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(cracked actor)
09/28/04 01:49 AM
Round Robin - TW Halloween (kept) new  

*Do Round Robins usually go in the Artiste Forum? I can't quite remember. I suppose it's safest to post it here. Anyway, I doubt this will work because TW has been so dead lately, but I'ma gonna try!!

JarethsGirl rolled out of bed, her head spinning from the crazy antics of the night before. "What a party," she mumbled as she gazed out her window at the leaves, which were turning lovely shades of red and orange. She shook the lump under the covers, and a frenchman with an accordian scurried out and stumbled down the fire escape. JG shuffled to the Mr. Coffee machine in her Ludo-hair slippers, trying to recall the nights events. She puzzled away as the coffee gurgled and spurted and steamed. All she could remember was making out with some guy from an Air Supply cover band and playing Twister with the cast of last season's Surreal Life. Then like a ton of bricks, it hit her. The image of a man in a seafoam leisure suit with a handlebar mustache and funny eyes.. handing her a card of some sort. She hadn't bothered to look at it because the man hadn't spoke a word. He had simply handed her the card, then with a twitch of his stache he was off into the night. "Where did I put that thing?" she wondered.

JG began tearing through her dirty laundry, looking for that pair of iridescent green spandex pants she had worn the night before. Then she noticed a glimmer in the corner of her eye. She pulled them down from the ceiling fan and dug her hand in the back pocket... There she found the card.

It read.. "For a spooktacular evening, join me on All Hallow's Eve at the mansion at the top of the hill." It pictured a little green cartoon dracula.. hand drawn.. "What mansion? What hill? What the hell?" she murmured. "Who WAS that guy? And why did he invite ME?" JG looked back at the card, and scribbled at the bottom was, "P.S. Bring as many friends as you'd like."

JarethsGirl wondered if she should go. The circumstances seemed a little odd. But that's how she lived her life, why stop now? She declared, "I am GOING to that party! ....I'm just not going to drink the punch.... HEY! Wait a minute! Why go it alone? ..I could invite all of TW to join!!"

She picked up her phone and dialed the first TWer that came to her mind...


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(thunder ocean)
09/28/04 03:11 AM
Re: Round Robin - TW Halloween new [re: JarethsGirl]  

[Ooo, another round robin, and a halloween one at that!]

A phone rang in a darkened room. Well, it didn't so much ring as let out beeps that were supposed to sound like Bowie's Ashes To Ashes. Sysiyo, awakened by the sound, put his out from between the bedsheets and reached for the phone.

"It's fucking middle of the night over here", he said in the way of a greeting.

"Umm, sorry about that", said a female voice in the other end. "You were just the first TWer whose number came into mind."

"Uh-huh", said Sys sleepily, not a very encouraging sound.

"So, I was invited to this Halloween party, and I thought I'd invite all TWers who wished to come."

"Another TW Halloween party?" asked Sys, now much more interested.

"Yeah. And I kind of thought if you wished to come..."

"Of course I want to come. Where is the party?"

"Well, I'm not quite sure. The invitatioon said it's in a mansion at the top of the hill... but there isn't any mantion at the top of the hill herearound. And I'm quite sure he meant around here."

"Hmm. From previous experience I'd say that we'll find out before long. Where did you say you lived again?"


"OK, I'll see if I can make it, it is a bit far away..."

"OK, I'll see you there. Bye!"


Sys terminated the call, and sat by his bedside. Another TW party at Halloween. He remembered the last time there had been such a party. He and a few other TWers had summoned the Yaoi god who turned out to be Brian Eno, and Eno had chosen him to be his lover.

It's a shame I don't have Brian's airship, it would have taken me to Pittsburgh easily. Oh well, I'll have to think of another way to get over there. But more importantly, what shall I wear?

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(cracked actor)
09/28/04 05:43 PM
EEEEEEE! new [re: Sysiyo]  

The next call was placed to schizophrenic, who had just finished blowing up his math teacher's house.

JarethsGirl: Hey, schizo. There's a TW halloween party going down in Pittsburgh. Wanna come?

Schizo: Hmmm. Another night of strange rituals, meaningless sex and almost-certain danger? Hell yeah!

JarethsGirl: Great! It'll be at a mansion at the top of a hill. You'll have to try and find it yourself.

Schizo: That's fine. One problem though: I have to bring my lawyer.

JarethsGirl: ...why?

Schizo: Long story. All you need to know is that the government is on my ass 'cause they wanted a "traditional" Santa Claus. Anyways, he'll be around to keep me from doing anything too stupid.

JarethsGirl: That sucks.

Schizo: Kind of. But don't worry, he's pretty cool. Like, have you ever read "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas"?

JarethsGirl: Uh...

Schizo: Never mind. See you later!

And with that, he hastily hung up. He then punched another number into his cell phone.

Schizo: Hello, Omar? Pack your bags. We're going on a road trip...


(leasing the moon)
09/28/04 06:56 PM
Are you pondering what I'm pondering? new [re: JarethsGirl]  

It was a dark and stormy.. afternoon, and Sugar was planning to take over the world. No, wait, that's another story.

In fact Sugar was sleeping under her bed in a nest of blankets. She had decided to have an early start for hibernation this year.

But alas, her plans for six months of peaceful drooling on her pillow were dissolved by the phone ringing. Well, that's the curse of the cellphone age - you never remember to turn the damn thing off.

Sugar was usually fairly bloodthirsty when woken up by the phone, but her eyes stopped glowing red when she realized it was Sysiyo calling.

"There's a what? A TW Halloween party?"

More I cannot tell, because at this point Sugar slipped to fangirly netspeak and it's impossible to decipher all the OMGsqueew00tness.

Luckily Sys had grown accustomed to this, and soon they had decided to meet up at the airport. No one seemed to know where this party was, but they decided to think about that when they got there. Wherever it was. How many mansions could there be in America?

I like to pay attention to the men behind the curtain.

(cracked actor)
09/29/04 03:29 AM
antici............. new [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

JarethsGirl was raiding her closet for costume ideas. She had taken a break from calling TWers.. even though she had only called two.. and was on a mission. "These are TWers we're talkin' about," she thought, "word of this mysterious party should spread like wildfire!"

Suddenly the phone rang. JG ran to the ring tone version of Billy Squier's "The Stroke."
JG: (cheerily) Talk to me.
JG: Helloooo? Anyone there?
*heavy breathing*
JG: Dukewhite, is that you? I told you not to call here anymore. Didn't the restraining order get the point across that..
*interrupting* Hello JarethsGirl...
JG: Uh, hello... who is this?
*voice* We met the other night.
JG: Ohhh, hi Pierre! Why didn't you stick around, you ran out without even saying goodbye! And you left your beret.
*voice* No.. the OTHER person you met the other night.
JG: .........Ron Jeremy?
*voice* ::sigh:: I'm the guy with the mustache.
JG: ...............Chuck Norris?
*voice* NO, you fool! The one in the teal leisure suit!!!
JG: Ooooooohhhh.... actually I'd say it was more of a seafoam, wouldn't you? It was much more pastel than..
*interrupting* THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT! ..I have something very important to tell you that I failed to mention on the invitation.
JG: Alright, let's hear it.
JG: You're breaking up! I can't hear you!
*voice* Sorry, I was in a tunnel... Can you hear me now?
JG: Yeah
*voice* ... Can you hear me now?
JG: Let's not do this.
*voice* ::chuckling:: Sorry, that guy really gets my goose.. Anyway, what I was trying to say, and remember this is VERY important, is THAAAT.......

(your turn)

PMs make my pulse quicken.

(stardust savant)
09/29/04 11:41 PM
Re: antici............. new [re: JarethsGirl]  

Seafoam suit guy:...There are three tests you and your friends will have to face before entering the mansion. Those aren't my rules, but that of the house. Yeah, it kinda has a mind of it's own. Plus, the previous owners from 1806 demand it. Not that they're still alive or anything! In fact, they're quite corpsy...oh dear, I've said too much. *click*

*after putting down the phone*

JarethsGirl: What the hell? What a crazy bastard. Although I do like a guy with a nice handlebar mustache. I know! I'll call Elvenlass, she knows what to do in these situations!

*ring ring ring ring*

Elvenlass: Stop calling me!!!

JarethsGirl: Uh, elvenlass, this is Jarethsgirl.

Elvenlass: Oh! Sorry, I thought you were Schizo's math teacher. He kept calling me telling me to bring a hose and spray his house down 'cause it was on fire. That perv has been hitting on me since the first day he moved across the street from me.

JarethsGirl: Interesting, but the reason I called was...umm...there's this party...

Elvenlass: You know I don't like parties. Choir boys, the Matrix, and The Wizard of Oz were enough for me last time.

JarethsGirl: I know I know, but this is important. This mansion we're all supposed to be going to has got these three tests upon entrance, and it's kinda freaky sounding. I was wondering if you'd come and lend your expertise.

Elvenlass: I'm a taxidermist.

JarethsGirl: ...

Elvenlass: Yeah I thought so. Is Schizo coming?

JarethsGirl: Yeah! See, Schizo's coming, so you have to come too!

Elvenlass: Yeah, I guess I'll come then. I've got to apologize about his cat.

JarethsGirl: Uh, okay. Bye! Oh and the party is at a mansion at the top of the hill.

Elvenlass: Oh, the hill in Pittsburg! See you there! *click*

JarethsGirl: Wait...you know which hill? *sigh* *click*

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(cracked actor)
09/30/04 03:36 PM
Re: antici............. new [re: elvenlass]  

Just as elvenlass hung up, she got another call.

elvenlass: What?

Schizo: Sorry, am I calling at a bad time?

elvenlass: Oh, hey Schizo! Not at all. Uh, what's going down?

Schizo: Well, I'm going to a TW party, and I was wondering (since you've probably been invited) if you wanted a lift.

elvenlass: Sure! Where are y-

Suddenly, a bright red convertible smashed through the wall of elvenlass' house. Inside it were Schizo, decked out in a Batman costume, and his lawyer, Omar who was either a man in an extremely realistic cow costume or a talking cow dressed as a Wall Street businessman.

Schizo: Hop in!

elvenlass: What about my house?

Schizo: Hey, be grateful it isn't on fire.

elvenlass: You mean like your math teacher? Man, what a jerk he was.

Schizo:...uh...my math teacher was a woman.

elvenlass (long pause): Oh...my...God.

Omar: Will you get in the car already?

elvenlass: Alright, alright. Let me just get my costume...


(crash course raver)
10/01/04 12:06 PM
Re: antici............. [re: schizophrenic]  

Schizo and Elvenlass are in the car, driving down a long, empty road on their way to the fantastic TW Halloween Party OF DOOM! When all of a sudden Schizo spots someone on the horizon.

Schizo: Hey, there's someone there.
Elvenlass: Looks like a hitch hiker.
Schizo: Yeah, it does.
Elvenlass: We should pick them up!!
Schizo: Let's not, I have terrible luck with hitch hikers.
Elvenlass: Well at least slow down so we can see what they look like.

So, Schizo slows down the car, and they get a good look at the hitch hiker.

Schizo: I think I know that person from somewhere....
Elvenlass: Me too, kinda looks like RealThing.
RealThing: That's because it IS me!! Are you guys gonna give me a lift or what?
Schizo: Well, I dunno see....
Elvenlass: Sure, hop in!

Schizo glares at Elvenlass.

RealThing: So, where are we going?
Schizo: Well, I don't know about you, but WE'RE going to a TW costume party....
Elvenlass: You can come with us if you want!
RealThing: Sounds like a good time!

Schizo reluctantly pulls back onto the road and continues to drive towards the mansion.

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(thunder ocean)
10/01/04 12:50 PM
Meanwhile... [re: RealThing]  

Sysiyo and Sugar are at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The former is dressed in the finnish-flag pattern Earthling jacket he got in an X-mas time round robin long ago, and the latter looks like a slightly plump version of dr. Gediman from Alien 4.

Sug: "OK, so, we're here. Now what?"
Sys: "Umm, I dunno. Do you have any money?"
Sug: "No, why?"
Sys: "Because we should pay for our tickets, in all propability. I doubt they'll let us fly to Philadelphia for free."
Sug: "Well, actually... I've got this!"

Sugar puts her hand in her pocket, and retrieves a golden credit-card size object.

Sys: "What's that?"

Sugar gives the card for Sys to see.

Sys: "An American Airlines VIP card for Brad Dourif? How did you get that? Have you been stalking Dourif again?"
Sug (tried to look embarrassed): "Actually, yes."
Sys: "So that's why you dressed up as dr. Gediman!"
Sug: "No, I just like this costume. They would never believe I was Brad anyway. This is going to pose as Brad."

Sugar opens her suitcase and takes out a Brad Dourif -handpuppet.

Sys (buries his face in his hands): "Why...?"

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(stardust savant)
10/01/04 01:48 PM
Re: Meanwhile... [re: Sysiyo]  

Checks my mobile phone, yeah it's on.

If people were banned for not being sensible who would still be here?

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