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08/04/06 12:03 PM
The new verbasizer  


Finally. It was so tricky that I gave up on it for a few months. But now I finally mustered up the patience to work out some bugs. I hope it works.

Oh yeah, there's no way to clear the sentences from it except to hit the browser refresh button and the text boxes are not scrollable except with arrow keys. But otherwise it should work.

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08/12/06 01:59 PM
Re: The new verbasizer new [re: Ville]  


I added it to my Favourites. Thanks!

08/12/06 05:14 PM
Re: The new verbasizer new [re: Ville]  

fun. thanks for the labor involved.


08/13/06 03:40 AM
Re: The new verbasizer new [re: Ville]  

Lovely little flash application :-)

Liest das denn keiner außer mir?

08/13/06 07:37 AM
Re: The new verbasizer new [re: Ville]  

Indeed! thanks very much Ville, just what I've been looking for, now it's in my favs and shall be made good use of

London Bye Ta-Ta...

08/16/06 08:05 AM
Re: The new verbasizer new [re: diamondogz74]  

It's great you guys like it! Thanks!

This is certainly something I can blow my own horn with once I get back to school.

I'll attempt to upgrade it a bit in the near ( or-not-too-near ) future by making the textfields scrollable and maybe making it downloadable.

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