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02/09/11 07:58 AM
You are obsessed with TW when… (10/00-07/01) [re: ] Reply to this post

wlovedb: I'm sure many of you will recognize these symptoms... :)

-You type www.teenagewildlife.com faster than you type "db".

-You are not a David Bowie fan, you are a Teenage Wildlife fan.

-TW is the first site you visit when you connect to internet(of course!) and, as you never leave TW, it is the last site you visit too.

-When there are no news on TW, you keep just staring at the front page.

-You have read the profiles of the 10.000 TW members.

-You read *all* the posts on the Conversation Piece. When there are no news posts, you check who is online and exchange private messages with them.

-You kill the work to read/reply the posts on the CP.

-You claim you don't have time to study, but you're always online at the CP.

-When you're ofline, you are always thinking on new posts or replies to the Conversation Piece.

-You are always on the TW chatroom even when nobody is chatting.

-You read all the guestbook and old message board archives.

-If you are an oldie: You remember everything about the old times and are always asking about the old crowd.

-If you are not an oldie: You green envy the oldies.

-You forgot the link to any other site on the www.

-If you pass 2 hours without visiting TW, you have deliriums tremiums.

-You ask "David who?" but you know who is Evan Torrie.

Roxy641: wlovedb WAS TOO RIGHT...
LOL ;-)

Einar: You are obsessed about Teenage Wildlife when...
...Evan Torrie appears in your dreams.
...you call your father "Dara" by mistake.
...whilst sitting on the bus, you get a brilliant idea for a new post and have to write it down in a little notepad.
...Aleczandah appears in your nightmares.

from the doom (anonymous): You are obsessed with TW when....

1.You consider the TW members your primary
peer group.

2.You post a message then wait online for
the replies.

3.You have a major crush on at least one
TW member.

WildWind: ...you keep the main index of CP open all the time and refresh every five minutes, getting deliriously excited when (1 new) pops up next to ANY section.

...you start signing your office e-mail with your TW handle.

Leshka: W is on my favorites list, so I don't need to type out the address (often).

I must be logged into half the computers in New York City (okay I'm exagerating, a third ) because of my temp work and how I MUST see what's happening on CP.

Oh, I have a couple more symptoms:
-You *are* Evan Torrie

-The CP is considered "productive procrastination". If you don't know what this is, then you've never done it.

from the doom (anonymous): OK, here goes:

I have an announcement to make.
This has been the most wonderful summer of my life.
(Cheers from the audience)
not only is this the last post of the summer...
but it is the last post...we will ever do.
(audience protests)

bowiefanpeter: Does this mean your name is now "aladdin doom"?


In reply to:

3.You have a major crush on at least one
TW member.

You, too, ftd? well you can't have her, I saw her first... har, har. Be careful, doom, BFPeter will prolly fight 'ya if you get any ideas about his "special someone" *chortle*

You are obsessed with Teenage Wildlife when...

1. You make lame posts like the above on a Sunday night when nobody is online to read them.

2. You get mad when someone starts a thread that is kinda like yours (thief!)

3. You really care how many views your thread gets and even subtract out your own repeated views to get an accurate total.
4. You have a short list of "favorite" posters. If these guys respond to your threads or to your posts you feel...happy.

5. You can hardly wait for another "what does your screenname/signature mean" 'cause you missed the last one and you are soooo proud of yours and want to share how clever you are.

6. You get a chubby when your thread is a "hot topic" on the opening screen.

And finally, you know you're into Conv. Piece way way too deep when:

7. You go back and fill out your complete member profile and make it available for all the TW'ers to see. And you're going out to buy a scanner next week so you can add your picture.

GFried: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! These posts are SOOOOOOOO accurate. My habits are all over this thread. Everyone was so accurate, in fact, that I don't think I have anything I can possibly add

bowiefanpeter: I thought i was the only one........

some of this actually cuts a bit to close to the bone....oh well!
I can say i've actually read all the non-coffee shop threads, and half of the coffee shop, even though i've only been reading this since early summer......i'm also the highest poster(what's past 1,000?)

I've got some ideas on my notepad i'm just itching to share with you all.......my question is where else can we go? what other website has facilities like this?

Another one: You recognise the unlisted people on the "who's online" page......(ps, i know your reading this!)

Morian: I know I am obsessed because I can't wait to see my favorite posters on, I get excited when people actually respond to my posts, and I get even more excited when I have private messages, not to mention just how addictive this site is, I am definitely crazy about it!

Damek: how about: you know a loved one is obsessed with TW when you tell them "I got carried away and spent too much time on TW this weekend," and their response is:

"I didn't spend enough!"


Isolar: tati that was toooooooo scary!

lol! scary but true..:P

Adam: These are all great. Here's some more...

1. You divide the number of views by the number of replies, to gauge the popularity of your own threads.

2. You feel good about moving to the next level, and doing it 'legit' unlike Quantril or Aleczandah.

3. You await BowiefanPeter to see what 1000 will bring.

4. You constantly check the "who's online" screen. When Dara logs on you say "the president has arrived".

5. You await the David Bowie "Teenage Wildlife Members Only" concert.

6. You have each forum bookmarked including Dara's "Show All Posts by this User".

7. One of life's great mysteries is why "From the Doom" will never register.

8. Your ideal partner would be a regular at Conversation Piece.

9. Your greatest fear is that Evan will retire.

10. You've thought about Bowienet, but you wouldn't want to hurt Evan's feelings.

11. You wish Monkeyboy would campaign in your country.

Ninwe: how TRUE!
Almost everything written here I relate too! (Almost) Though I am lazy and just check out 3-4 posts and not always feel like replying...but AREN'T WE A GREAT FAMILY GUYS?? HEY??!!
I CAN'T hear you?!!

I like the bit about staring at the frontpage even though there is no new news! TW RULES, thanks E.Torrie.

oh, and before I forget...SO proud to say I'm also an oldie!

Amaryliss: should be doing some serious work instead of posting. My colleagues are constantly wondering what I do all the time, typing into the computer at the speed of lightning. I always regret of not being able to read & answer more of the posts.

Bandit: ..if you don't log in during the day because you have been too busy you log on at 10pm and stay up for 2 hours reading 500 posts...It's 11 pm on Monday night and I've only just finished coffee shop...I'd say I'm definitely obsessed...*goes to make herself a coffee*

welovedb: lol- all this are too true Adam!
Here goes more two:

- You check Coffee Shop with two windows.

- You have the secret dream of reaching the status of webmaster/webmistress of Teenage Wildlife one day.

DenisRock: Never. Obsession is harmful

jumptheysay: You are obsessed about Teenage Wildlife when you post a message on the topic "You are obsessed about Teenage Wildlife when...".


In reply to:

Never. Obsession is harmful

You'll never get any TW birthday wishes with that attitude.

Adam: ou want more?.....

12. You have met at least one member of TW in person.

13. The term "bozo" is used as a verb.

14. You go away for the weekend and return to discover 1000 new messages. You say to yourself "There's a lot of work ahead".

15. You look at your Windows Task Bar, and there are at least 4 buttons starting with the words "TW Conversation Piece".

16. You think the best indicator of making it as a musician, is an MP3 at www.bowiecovers.com

17. You flunked English Lit in high school, but you love Einar's quotes from Shakespeare.

18. You used to wonder if he was saying "savage jaw" or "savage lure". Now you only care what SonofSilence's animated icon is saying.

19. In your nightmares, Platinum posts a message titled "I Hate <Insert Your Name Here>"

20. Your favourite comedian is MonkeyBoy followed by Fat Bastard.

21. You think capital punishment would be appropriate for whoever bozos Dara.

welovedb: You are obsessed about Teenage Wildlife when...

- The perfect job would be work for Teenage Wildlife. Actually, you could *pay* to be a TW employee.

- You really don´t understand why some oldies moved from TW to BowieNet.

- You are paciently waiting for the day Evan wants to get rich selling TW stuffs: TW shirts, TW mousepad, TW posters, TW bikinis...

- You could wear happily proud a T-shirt "I LOVE TW"

- When someone asks "where are you from?" you see yourself answering "I´m from TW..."

- If you visit other Message Boards or chats, you get truly offended if someone cuss TW (of course!).

- When your post is popular, you keep reading it over and over.

- In your darkest dreams, you are torturing the judge-comitee of the Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards. Cruel and s-low-ly.

- Your life is splitted in "before-TW" and "after-TW".

- You are thinking about making a graduation thesis for the university about Teenage Wildlife.

jumptheysay: You guys are just great.

Tristan: Well, Adam, number 14 fits me today. 2 hours into coffee shop and I'm...

GFried: Wow. This is the best thread ever. Cheers to wlovedb, Adam and Power2Charm. They hit the nail on the head. Ok, this thread is being added to my favorite places...

Adam: Now I'm possessed....

22. You've weighed up the Sailor VS Dara factor and you've gone with the later.

23. You read all the posts in "Site Feedback" and find them very interesting.

24. You are convinced Bowienet, Bowiewonderland and Bassman got all their ideas from Evan (which they did!).

25. You are secretly pissed off with the Limerick threads, because you don't have the talent to contribute.

26. When more than 10 users are online, you get excited. It's the closest thing you get to attending a real party these days.

27. You used to fantasise about seeing Bowie in concert. Now you fantasise about sitting in Evan's office and pressing the "upload" button.

28. The climax of Buckley's "Strange Fascination" is seeing Dara's name in print in the final chapter.

29. You wish you were as well read as Einar.

30. You wish you had as many posts as BowiefanPeter.

31. You wish you were as knowledgable as Dara.

32. You wish you had SonofSilences icon.

33. You wish you were as funny as Monkeyboy.

34. And you wish wlovedb actually had those TW bikinis.

fiGgU_: ...lovely topic WLove ;))))

Adam: Someone stop me....

35. When you listen to the song "Teenage Wildlife" you can only think of one thing.

36. If TW was on your local intranet, you wouldn't need to pay ANY internet bills.

37. The phrase "What's Your Favourite Album Cover?" will evoke suicidal tendancies.

38. You're glad Platinum and Fat Bastard are around to do the dirty work for you.

39. You are convinced it is all for some greater purpose, but what exactly, you haven't worked out yet.

welovedb: "Someone stop me...."

LMAO- Don't stop!! Don't stop!! Don't stop!!
(oh my god, and I have a test tomorrow morning!!)
Adam, you're the best! ;)

welovedb: ...40. You wish you had Adam's boss. ;)

Andyst: You fully intend to vote for Monkeyboy as a write-in for President.

You are also trying to get your friends to do the same.

You refer to the mad bald punk kid with the swastika who likes scaring the old ladies in the mall as "Einar", even though nobody you know could possibly get the joke.

You no longer want Bowie to write his autobiography, but you're eagerly awaiting Dara's.

You have considered dressing up as a sheep to make yourself more attractive to Evan.

When someone likes Alice Falls disappears for a while, it feels like a death in the family. Only worse.

You start inventing Bowie dreams just so you can contribute to that thread.

You used to go to chatrooms with Laby girls and roleplay Jareth, but you got bored of that. Now you roleplay TW characters.

For the three months you were signed up to Bowienet, you felt like you were cheating on everyone. You were actually glad that Sailor was dull as ditchwater and there was nobody who could make your heart race the way Dara, Alice, Adam or other TWers are, so you snuck back here and pretended you were never away.

welovedb: Here are some more! :)

-You post at Site Feedback just to have the chance to say “Evan Torrie replied to my post”.

- When you listen to Teenage Wildlife, the song, you think it is Evan singing.

- The gloriest of the glories is to be mentioned at the TW news, when you contribute. You keep reading it all the time and email the link to all the friends.

- You are always afraid that Einar replies your posts saying “this subject was discussed already. <link here>.”

- You hate it when you loose the begin of a cool thread and reply only when it is not so interesting anymore.

- You have thought about making a site about TW or Evan Torrie ;)

dizthewonderkid: You've been without internet access for three days cause you've been home for Fall Break, and the first thing you do when you arrive back at school is check the Messageboard to see what you've missed, and feel like a horrible, bad TWer cause you've got so much catching up to do....

WildWind: ...you know who the following are:


And unfortunately:

sonofsilence: As soon as youuget out of bed you check to see hoe the posts are doing.

Youu think how you canchangethepicture beside your post to actually say something.

Adam: Good work people. I've had some sleep, now here's some more:

40. You despised Quantril for moving through the rankings and constantly remind yourself "it's the content that matters", however, you secretly wish you had thought of the idea first.

41. You believe Bowie's current value as an artist is determined by the weekly vote at TW.

42. "Life's guilty pleasures" are posts by Platinum and Monkeyboy.

43. Alice Falls reminds you of your mother: she reprimands you when you've been bad.

44. You've mailed Evan a picture of a sheep, the title of the message: "hubba hubba, looking for a hot date?" - and you were serious.

45. You scoff at people who claim to have "Bowie addiction" - they've seen nothing yet.

46. You scroll regularly through your private messages, delighted with all the friends you've made.

47. You remember the name of a regular on the old board, then when the past is mentioned you say "oh yeah that was me, those were the good old days".

48. You look at the cover of "Low" and think "David Bowie File"

49. The programming language you are most familiar with is TW markup.

50. You've been hyponitised by an animated icon.

51. When your favourite threads die, a horrible sinking feeling overwhelms you.

52. You've visited Aleczandah's board more than once, just to laugh at the hate messages. You leave a happier person, because you secretly envied his overnight fame.

53. You know kmcgowin simply as "the professor"

54. You thought you saw him once at monstercocks.com

55. You hate Letterman's Top 10 list but you find this thread quite amusing.

56. You've read Dara's posts backwards for the subliminal meaning.

57. You've considered joining Bowienet just to read the interview with Evan Torrie.

58. You believe Bowienet is actually a consipracy against Evan - he just doesn't know that yet.

59. You feel your name has been written in legend if it appears anywhere above.

60. You laughed when you saw the username "ThinWhiteEvan", then you wished you thought of that idea.

61. You have bookmarked the page http://liber.stanford.edu/~torrie/.

62. The following banner brings tears to your eyes...

[edit by ziggfried: sorry, whatever this banner was, it’s lost.]

And finally....

63. You have irrefutable evidence that Dara IS god:
(Scroll to the bottom of the page, then look for the vote which ended Thu, 02 Apr 1998).

welovedb: Cheers to Adam! This was just fab... let´s not let this thread die! I´ll think on more symptons... :)

Brainfreezy: 4. You see a collection of limericks in the bookstore and automatically think of this place.

65. Even if you've never participated in one of the limerick threads!

66. Somehow you're slightly bothered by the fact that you haven't posted enough to be mentioned by other people in threads like this.

welovedb: 7. You have a site with the logs from all the chats at #DavidBowie.

68. You wish you were popular enough to be wished happy birthday on the guestbook.

69. You don´t lunch to take the time and visit TW while everybody is in the kitchen.

70. You think all the other posts are meaningless compairing to yours, but you reply all of them.

71. You make a search in altavista just to see how many times Teenage Wildlife is mentioned.

72. You hate me because you didn´t have the idea to start this thread. ;)

welovedb: 73. Any mention to "teenage" or "wild" reminds you of TW.

74. When you receive the TW newsletter, you get all happy thinking "Evan Torrie emailed me!"

75. You think that David Bowie wrote Wild is the Wind because of WildWind.

76. The same applies to Sorrow.


78. You wish Dara was your professor instead of that boring old lady.

79. When you see the fellows at the computer lab at university you wonder if they make part of a site so cool as "ours".

WildWind: ...you're upset that you're not as creative as wlovedb or Adam and can't come up with these AWESOME monstrous lists!

...you feel out of control overjoyed because your name finally made it into the list!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tristan: You spend 5 hours of your Monday on teenagewildlife because you were gone over the weekend.

GFried: Along with EVERYTHING everyone else said...

1. You think long and hard to come up with responses to clever posts like this

2. When you "grow up" you want to be Evan

3. You really are angry at the "From the Dome" who obnoxiously registered

4. You REALLY want to be one of the respected ones in TW. You want this more than you want friends

5. You look back in apathy at the days when you had a life. Who cares about a life?

6. You remember which thread of yours got the most reponses and you're very proud of it

7. You wonder what azazel's next thought provoking post will be, and hope you can participate

8. You are angered by those members who registered way after you, but are way ahead of you in rank, no matter how great they are

9. You wonder how bowiefanpeter could possibly write 1000 posts, and you dream about the days when you're a crash course raver

10. You will NEVER name your child Alexander because it reminds you of a certain horrible person you used to know (Aleczandah)

11. You want your picture next to your post because those are the members that stand out and are memorible

12. You want to develop a good reputation at TW, but don't know how. You'll spend hours trying to find a way

13. When you're away from TW, you're ALWAYS thinking about it

14. Certain CD's you listened to while on TW will always remind you of good times. You put them on to feel good, even if they're depressing CD's

15. You get angry for forgetting a clever thread or response you were gonna do.

16. After you read all the new posts, you keep searching for an hour just in case you missed anything

17. You know that your responses are identical to the ones above, but you just HAD to contribute

18. You write a number 18 JUST to make it even

GFried: 19. If you forget something in a post, rather than edit it, you'll just do another post, so you'll "rank higher"

GFried: 20. Gotta keep it even :)

dizthewonderkid: 80. You feel like you're in grade school again, you want to be in the TW in-crowd so bad

81. Begin talking about the Messageboarders and the Chatters to your IRL friends, like they have any idea who they are

82. Keep your browser on TW, even when it's 4 in the morning and there hasn't been anything new for an hour.

83. Immediately think of the Robbie Williams thread when the "Rock DJ" video comes on M2 as you're posting on the "You Know You're Obsessed About TW When..." thread.

84. Pretend to not care about being made an op in #DavidBowie, when in all reality it would make your fucking day.

85. First thing you do when you wake up: check the CP! Yahhhh!!!

sonofsilence: and when you are interested in the argument that happens in the Collectors Corner, then things have gone too far.

welovedb: LOL- great contributions!
I have some more :)

86. You hate when those threads “Life sucks” show up. <ahem>. It’s a pain to try to cheer up someone when you don’t even know what is their problem.

86. If you loose the Esprit Giveaway or the TW bonus prize when you’re at #DavidBowie, you say “congrats, <winner>!! :) ”, but in the bottom you are thinking “I hate you, <winner>, why did you win and I don’t? It is f* unfair!!”.

87. If you are an op at #DavidBowie: You pretend it’s nothing, but you really hate when ChanServ is down.

88. In the future, we'll comment about this thread with nostalgy.

Fridaaaaa: You've cut out Davids face on all his album covers and replaced them with Evans.

You haven't been a Bowie fan for years but you know you will always be a Torrie fan.

You go to Bowie concerts only because you hope to get an autograph of a famous TW'er.

Your boyfriend threw a big party when he found out Evan lived nowhere near you. SIGH :o)

You've signed up to Bnet but are too ashamed to admit it.

You e-mail info@davidbowie.com everytime something fails (so at least a couple of times a day) and conclude the message with "this would never happen on TW, be very ashamed".
After you've hit the sent button you wipe away a small tear and smile because you're so proud of Evan.

You've named your cat sheep.

welovedb: Here are a few more!

You're obsessed about Teenage Wildlife when...

- You have special admiration to everyone who replies your posts. And you always read their profiles.

- You feel like shit if you didn’t contribute to azazel’s “Art Gallary” post.

- If you reply to one’s post at Site Feedback you feel as if you were the webmaster.

- When you learn how to use mark up, you just *have* to smile , or write in red etc. in all your posts.

- You have never looked at your Easter Eggs innocently again.

bowiefanpeter: You click onto every website that is offered on the pages (when it's on the blue font link writting) when your not even sure if you care.......but you never go to the websites that just have the address written out....who's gonna actually type it out?

WildWind: ...but this just happened to me, and I think it's a sure sign of addiction:

I was listening to "Strangers When We Meet" and at the appropriate line, the first thing I thought of was Trendy Rechauffe's trains...

Deckard: I'm late on answering this one too. I was gone for the weekend (computerless, argh!). Here are mine:

-- your senior resident yels at you for being on CP rather than checking on patients (happened to me)
-- you are proud when FruJu says he remembers you
-- you know who ran for councillor in Brazil, and you live in Canada!
-- you make jokes to (clueless) friends about wishing you could have a "tall glass of FruJu"
-- you eat dinner at the computer so that you don't miss the live drawing
-- you met the love of your life on TW (happened to me, too!)
-- you wonder where people get time to make so many posts and then spend two hours surfing CP
-- you start using the phrase "Slan libh"

StardustSpider: I've got a few-

... your friends who stubbornly resist your attempts to convert them to db know what TW stands for.

... people who stalk you online check the "Who's Online" page at TW to see if you're really on and just ignoring them.

... you consider frequent posters "old friends" even though you've never met or chatted with them.

... you reply to this thread just to say you did when everyone remembers it years from now. ^^

Okay- that was bad. I've been away too long! *wails*

Tee hee. Carry on.

JadeLizard: actually, sometimes i find myself composing a thread in my spare time just to get it right.

Ziggi: ...when you use the word "post" instead of "conversation". Example, "I was having a post with someone the other day..."

(The guilty parties know who they are.....)

fiGgU_: ...when you start using links to old threads.

white rabbit: I thought of a few over the weekend and just had to add them.

... when your computer is in the shop so you print off a few threads from work to take home and read so at least you can pretend to be online.

... when your favorite posters aren't online and you wonder what they're up to.

... when people who've read your posts probably know you better than most people in "real life".

... when your co-worker asks "What's the latest at TW?" as if it's a soap opera.

... when you type [ smile ] automatically in your regular email program to make smileys instead of :-)

... when your boss teaches you how to create a simple web page and you blurt out "I know how to do this from making smileys at TW!!" Ooops! **Claps hand over mouth**

twister: - When you visit BowieNet, and you read every post poisonoboyfriend and power2charm have ever posted before it crossed your mind to do a search for sailor's posts, and then you get bored or reading sailor's posts after the first two or three and check to see if poisonboyfriend or power2charm posted again while you were wasting your time with sailor.

PHOENIX: When you're at a tellecommunications shop to change your mobile account, they have an internet demonstration, and you race over to log on to TW, even if you've only been offline for half an hour!

*You give serious thought to printing your favourite threads and making a little file of them to read and reread on rainy Sunday afternoons.

*Your partner tells you about their day at work, and you tell them about your day at TW's Conversation Piece!

*You wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea for a new thread, and spend the next 15 minutes finding a pad and pen and writing it down.

*The flashy mail icon gives you a huge buzz

*You log on in the morning and there have been heaps of replies to one of your threads, so you feel like a seven year old on Christmas morning.

*A TW get-together becomes one of your all time greatest dreams/things you want to do in life

*You start to wish all of your friends would just quit calling and coming over and just log on to TW because that would be better

*You impose strict time restrictions on yourself to help combat the addiction, and proceed to break them immediately because a good thread is going

*You get excited about TWers birthdays

*As soon as you get home you throw the keys to one side, the shopping to the other, neglect to lock the car, don't go take a pee even though you're busting too, and log on to TW instead because it's been nearly 8 hours man!!!!

white rabbit: I think you just described *me* PHOENIX!! Thanks for the good laugh! I've thought of a couple new ones since I posted those others ...

... when you don't want to enroll in grad school because it will seriously cut down on all the quality time spent on TW.

... when you start thinking about planning vacations based around where other TWers live.

Edit: Thought of others since last night ...

... when your friends and family start sending you angry emails complaining that they have been trying to call you but the line is always busy!!

... when your TW friends know more about what's going on with you than your "in person" friends.

Remade/Remodeled: - When you felt ecstatic the first time you were mentioned on the "Favourite TW'ers" thread and that euphoria kept coming back with each additional nomination, esp. when that person was ZiggysUnderpants. *sigh*
- When school/workmates stop asking if TW is a porn site
- When you envision Dara as a bearded swami sitiing on top of some mountain in the Himylayas, meditating and waiting for the next intrepid sophist to ask him a question
- When you hesitate to see a movie/buy an album because several of your favourite TW'ers has slagged it off
- When you start checking your profile, hoping for a bozo (better to be hatefully remembered than forgotten!)

Kristin Machina: ..when you're a little sad to leave your apartment not just because you've made it your home for 3 years...not because it means a phase of your life is coming to a close...but because you're wondering how much time you're really going to get in TW on your brother's computer.

PHOENIX: I forgot a few symptoms:

*When the site is running so slow it takes literally minutes for pages to load but you keep plugging on instead of waiting until later.

*When the site goes down and you feel like your life is in crisis

Tati_wl: Phoenyx, you were just *perfect*! Let me add one, that recently happened with me..

*you postponed your graduation on the university for more 6 months so you´ll have enough time to write a thesis *and* visit TW all the time.

*you recognize all these symptons and stay glad you are obsessed.

karmalady: You spend 5 hours of your Monday on teenagewildlife because you were gone over the weekend.

.....it's twice if english is not your language !!!

Anonymous: Is it me…...or has this site not updated for more month? Is Evan OK?

beckie: When something happens in your life and you think, "I wonder what everyone at TW would have to say about this!" and you tell all about it.

*is guilty of such*

kremlin_mistress: *When, after you tease your mother about her adulterous cyber-love affair with about three different mysterious "Michael's," she stutters and musters the oh-so witty nickname for you, "Oh shut up you..well, you...BOWIE-BREATH!! *insane cackle*"

*When after you post something controversial, you stay online and twiddle your thumbs til someone responds, so that you don't have to endure the agony of logging off and wondering if everyone is shitting is on what you said.

Leshka: When you join the Members-Only Contest just to get a chance to use Dara's sig for two weeks!


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When you join the Members-Only Contest just to get a chance to use Dara's sig for two weeks!

Holy shit, I better enter that myself.

(cracked actor)
03/04/11 04:41 PM
Re: You are obsessed with TW when… (10/00-07/01) new [re: ziggfried] Reply to this post

Ah...how weird to read.....

Anyone seen Tati or Ros around lately?

"Ah his fingernails, I see they're broken, his ships they're all on fire..." - Leonard Cohen

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