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(thunder ocean)
06/14/04 06:09 AM
Re: TH new [re: anotherpoet]  

That then is your greatest failure. You have no reason to develop and evolve.

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(grinning soul)
06/14/04 06:46 AM
Re: TH new [re: Sysiyo]  

If I was still at school, a critique might, indeed, be helpful, but I'm not, and I'm self-assured about my writing. Works of art aren't the product of asking people where you're going wrong. Those are works of entertainment, tailored to suit an audience, prior to an individual.

(crash course raver)
06/14/04 01:41 PM
Re: TH new [re: anotherpoet]  

Tell us more about your revolution, poet. What's it called? Can a fellow artist join in?

"The time is sublime and the moon is so right"

(mortal with potential)
06/14/04 01:42 PM
You asked for it new [re: anotherpoet]  


(grinning soul)
06/14/04 01:58 PM
Re: TH new [re: Cucumber]  

Everyone is welcome. I'd prefer to go into depth when the time is right, later this year. It's an artistic revolution, carrying a priority to address assorted injustice characterising how artistry is conveyed. That's, more or less, all I can say at this juncture.

(electric tomato)
06/14/04 02:05 PM
Re: TH new [re: anotherpoet]  

In reply to:

I'm not whining. I'm relaxed enough, making observations. It's impossible to improve upon my poetry, given I'm satisfied with it.

Please please please stop trying to sound all smart and scholarly. It's killing me...it just makes you sound stupider and stupider. If you want to "fit in" in these forums or whatever the hell you're trying to do, I suggest loosening your ass. People really like to associate with others that will show emotions and laugh with them and generally jump into the crowd to have fun. However, you're trying to be all untouchable so...if your goal is to try and make friends here, that's not exactly the best method.

BEEF! It's what's for dinner!
This summer the Transylvanians take Manhattan

(grinning soul)
06/14/04 02:13 PM
Re: TH new [re: ThomasJNewton6]  

You seem to be confusing sincerity with pretension. I disagree with your theory, as you can never have a face in a crowd. I'm looking to make connections with likeminded people. If I change the manner in which I write as you suggest, such a connection would be void.

Johnny Keats
(absolute beginner )
06/14/04 02:20 PM
HACK new [re: anotherpoet]  

Why d'you use eleven syllables per line?
Is that the only way you can make it rhyme?

You tink anyone 'ere gives a feck about your mother-revvo-fuking-lution?

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever

(grinning soul)
06/14/04 02:22 PM
Re: HACK new [re: Johnny Keats]  

You, obviously, care somewhat, seeing as you're replying to this thread.

(mortal with potential)
06/14/04 02:26 PM
Sysiyo, PLEASE LOCK THIS THREAD! [re: anotherpoet]  


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