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02/06/11 09:16 PM
Do You Miss Anons? (12/2003) [re: ] Reply to this post

anisette: I do.

thomaswood: yeah, those were some cool dudes.

Strawman: No. Although alter ego's are for the best part obvious, at least they have a card to play.

Dice: when did this happen?

Remade/Remodeled: I had actually forgotten they were gone, although I should edit: have been in a position to have noticed when I made a thread and no one responded by calling me over-weight or suggesting I was a homosexual prostitute (I never thought the former attribute and the latter career choice went hand in hand, but who knows?).


Starlite: Surprisingly, not at all.

Which I suppose proves me wrong, because I was originally against banning them, as I felt it was important to the forum. But really, very few anon contributions were ever of value.

(Except Joe Blowie. But that ended badly anyway.)

P.S. Edit: Okay, over the top, but better all the same.

Patches: Nah... the cool one is still standing, so everything is hunky dory.

Siddhartha Gautama of Suburbia: kind of.....
they gave an anarchy and dadaism taste in many threads....

poorsoul: Do I like having my teeth pulled? Yes, in a sado-masochistic way, especially a9606a16293b, c600ffb93d49 and b0cfe50ba6a1.

Bring back Thomas Ismail.


In reply to:

Bring back Thomas Ismail.

We can't. We just dug him out of that hole near Tikrit, gave him a shave and, now we're asking him a couple of questions.

OK boys, attach the electrodes to his balls again and make sure his feet stay in the water this time!

poorsoul: That would explain why he hasn't been posting lately. Do you think we could have him back once you're finished with him?


In reply to:

When did this happen?

Adam killed them when he changed the rules. There was a reason but I don't think anyone can remember what it was now.

Starlite: It was a side-effect of banning a particular IP address (that of the poster who kept putting up those illicit pictures). It was supposed to stop only that particular user from posting, but ended up not allowing any anonymous posts.

poorsoul: And obviously he's in no hurry to correct it.


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Do you think we could have him back once you're finished with him?

I doubt if a carcass will be of much use to you, friend.

White Prism:

In reply to:

especially a9606a16293b

Yeah, I kinda miss him, too.

Erm, I think this thread might stand as the ultimate Anon-artefact (featuring special guest appearances from the said a9606a16293b); though I seem to recall anons also massacring several Marc Bolan threads.

So good riddance.

diamondogz74: Some of them were fun!,The one's containing swear word's were not my type,I think if you have to resort to swearing?,You've lost any respect,Even as an anon.
It's a bit like those TWs who hide their profiles!,Why for pity's sake?...

Dara: I didn't realise they were gone, but now I do, I guess I do miss them. In theory at least.

I imagine the more persistent ones registered and are still with us. Some people are easy to spot no matter how often they change their name.

Cassiel: No.

Coan_teen: Wow, I guess I've been chillin' over at the Ghetto too long. I hadn't even noticed the absence.


Well, having browsed around through recent threads, I think I'll say they won't be sorely missed.

RabbitFighter: Not really and I find this a bit surprising. Some of them were quite funny at times...

Dan Dare: was just thinking of starting this thread last night!

No, I think it's better without them. They can always put 2 minutes of effort in and register.

Hey diamondogz74, weren't you an anon who registered after the anons were shut out?


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Hey diamondogz74, weren't you an anon who registered after the anons were shut out?

"diamonddogz74" is none other than the equally shit-brained anontroll pinups10, the "pure"... "half German,half English,NOT British ENGLISH" racist clownshoe!

Dan Dare: <<<<<<<shudder>>>>>>>


SugarPlumFairy: I think dogz registered before the anon banishment. Can't be entirely sure though. Maybe he'll tell us.

And no, I don't miss anons one bit. This place is blissfully calm now. I think I might not die of stress-induced internal damage after all.

poorsoul: And who could forget d0622ee847cb? That thread wasn't too bad, though; at least there was some intelligent conversation inbetween the random insults and useless cut-and-pastes.


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I think dogz registered before the anon banishment. Can't be entirely sure though. Maybe he'll tell us.

If you check the religion thread White Prism linked to you can read some of his valuable contributions. He did start off like all the rest of them before registering, though.

diamondogz74: Thank you for mentioning my name.
Yes i was a poster( ain't that poster love).The reason i was an anon is simple?,I could not register,For some odd reason there was a mix up in email address's ( even you must know how awkward PCs can be at times?),I have since bought a new PC and am using windows XP,All is well.
You are from Wale's i believe?,Are you not proud of being Welsh?,I am proud of being English and indeed also half German,Doe's that make me racist?,Well your mind is indeed your mind.Rejoice in the fact that two men of strong faith and conviction RE: Bush/Blair have rid this world of an evil tyrant in Hussein.
As for being...Left/Right or centre?,It's not a question of "Fashion",It's knowing the basic difference between right and wrong.
Anyone who live's in the United Kingdom?,Know's what sour faced Welsh people are like,Ask Anne Robinson ( presenter of "The Weakest Link"),She has the Welsh summed up perfectly,You whinge too much dear.

diamondogz74: Yeah i did indeed register before the anon's were taken off.
I have absolutely nothing to hide,My profile is open to all,I was indeed an anon poster,Simply for the reasons i stated to that Manic guy,I could not register for reason's beyond my control.

diamondogz74: JohnyManic has problem's,He's probebly a great guy?,I do not know.He is obessed with me,Still let's hope he will leave me alone in future?.As for me being racist?,Is the Pope Catholic?.

riley: he thinks i'm a homophobe who wants to beat him up..

diamondogz74: Is'nt it time you grew up?,Im dancing with the Big Boy's now,You should try it?,beat's lego anyday.

riley: living vicariously are you?

diamondogz74: Hey! Strawman,Have you at one time been a hair dresser?,Im being genuine here ok?,But i seem to remember a guy who used to cut my hair for me,He was into Bowie and worked for a guy called Manola,In Norwich,It's a stab in the dark i know,But! it's worth a try.

diamondogz74: Yeah maybe i am?,But it's great fun:-),Care to join me?,These tongue's are fun ar'nt they?,Know any other use?...

JonnyManic: While I don't feel the need to counter the barely-literate ramblings of a racist troll like dd74, this I can't let pass:

In reply to:

he thinks i'm a homophobe who wants to beat him up..

I don't think you want to beat me up, that's just silly. But you do come across as a homophobe: You have paranoid delusions that "lesbians" are attempting to "hijack" the "feminist movement". This is either because you're homophobic, or because you're rather stupid.

riley: you're still on about that post? Wow. didn't realise i'd effected you so deeply.

I DON'T CARE if you're gay. but obviously you have issues seeing you are so preoccupied with a post i made months ago.. persecution complex maybe? hope you figure it out..


In reply to:

you're still on about that post? Wow. didn't realise i'd effected you so deeply

I'd actually pretty much forgotten it and had just been left with the niggling feeling that you were metally deficient. Of course, you brought it up again a few posts back which not only reminded me but provided an oppurtune moment to point out how much of an utter dimwit you are! See how it works yet?

In reply to:

I DON'T CARE if you're gay.

Umm, I'm not. Well, except with your dad... It's not like I want to, but I need the money, and he pays an awful lot for me to dress like Peter Pan and shout things about a Captain...


In reply to:

metally deficient

It's spelt mentally.. if you're going to try make me look stupid please try to do it without making yourself look stupid in the process.. it'd make a nice change.

JonnyManic: Hey fluff-brain, it's always better to try and defend yourself with some substance rather than resorting to pointing out typos. This just makes you look pedantic and as though you couldn't defend your retarded point of view if it was safely locked in a fort!

Oh hang on, that's exactly the case isn't it.

riley: Most people would make sure they avoid typos when insulting people's intelligence.. which brings me to your habbit of calling people retarded.. you carry on about political correctness but you use the word 'retard' in a derogitory sense which makes it painfully obvious you have an innate biggotry against retarded people and are a fucking hypocrite.

SugarPlumFairy: Riley, weren't you the person who spelled cliche as "cleshe"?
I wouldn't try to correct other people's spelling, if I were you.

riley: Yeah sometimes I'm a bad speller but I wasn't hanging shit on people's intelligence at the time which is as i've already said is why i made a point of it.

diamondogz74: What is a clown-shoe?,I did'nt realize you were gay?,Fancy a date honey?:-)

diamondogz74: Yep you sure are Welsh,Whinging/moaning and forever complaining,Its the greasy chip on the shoulder is'nt?,Whats that sound i hear?,Its the sound of the pit opening up,You'd best hurry else you'll be late for duty.Thats another thing?,Is'nt Wales full of slag heaps?.

Lady Androgyne: No. Now we can spend time being mean to each other instead.


In reply to:


Retard means "to slow". When I call you slow, it's entirely up to you how you wish to take it. I'm not attacking people with mental retardation. I'm simply stating that, from reading your dim posts, that you appear to suffer from this condition. You are slooooow. That's just what I think, you really shouldn't let it bother you...

As for bigotry towards "retarded people", how much work have you done with children with learning disabilities? I've voluntarily taught classes to help with slow children's numeracy and literacy in a local school. Maybe you could benefit from my help. PM me if you're interested.


In reply to:

...which brings me to your habbit of calling people retarded...

"habbit"? Is that what a monk wears in Middle Earth?


In reply to:

"habbit"? Is that what a monk wears in Middle Earth?

no, it's a hybrid of the hare and the rabbit, distant cousin of the jackelope

Strawman: DD74?

Getting one over Jonnymanic, is akin to pissing up against a strong wind. Believe me, I tried in vain when I first came here. The more you try the better he will retort. You lose.

Now, if you really come from Norfolk please heed my advice, 'cause it's embarrassing & you're giving it a bad name.


In reply to:

Most people would make sure they avoid typos when insulting people's intelligence..

Yeah, it makes the insult more affective.


In reply to:

metally deficient

Maybe he thinks you need more iron in your diet.

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