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The contest to win Strange Fascination has closed!

10 copies (graciously provided by Virgin Publishing) of Strange Fascination will be given to the registered users who answered the following question correctly:

From which university did Strange Fascination author David Buckley receive his Ph.D.?:

Answer: The answer was Liverpool

Winners were selected on October 5. The lucky 10 were:

Steven Alchus, New York, USA
Henrik Rydehn, Sweden
Jason McSweeney, England
Mikko Jakonen, Finland
Antoine Poncelet, New York, USA
Lise Bergeron, Canada
Bjorn Berglund, Sweden
Donna Schindler, Atlanta, USA
Gayle Somerville, Scotland
Jeff Chadd, Mississippi, USA

In addition, Marc-David Jacobs was at the online drawing, and happened to be the lucky one selected to win a bonus prize of Thursday's Child - UK CD 2 complete with bonus tracks and Quicktime video.

Congratulations to all!

Winners will be notified by email. You can read the full rules here.

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