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(crash course raver)
09/04/01 09:24 PM
Re: Hey! new [re: Kristin Machina]  

im so there!!! yes, i would love to do some illustrations, cause i finally got a scanner!!!! how would you like the pics to look, i mostly deal with abstract...so this could be a challenge...hmmm...maybe i dont want to help

starbuck (thinking)

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(cracked actor)
09/05/01 09:05 AM
Chapter 16 new [re: twister]  


Sarah awoke. It was the next morning. She had a terrible throbbing pain in her head, and that was all she could focus on. She rubbed at her eyes absently, and wished she was capable of thought. Then, after some minutes, many thoughts came flooding back all, more or less, at once. The house had been a hive of activity last she'd been awake, and now it seemed somewhat deserted. She was naked, which was not the way she usually slept. Her dad and step-mum would probably be home soon, and her breasts felt sticky. She also had the horribly uneasy sensation that someone she wasn't entirely sure she had liked had been allowed to come inside her.

Her cheeks felt sticky with last night's tears, and her vomit still rested on her breasts. In fact, she was starting to wonder if this fiction would ever retreat back to it's laugh-out-loud beginnings.

She got up, and headed for the shower, determined not to dwell on what she was rapidly remembering of last night's events. She scraped the excess vomit from herself, and flushed it down the toilet. The sight of day old vomit swirling down the toilet was enough to make her feel she may vomit yet again, so she quickly slammed the lid down, and focussed her attentions elsewhere. She then got in the shower, let the water splash against her breasts, and tried to scrub the stains away, still trying to force her mind into not thinking about the event causing those stains in the first place. For the first time, in as long as she could remember, she was in the shower without feeling paranoid. Possibly whatever force had made her feel this way wasn't currently present, or, possibly she now had so many other things to worry about the paranoia seemed insignificant enough to notice. Once her breasts were cleaned, she permitted herself to break down and cry.


I hope that I can say the things I wish I'd said.

(cracked actor)
09/05/01 11:37 AM
Chapter 17 new [re: twister]  


Brian awoke. He lit a cigarette, and started smoking. Some would point out that smoking takes years off your life, but the sensible folks would quite rightly point out that these years are taken from the end of your life, and those years tend to be spent impotent, wrinkley and sleeping in your own urine, so a few years early death doesn't seem such a big tragedy. It had been a good night for Brian. It had been a terrible experience for some other people, but Brian had had a good time, and that was all that mattered to him. If the event had led Sarah to a suicide shortly after, Brian would have only been thankful that he had gotten to her beforehand. Sex with an unconscious girl was one thing, sex with a corpse just seemed a little off, to Brian. Brian suddenly became aware of freaky-haired tight-wearing freak standing by the bed.

"Who the fuck are you?" was Brian's, predictably idiotic, but perfectly warranted, opening question.

Jareth sighed. "And he's such a vulgar man", he noted, seemingly to himself: "really most undeserving of such a girl".

"I don't know how the fuck you got in here, or what the fuck you want, but if you don't ge--" Brian's voice trailed off mid-sentence. He noticed Jareth's ample penis being accentuated by his tighter-than-tight tights.

Jareth wasn't entirely sure why Brian had stopped talking. He assumed maybe he was only capable of so many syllables per sentence, and had reached his limit. It had never occurred to him that wearing tights rendering decency impossible might be considered a tad odd by, well, everyone. Jareth stared intently into Brian's eyes.

"There was a girl".

"What, are you the bitch's dad or something?" Brian asked nonchalantly. It wouldn't have been the first time.

At first Jareth was almost offended, but he couldn't deny the close-to three thousand year age gap, so he let it slide.

"No, I'm the goblin king".

There are certain sentences that no matter how sincerely you say them, they will sound entirely sarcastic.

"I see". Brian felt more on home territory now. He smiled. "And you thought you'd sort me out for breaking in your precious baby?" he mocked.

"Something like that", Jareth replied, with sardonic-smile of the century.

"Yeah, well", Brian stood to his feet, "wel--"

Brian interrupted himself, to swing a fist full force into Jareth's stomach, sending him reeling across the room. As brian made to approach something burst from seemingly nowhere, a ball of fur, and claws, and teeth, and the brightest red eyes, lunging for Brian's throat. Brian backed calmly away from the vicious creature, only able to stay calm by being too stupid to have the imagination of what would happen if it caught him. A second creature dived to his leg, and was chewing and scratching away. A third sniggered at Brian's misfortune as he swiped at the second. A fourth landed directly on his head, and was trying to scratch Brian's eyes out. Next thing he new, there was a swarm of them, covering his body from head to foot, scratching and biting and ripping and tearing. One crawled through his trouser's fly, and chewed at the head of his penis until it dripped blood, and thensome.

Jareth stood, and walked towards Brian. "Stop!" he commanded, and the creatures obediently leaped from Brian's body and stood to attention to one side. Brian would have noted there were at least thirty, if he wasn't too busy worrying about the fact he wasn't entirely sure if his penis was entirely attatched any more.

Jareth eyed Brian head to toe. Chunks of hair had been torn out. His eyes were bloodshot, and one of his eyelids had been completely severed. His skin and clothes were all badly torn, and he was losing blood through gashes in seemingly every part of his body.

Brian turned, and ran for the door, but as Jareth clicked his fingers half a dozen of the creatures all dove to the door, their claws sticking into the wood, bearing their teeth at Brian like angry wombats.

"I assure you, if you try to go through that door they will kill you".

Brian turned back to Jareth.

"Wh- what are they?"

"They're vicious little bastards, that's what they are".

"I've never seen anything like them", Brian said, in the manner of one trying to work out whether or not he's going to die regardless of what he says and does.

"And they've never seen anything like you, you heartless, ruthless creature", Jareth responded, with absolute truth. They'd never seen a human being before.

"Are they going to kill me?" asked Brian, through terrified tears.

Jareth laughed. "No, of course not". He absently played with a crystal.

Brian breathed a sigh of relief. He was about to speak when Jareth's crystal magically transformed into a deadly, jagged blade. Jareth's eyes glowed with orgasmic joy.

"Couldn't let them all the fun, could I?"

A cold fear gripped Brian's soul, and then, as the jagged blade painfully tore apart his neck, it was all over.


I hope that I can say the things I wish I'd said.

(electric tomato)
09/05/01 12:15 PM
Re: Chapter 17 new [re: twister]  

OK, now how the hell are Brian's parents going to feel when they come up to call their precious son down to his favorite breakfast of pancakes & waffles......
And how will Brian's mother ever get all the blood out of the carpet......

I absolutely love your story, twister!!!
With the exception of Ch. 14, although I understand why it was needed....
You are very talented, twister, and I hope to see your name in print someday!!!

I'll change my signature when I think of something new.....

white rabbit
(crash course raver)
09/05/01 11:12 PM
The list goes on and on ... new [re: twister]  

What's the online version of a page-turner? Well, whatever it is, this is it! I laughed, I cried, I recoiled in horror, and all the other emotions in between. Maybe Jareth isn't so bad after all? Well, we'll see. Don't leave us in suspense for too long.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
09/08/01 01:32 AM
Re: The list goes on and on ... new [re: white rabbit]  

Right on Twister! Beat up the friggen mofo for being so cruel to Sarah! If anyones gonna lay anyone I want it to be Sarah and Jareth.... And be sure to make it funny -- LoL

Pressing our love through the night... Knowing it's right...

(grinning soul)
09/14/01 06:10 PM
Re: The list goes on and on ... new [re: StarGazer73]  

In a various line from Marilyn...
"Don't stop...don't ever stop..."

"Don't you see? I've entered into their world!"
"Oooh...Did you leave breadcrumbs???"

(wild eyed peoploid)
09/14/01 09:41 PM
helpful new [re: twister]  

In reply to:

he justified lying on the grounds that it's okay to lie if sex is involved, which comes on page one of the rule book on how to be a man. if women ever read men's entire rulebook they'd be sickened and never touch a man again.

for the benifit of the female members (and in order to help control the worlds population) i would like to add, for further reference, excerpts from the aforementioned rulebook's dictionary section:

when boys say...
# "your eyes are so beautiful", it means: "i would like to bag you, so i'm giving you a compliment you'll believe".

# "i would really like to get to know you better", it means: "i would like to fuck you more than once".

# "there's noone as beautiful as you", it means: "there's noone i'll have a better chance at getting laid with than you".

# "no, you don't look fat in those pants", it means: "i know i'll get in trouble if i tell you your arse looks pretty chubby".

# "of course - you're right", i means: "shut up - soccer is on".

# "do you think infidelity is wrong?", it means: "would you get mad if i told you, i'd been with someone else?"

# "i'm a bit of a gourmet", it means: "i heat my baked beans before i eat them from the tin".

# "i'm not one or long relationships", it means: "i'll leave right after sex".

# "you're just too good for me", it means: "i'm just too good for you".

# "i dont think love can be expressed through material things", it means: "i'm cheap on gifts, but i make it sound like philosophy".

btw - twister: excellent fanfic.

Vir prudens non contra orage mingit

(mortal with potential)
09/16/01 03:14 PM
HEY! new [re: Orage]  

Hey hey hey! I want jareth to do something to sarah already. if that's not gonna happen, hell, let it be me with jareth! ^.^

twister...this is seriously the best fan fic i have ever read....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::People with tastes turn me on...Mostly people with MY tastes...::

09/25/01 10:59 PM
dear, dear twister, new [re: moonspyke]  

you're great.


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