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(cracked actor)
10/07/02 11:41 PM
David Bowie - A Biography (kept) new  

1947 - 1962

David Robert Jones was born on January 8, 1947 at Stansfield Road, Brixton, London.

For the first eight years of his life he lived in Stansfield Road, until someone dug him out and gave him a place to stay.

It was a poor area. David has spoken of it in interviews, 'I never wanted and never went hungry but I saw people deprived all around, and I wanted them to buy my albums.'

David went to Bromley Technical High School and it was there that he attacked George Underwood with his eye. Bowie described it: 'I was very near to losing sight in both eyes, I was lucky, George nearly lost sight in both ears'

He remained friends with Underwood, because he scared the living bejesus out of David.

One of his earliest moves was to buy a tambourine. A later move saw him buying a triangle and a stick. A GI Joe followed shortly after, then some lego, and finally a saxaphone.

He admired sax player Ronnie Ross, and though he was only 12 years old he found Ross's number in the telephone book and contacted him to arrange private lessons. Ross served 15 years and was let out on probation.

By his mid-teens he was an accomplished player, but his end of term Christmas show was a dismal failure, only attracting 300 fellow students and parents. Compared with his usual later audiences of 10 to 20 thousand it was a catastrophe.

Also at the show performing was Peter Frampton, who was payed a miserly 20p by his parents for making an appearance and doing the dishes later that night.

David and Peter, as far as we can tell, were rather dull boys. David was a keen runner (thanks to George Underwood), but when it came to exams he only got his O-levels in art and woodwork. He probably neglected his work because he was lazy and played too much saxaphone.

'I was under a doctor's care during much of my youth because I was accident prone. There was the time George broke my hand, and then after it healed he broke a thumb on the same hand. Then he ran over me with an automobile breaking both of my legs. To this day I have a large scar on the inner side of my leg. We're still good friends though'

When David was in hospital recovering from another Underwood beating, his brother Terry went completely nuts and was shipped of to the loony bin. David was philosophical about this in interviews, 'He went nuts. They put him in the loony bin'

David's first and only job outside of the entertainment industry was as a commerical artist. They were not too sure about using androgynous freakazoids leaping about in a sea of blood-red glitter to advertise sanitary napkins however, so he was fired.

'I wasn't happy. I don't think I was ever happy. Please kill me'

He was however, playing tenor sax with a group in the evenings. They suggested he use an actual instrument instead, which was a vast improvement. He decided to become a musician...'

2. And the eyes of them were both opened and they knew they were both naked, and Adam said to her, 'Stand back, I don't know how big this is going to get.'

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(cracked actor)
10/08/02 01:21 AM
Re: David Bowie - A Biography new [re: PHOENIX]  


One day in late 1963, David went down to his local barbershop in Bromley to get a haircut, as it was 'get a haircut' day in Bromley.

Waiting in line were four other musicians, Bob Allen, Dick Underwood, Frank Howard and Roger Buck. David joined them and became the Burrowing Ticks. They later changed their name to the Annoying Mosquitos, then the Stinging Sand-flies and finally The King Bees.

David searched for a manager, 'I'd call a record company and say "This is Davey Jones of the King Bees", there would be this laughing on the other end and then they'd hang up'

He was eventually referred to Les Conn, an agent manager and beekeeper who decided to take them on. Conn soon got them a recording contract with Vocalion-Pop, In June 1964 they released their first single 'Liza Jane'.

Blimey, Cool Music Weekly - Abonimable

Super freaky cool hip music monthly - I didn't listen to it

David was now sufficiently close to hitting the big time that he was offered a spot on 'Gadzooks! It's All Happening' in February 1965. He refused to go on however when they demanded he shave his way too long pubic hair.
Decca (Vocalion-Pop) dropped him like a red hot steaming brick. David blamed the The King Bees and joined another band, The Manish Boys. A strange title because none of them came from Manish.

His next single was released through EMI, 'I Pity the Fool' written by Mr T. The song had been bought by Duke-Peacock Record boss Don Robey for a mere $5.00, and overall it made a small profit. 'This single had one of my very first compostions on it as a B-side, "Take My Tip", unfortunately when playing live the audience would take it literally, we never made any money'

David blamed The Manish Boys for "sucking too much to make me rich" and decided to join a Mod band known as Davie Jones and the Upper Third. After several rehersals this was modified to Davie Jones and the Middle Third, then as their talent became obvious, Davie Jones and the Lower Third.

Les Conn lost interest in Davie Jones after an extended period of non-bee related music. His new manager, Ralph Horton, an ex-roadie for the Moody Blues got them gigs at the Marquee alongside The High Numbers (later The Who). 'The Who really wanted a band that would make them look good in comparison'.

The lower third would travel to gigs and live in an old battered ambulance, just like in Ghostbusters, except without the plasma rays and ghost traps.

'We had an ardent following of about 100 Mods, 30 Glips, and a dozen or so Zloops. Those guys really sucked ass by the way'

Ralph Horton, trying desperately to unload The Lower Third onto some other poor bozo, called Kenneth Pitt, who had been involved with Manfred Mann, The Kinks, Judy Garland and a bunch of other people. Horton got him well plastered, introduced him to Jones, and ran for his life.

While in New York, endlessly fantasising about Davy Jones, he met another Davy Jones (of the Monkees) who was well pissed off about all the Davy Jones's about the place these days. He called Davy Jones and told him to cut out all this Davy Jones business and pick a proper name.

2. And the eyes of them were both opened and they knew they were both naked, and Adam said to her, 'Stand back, I don't know how big this is going to get.'

(electric tomato)
10/08/02 01:31 AM
Re: David Bowie - A Biography new [re: PHOENIX]  

Continue, s'il vous plait....

Je ne comprend pas!!

(cracked actor)
10/08/02 03:00 AM
Re: David Bowie - A Biography new [re: PHOENIX]  


David explains his name change - 'My mother had cooked us up some funky tasting mushrooms she found in the back garden. After the meal, as I was sitting on the floor listening to my records, this strange looking bird thing comes flying in the window on a burnt pie and tells me 'From now on you are Bowie, with an O', I tried to listen to what else it had to say, but my bookcase was trying to eat me'

He called Pitt who replied, 'Well, it will have to do. It's better than Davy Jones anyway'

By this time Horton, still his luckless manager, had managed to arrange a contract with David's 138th record company, Pye. On January 14, 1966 they released the aptly titled 'Can't Help Thinking About Me'. By this time David had become very involved in himself.

It took three months to negotiate a management contract with Pitt, who had become wary of Horton's begging and pleading. To make matters worse, The Lower Third, who were sick to death of finding sick and injured people who had been loaded into their ambulance/home/tour bus, broke up. 'They just broke up, man...I hate seeing people cry like that'. They also disbanded.

David Bowie was now going solo. As he had no steady girlfriend at the time.
Bowie's producer at the time was Tony Hatch : 'After the release and dismal failure of Can't Help Thinking About Me, I asked David to think up something cheery and happy, you know, like The Smurf Song or Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'

David brought him a new composition called 'Now You've Met the London Boys', a song about drugs, alcohol and hopeless oblivion. A song belittling the London night life scene. Hatch started keeping an eye out for a new producer.

Bowie released another two singles, Do Anything You Say (B-side, Good Morning Girl) and I Dig Anything (B-side, I'm Not Losing Sleep). 'Do Anything You Say' pleased Hatch, especially the title, but nevertheless after the failure of these latest offerings he escaped to Argentina. Some quotes from musical publications of the day shed light on the state of Bowie's career.

Jiggly Wiggly Groovy Music News 'Bowie who?'

English Lawn and Gardening 'If only he would release some rose bush related songs, two thumbs down'

David appeared dancing in an ice-cream advertisement for Lyons Ice Cream's new product called Luv.

Ice Cream Enthusiast Weekly - What happened to the little Danish girl with rosy cheeks? This guy isn't cute, he's frightening

Against all expectations however, Denny Cordell's new label "Deram" signed David up for an album. On the priviso that he include at lease one song about gnomes, and one song singing in a funny sqeaky high pitched voice.

His debut with Deram, produced by a nervous Mike Vernon, was titled 'Rubber Band' and had nothing whatsoever to do with condoms. On the b-side was 'London Boys', just to depress everyone.

David spent the last two months of the year working on his first album. The recording was rushed, because they wanted Bowie to release more material while he was still 'luke-warm' or 'tepid'.

'If this album fails', he is quoted as saying, 'then I blame Cordell and Vernon'

2. And the eyes of them were both opened and they knew they were both naked, and Adam said to her, 'Stand back, I don't know how big this is going to get.'

(cracked actor)
10/08/02 04:39 AM
Re: David Bowie - A Biography new [re: PHOENIX]  


David Bowie started the year off quietly. He was interested in Tibetan Buddhism, and you rarely see them running around screaming or pinching people's bottoms. He lived in a spare room in Ken Pitt's flat and often visited Chime yongdon Rinpoche to study buddhism (because Ken told him to).

On April 14th he released The Laughing Gnome. Who had been held prisoner in his bedside drawer for the last five months.

That same day he released a single called 'The Laughing Gnome' which infuriated gnomes worldwide for it's steriotypical portrail of gnomes as happy funny creatures. The b-side was 'The Gospel According To Tony Day', a cynical and depressing account of the values and aspirations of a number of mythical friends. Any party atmosphere fostered by side A, was quickly dampened to near suicidal depression by side B.

In May David recieved his advance money for the Deram album, and spent it all on a bag of chips and second hand rollerskates.

In June it finally came out. He visited a doctor who was quick to push it back in and give him an ointment.

Also in June, his first debut album, 'Love You Till Tuesday' hit the record stores. Mike Vernon, the producer, described David as 'One of the brightest talents I have ever recorded' in between fits of giggling. He was never seen again.

The album was not well recieved. It soon appeared in the bargain bins, then the gutters, the sewers, and finally the Earth's core.

Hot on the heals of his debut came the single 'Love You Till Tuesday' (Tuesday being the day most producers and managers finally got to hear David in the studio). It debuted in the charts at Number : OUT and quickly tumbled from there. It mattered little to David, who had scored a neat pair of skates for his trouble.

Ken Pitt and David decided it was time to branch into films, while the iron was still room temperature. In September he began work on his first film, an arty type one, called 'The Image'. It was about an artist and a boy who get up to all sorts of funny mischief, whereby the artist stabs the boy repeatedly and has a nervous breakdown. It was less successful than had been hoped for initially. Still, David scored 30 pounds and a straw hat.

Then came a chance meeting that wasn't really going to change the course of David's life all that much, but maybe it did, nobody is quite sure.

Lindsey Kemp was one of the only people to buy David's debut album. (He actually pinched it, but this was close enough for David). Kemp - "I thought it was Cat Stevens, I must of grabbed the wrong one by mistake, I cursed all the way home"

Flattered apon hearing that someone actually had one of his albums, David payed Kemp a visit. He became David's teacher in mime and other mimey arty things. Kemp once studied under Marcel Marceau, but the weight became too much and he decided to study under a blanket.

David - 'He did all these fantastic arty things, he would wave his hands about and jump up and down, he would put one leg in the air and make popping noises while holding a flower, it was just so....so arty'

David appeared as a mime for the first time with Kemp in 'Pierrot In Turquoise' at the Oxford New Theatre on December 28th, 1967, just making it into this chapter. 'It was my view at the time that mime was much more profitable and lucrative than music or business, mime was the way of the future, everybody loves mime.'

2. And the eyes of them were both opened and they knew they were both naked, and Adam said to her, 'Stand back, I don't know how big this is going to get.'

(cracked actor)
10/08/02 07:27 AM
Re: David Bowie - A Biography new [re: PHOENIX]  


David started '68 with lots and lots of mime. He mimed on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of January at Rose Hill. He may have mimed at other times in between. He most certainly mimed after. He mimed for breakfast, he mimed for tea, he mimed on a bus, he mimed with guys called Gus, he mimed right up the hill, he mimed on Pitt's window sill.

Then he fell in love, while miming. Her name was Hermoine Farthingale, and she must have been one hell of a mime fan.

They appeared together in a BBC2 TV costume drama called 'The Pistol Shot', dancing a minuet. They moved in to moderately sized tea chest with an overgrown garden. Then it was back to miming. Lots and lots of miming.

He appeared at the Mercury Theatre in March, and mimed his little heart out. Never before in the field of human miming has so much mime been done by one mime.

He came up with a wacky idea, why not support Marc Bolan with 20 minutes of mime? On June the 3rd he found out the reasons why not, and barely escaped with his life.

David's mother - 'He was obsessed with mime, he was no longer a man, he had become completely mime, he no longer ate or slept, just mime. Mime all the time. All the time mime.'

Things were going downhill. He formed a mime troupe of his own with other mime addicts. If that wasn't bad enough, he called it Feathers. He forced Hermoine into it, along with bass player John Hutchinson.

To feed his mime habit, David would often frequent The Arts Lab in Drury Lane. The lab featured experimental music, drama, films, had an art gallery, and most important to David, a steady supply of precious mime.

Feathers never became the world famous, earth changing force to be reckoned with David hoped for, but he sure liked The Arts Lab. Much to the concern of the police, Arts Labs had been popping up all across the country, pushing mime on unsuspecting schoolchildren. David had decided to start one of his own.

Ken Pitt had an idea for a documentary, "Death by Mime". He grabbed a copy of 'Love You Till Tuesday' out of the trash and actually invested 7000 pounds in the project. It would consist of David and Feathers miming to songs from the album. He also persuaded David to write some new material for it.

David stopped miming long enough to watch 2001 : A Space Odyssey. The same afternoon he wrote Space Oddity. A song about a man so far gone on mime that he loses contact with all around him. A song that would surely hit a nerve among all the mimes out there.

Pitt recognized that David had actually written a good song, he put the film together, and called it 'Love You Till Tuesday' to cloud the whole mime issue.

BBC TV Weekly - Left a bitter arty aftertaste.

David kept on miming furiously, he did the Country Club in Hampstead on November 17th with Feathers. The last straw for Hermoine came on December 6th when David overdosed on mime. She left him, scarred for life by the darker side of human existence.

David moved back in with Ken Pitt. But he still eyes opening up one of those Arts Labs in Bromley. He was still hooked on mime.

2. And the eyes of them were both opened and they knew they were both naked, and Adam said to her, 'Stand back, I don't know how big this is going to get.'

10/08/02 11:08 AM
Two Thumbs Up new [re: PHOENIX]  

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

(electric tomato)
10/08/02 05:18 PM
Re: David Bowie - A Biography new [re: PHOENIX]  


screw you, I'm going to the duck pond.

(electric tomato)
10/09/02 00:04 AM
Re: David Bowie - A Biography [re: schizophrenic]  

It is getting just a tad bit depressing.

Je ne comprend pas!!

(cracked actor)
10/09/02 01:14 AM
Re: David Bowie - A Biography [re: PHOENIX]  


The Beckenham Arts Lab, despite its rather grand name, was in reality a spare stall in the Three Tuns pub toilet in High Street, started by David to 'promote the ideals and creative processes of the underground, and do wee-wees'

He was battling hard to kick mime. Obviously not learning from previous lessons he took his one man mime act on the road again with Marc Bolan in February. They were developing a close friendship, Marc treating David's cuts and bruises which were inflicted apon him by angry mime-tormented Bolan fans.

He played The Free Trade Hall, Manchester on February 22nd; Colston Hall, Bristol on February 23rd; Liverpool Philharmonic on March 1st and The Brighton Dome on March 8th. Someone asked if he could play the piano also, but David declined, preferring to play concert venues.

Then he met Mary Angela Barnett, girlfriend of a talent scout for Mercury Records. She told him she liked his stuff, and David got a bit carried away, as one does when a girl tells a boy she likes his stuff.

She told her boyfriend that if he didn't sign David she would leave him. They guy signed David to Mercury Records. Then she left him anyway for David. Ouch.

The day David signed with Mercury was the very day he re-recorded Space Oddity. Ken Pitt tells the story:

'We were all a bit bamboozled that David had actually written a good song. My plan was to have him keep re-recording this song again and again, so he couldn't go wrong. It sure was better than recording mime anyway'

David was lucky in that producer Gus Dudgeon and arranger Paul Buckmaster had wondered into the studio by mistake, looking for Elton John. Before they knew what had hit them they had recorded on of the hit songs of 1969.

Space Oddity recieved much airplay due to the fact that the Apollo missions were in full swing. NASA would often play the song to the astronauts just the frighten the hell out of them. It nearly made number 1, until it discovered that it was just gas from the burrito it ate the night before.

An interview by the International Times captures the mood of the moment :

IT - So David, what is the song all about?

Bowie - It's about a guy trapped in outer space, didn't you listen to it?

IT - If the song reaches number 1, will you still continue with your Arts Lab project?

Bowie - Shit No! I'll be too busy snorting lines of cocaine off prostitutes bottoms, driving fancy cars and swimming in my pool of money

IT - So fame would change your outlook on life?

Bowie - Well Mary, people keep suspecting it's all about the music, they couldn't be more wrong. It's all about money and living a decadent lifestyle

It was a tough time for David. Despite winning music festivals in Malta and Italy by performing Space Oddity ('Perhaps he should re-record it', Pitt noted), his father died. Although it is inconclusive that winning music festivals save lives.

David threw himself into his work, which gave him a broken nose and dislocated shoulder. Putting that aside, he completed work on a new album, to be titled "David Bowie is Shit Hot'. The title was later shortened to 'David Bowie'.

Pitt put David out on the road, David wondered back in, Pitt put him out again and told him to join up with Peter Frampton's new band Humble Pie, 'Maybe some mime will cheer you up' he said.

Much to everyone's surprise David had finally kicked mime. He walked out on stage with his acoustic guitar and performed some folk, in front of hundreds of angry skinheads.

When he got out of hospital he was still undaunted. From October 8th to 26th he toured with Humble Pie, dodging bottles and lit cigarettes. Then things started to change, the odd pair of panties would fly at the stage. Followed soon after by the even pair.

By November David and Angela had moved in together. Then they moved out, moved in, moved out, in, out, and it was all done with. They also found a nice place to stay, Haddon Hall, near the Arts Lab in Beckinham.

On November 14th Phillips released the album 'David Bowie' which had been locked up for six weeks due to drunk and disorderly conduct.Tony Visconti produced all the tracks besides the Space Oddity one, despite what he tries to tell everyone. It was promoted with 'An Evening With David Bowie' held at the Purcell Room on the South Bank of London on November 20th. The night proved upsetting to David, something had gone wrong with his relationship with Ken Pitt, they argued often, Ken calling him 'asshole' and David responding in mime. David recalls the chain of events :

'I thought to myself, I don't need this jerk. So I organised the concert by myself. I booked the hall, brought the equipment, arranged the backing, lighting, catering, the lot. Unfortunately I forgot to tell anyone about it, so no-one turned up. It was the best damn show I ever did too.'

If that wasn't bad enough the critics just didn't seem interested in his album, the public didn't seem interested despite his chart-topping single, even David himself frequently forgot about it. He became depressed. So much so that he would slump in his chair with incorrect posture.

Late in the year he sent a letter to Angie, who was seeing her parents in Cyprus.

"Dear Angie, lets get married, I mean, it's not like I got anything better to do, I suppose you are ok, does it matter if I sleep with other girls? I'm tired. Lots of love - David"

2. And the eyes of them were both opened and they knew they were both naked, and Adam said to her, 'Stand back, I don't know how big this is going to get.'

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