dogs I wish you many happy years to come. And why wasn't Life On Mars played when they launched that new probe to Mars? Just a thought.... Happy Birthday! :-)

Nicole Wasinger - Love ya! I first saw you on FNVideos when "Let's Dance" was pit against "Hungry like the Wolf". No contest. The world blanked out as I focused on the screen. I was 14. You and your work impacted my life greatly. Being a Bowie fan is a special club and the internet has brought us all closer together. Happy Birthday, David! Be true to yourself and your true fans will always be true to you. "As long as you're still smiling..." Nicole Wasinger Nicolee, Australia. See you in the front row! To the only singer / performer / actor / hunk I've ever truly adored: Thankyou for your wonderful music, it gets me through every day; I couldn't imagine my life without it. Please confirm these rumours and come down to Australia! I swear it would make my life! Enjoy your birthday, spend it doing whatever you love best!

Happy Birthday David.

Angie, Melbourne, Australia!
Dear Mr Bowie, Iím writing this to youÖ You made me love you, I didnít want to do it, I didnít want to do it. You made me love you, and all the time you knew it, especially when I saw you in Labyrinth. You made me happy, even when I saw you dancing with those goblins! You know you made me love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! May you always be the inspirational and great artist that you are. AYAKO MORITA Happy 50th Birthday David! I'm happy to send you a birthday greeting! How wonderful this page is!
Juuso, FINLAND Happy 50th Birthday David! I would like to thank you for your songs, they are something that gives me energy and keeps me awake in this boring world. I hope that you will come to Finland again soon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Vikki Otero, Houston, TX
Hey David! I was entranced when I was 8 years old and heard my sister playing one of your albums. I don't remember which one it was and it doesn't matter, because I have been an unstoppable fan ever since. Thanks for the 13 years of great music you've given me. You've made my life better. Music just doesn't get any better than yours. Happy Birthday!
A fan forever,
Terri Saunders Happy 50th Birthday David! Having been a fan of yours for more than 14 years, I have grown up with your music in my head and heart. You have been a great influence in my life and I know you will continue to do so for many years to come. I hope your 50th birthday is your happiest yet, and you have 50 more to come! I love you! Toby Germano Happy 50th Birthday David! Thank you for giving me many years of artistic pleasure. I'm so happy for you. You seem genuinely happy with your life. Your beautiful relationship with your wife, and recent original and exciting music have been inspirational. I can't wait for upcoming releases. Your performance at the Bridge Show blew my mind. Here's wishing you many more birthdays. Love, Toby Germano
LittleWonder/Kelly ( Wishing a very happy 50th to the rock-art icon-god I fell in love with when I was seven, and who's changed my outlook on life (and my musical preferences!) ... It's almost pointless wishing you success, since things get better with age ;-) , but I do wish you happiness (I know this sounds corny, but bear with me). Thank you so much for all you've done for me -- for all of us. Love you very much, forever and always-- Sara C. in MT Happy 50th Birthday David! You have helped me through many hard times. Thank you. I love you. Labyrinth will always be my favorite movie, and Space Oddity, Fame, and The Man Who Sold The World are tied for my favorite songs. (
Swiss Cheese, Cornell Uni, NY David, so the story goes, happy birthday. In a world of imitators, you are an innovator. I first saw you on 'Top of the Pops' way back when, but now realize your music is much more than just that. What other musician has been influenced by such extremes as Bertolt Brecht and the Who? You are the most interesting person Iíve ever learned about and would some day like to meet you. You never know. Best wishes, Alice Zerfowski Happy 50th Birthday David! We hope that you 50th birth won't be a block to resist you from keeping on. My Boyfriend and I went to your concert in Rotterdam in the Netherlands last July. And it was GREAT!!!! We both hope you'll give another concert in the Netherlands (maybe because of you new album) By the way what's your own e-mail address? hehehehe Greetings to your wife and Hope to hear and see you soon
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