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05/03/07 12:22 PM
I don't normally do this....  

...but C has given me so much and I'd like to give something back. It's only when I have to deal with others that I see how permeable qand beautiful C is.

Ode To C

Oh C, you're so permissive!
You let me do anything I want with you
If I submit unexpected data at the prompt,
others might ignore me but I know you won't.

Instead you let me in, tell me what's up.
You even bring me a Java cup!

Oh C, you're so flexible!
Who cares if you make mistakes, I do too.
There were so many times when I thought I broke your arrow
Screaming for help in the lab full of sorrow...

Is there a machine gun I can borrow?

To be continued

The moral of this story is: always init your vars.

My ass belongs on your face.

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