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Halloween Costume Contest 2000 Winners

December 1, 2000: And the winners are...

Jennifer Spinello

Jennifer Spinello (7.8/10)
Ziggy Stardust Multi-Colored Knitted Body Suit
Bowie Lookalike category


Ziggi (6.8/10)
I dressed up as Ace Frehley, the guitar player from the famous/infamous KISS
General category

Jennifer wins a $75 gift voucher from CDNow for first place in the Bowie Lookalike Category, while Ziggi wins a $25 voucher for the General category.

Honourable mention also to Hans Meertens who finished a very close second (7.7/10) to Jennifer in the voting for Bowie lookalike. You can see the full cast of characters here if you want to look them over again.

Thanks to all the participants for their dedication and energy in the costume contest.

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