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Bowie Baby Birthday Pool

The winner is Ilsa! who correctly picked August 15 and a baby girl.

Here's what the entries looked like:

Date  Sex

Win a copy of Baby Universal by guessing the sex and date of the new Bowie baby!


In February, we learned that David and Iman were expecting their first child in August, 2000. This will be both David's and Iman's second offspring (Duncan is Bowie's son and Zulekha is Iman's daughter from their first marriages). Since guessing the date of birth has been a popular exercise for Teenage Wildlifers over the past couple of months, we've decided to run a birthday pool and let you all enter your official guesses as to the day that a new Bowie will be born!

All you have to do is guess the date and the sex (boy or girl - sorry, androgynous is not an option). Those of you who get the date and sex correct will be entered into a drawing for a grand prize of a 12" vinyl version of the Baby Universal single.

Some Stipulations:

  • The contest closes Sunday midnight, Eastern Time, August 6 or in the unlikely event that the baby is born before then as soon as the first news of the baby's birth is heard.
  • To avoid time zone controversies, the correct date of birth will be the local time at the place of birth, not the date when you hear about it in your local newspapers.
  • Depending on the total number of correct entries, we'll try to find some other tokens of appreciation for those who guess the right answer, but we don't guarantee it
  • For a full list of rules, see here.
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