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(electric tomato)
09/27/08 06:24 AM
Sacha Baron Cohen invades Milan fashion week new [re: robpongi]  

Sacha Baron Cohen invades Milan fashion week

Milan's prestigious fashion week has been hijacked by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in his alter ego of Bruno, the flamboyantly camp Austrian fashion reporter.

Via Telegraph.co.uk

By Nick Squires In Perugia

26 Sep 2008

A man attempts to remove Sacha Baron Cohen, as his alter ego Bruno, from a runway
during a show at Milan Fashion Week Photo: AP

In reply to:

Baron Cohen and his team used fake passes to fool security guards into letting them into a backstage area of a show by the Italian label Iceberg.

One of the comedian's team, dressed in a head-to-toe velcro suit, caused chaos by running around and careering into clothes racks.

In footage aired on Italian television, flustered fashionistas screamed "security, security" until the man was manhandled away by security guards.

The team tried to enter a second fashion show on Thursday evening but were thwarted by tightened security.

Baron Cohen – best known for his creations Ali G and Borat, the blundering journalist from Kazakhstan – is in Milan working on a new film featuring his character Bruno.

The movie, Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male, is due out in May.

It is being shot in the same mockumentary style that was such a hit in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Bruno, like Borat, is one of the sketch characters from Baron Cohen's popular TV series, Da Ali G Show.

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(electric tomato)
09/27/08 06:25 AM
Re: Sacha Baron Cohen invades Milan fashion week new [re: robpongi]  

The above is the same brilliant madman who was behind this hilarious stunt:

Arkansas fight fans fall for Baron Cohen stunt


The Associated Press

July 8, 2008

In reply to:

Little Rock, Arkansas — Crowds in Arkansas came for the lure of cage fighting and $1 beer, but police say what they got instead was men ripping each others' clothes off and kissing — a stunt suspected of being orchestrated by Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat fame.

“We had a contract for cage fighting. We were deceived,” said Dwight Duncan, president and CEO of Four States Fair Grounds in Texarkana, where the first of two Arkansas fights raised suspicions last month.

Matt Labov, a Los Angeles-based publicist for Baron Cohen, said he had no comment Monday about the faked fights. One of Baron Cohen's movies is due out next year.

The day after the June 5 Texarkana bout, Fort Smith's convention centre hosted “Blue Collar Brawlin.”' Fort Smith police Sgt. Adam Holland said organizers told him a character named “Straight Dave” would goad a planted audience member into the ring for a fight.

The two men would then wrestle, rip away some of their clothes and share a brief kiss reminiscent of one between Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell in the film Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

Producers said “there would be a romantic embrace,” Holland said. “They said it was kind of to essentially make fun, poke fun at wrestling — two guys rolling around on the floor, all sweaty.”

An elaborate array of mounted and handheld video cameras caught the crowd of 1,600's reaction as the two men “went right up to the line” of the city's morality laws, Holland said. The two men stripped down to their underwear, kissed and rubbed on each other, the sergeant said.

The audience, as well as local fighters drawn to take part in the show, became enraged. “It set the crowd off lobbing beers,” Holland said. “They had beers in plastic cups. Those things can get some distance on them actually.”

Holland said it took officers about 45 minutes to clear the convention center, as the two actors sprinted away through a specially set-aside tunnel.

Those in attendance were told by several signs on display that they'd be filmed, Holland said, and signed waivers before the event. Convention center sales director Karin Hobbs declined to name the event's sponsor Monday.

Baron Cohen became a national celebrity after his 2006 hit movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, in which he played a bumbling reporter from the Central Asia nation.

News of the faked cage fights comes as Baron Cohen is in production of a movie titled Bruno, named after the gay Austrian fashion reporter he developed for Da Ali G Show. Baron Cohen, in the guise of Bruno, often interviewed hapless subjects in the South.

If the cage match visits came from Baron Cohen, it wouldn't be the first time Arkansas fell for a practical joke. In 2000, then-Gov. Mike Huckabee fell for a prank and congratulated Canada for preserving its icebound Parliament, calling it a “national igloo.”

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(electric tomato)
10/06/08 02:24 PM
The Beer Store @ The End of The Rainbow (PIC) new [re: robpongi]  

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10/06/08 10:51 PM
Re: Sacha Baron Cohen invades Milan fashion week [re: robpongi]  

I am very excited about the new movie from Sacha! The stunts he set up in Texas and Arkansas were bloody brilliant.

Bruno Dupes Texans into New Talk Show

If I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.

(electric tomato)
10/08/08 10:41 AM
Re: Sacha Baron Cohen invades Milan fashion week new [re: JarethsGirl]  

Thank you JarethsGirl! Me too I can't wait to see this new movie as, for sure, its going to be so freakin' hilarious!

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10/08/08 11:22 AM
Bakka gaijin new [re: robpongi]  

hey rob, what do you think of the news story about the foreigner arrested for swimming naked in the imperial moat?

Je est un autre

(electric tomato)
10/16/08 10:41 PM
Re: Bakka gaijin new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

DOUMO ARIGATOU Remade/Remodeled-san! Yeah, I saw this on the Japanese TV news here and just shook my head and laughed! But seriously, there is a high level of dioxin in the rain here so, for sure, and there is ALOT of dioxin in the imperial moat. So swimming in that water is just NUTS!!! Here's the story:

Naked Briton detained after swimming in Imperial Palace moat

Wednesday 08th October

Via Japan Today

In reply to:

TOKYO — A 40-year-old British tourist was taken into police custody Tuesday after swimming naked in a moat around the Imperial Palace, police officials said.

The man, a resident of Spain, was on a sightseeing trip along with seven Spanish tourists, according to the police.

According to police, the man dived into the moat around 11:30 a.m. after he visited a local police box near the Imperial Palace together with five friends who were all foreigners in their 40s or 50s. Some of the group spoke to a police officer in English, telling him they had accidentally dropped a bag into the moat and needed something to fish it out with. Then one of the men suddenly stripped off and dived into the moat, police said.

Fifty police officers and firefighters were mobilized to catch the man who threw rocks and splashed water at two policemen in a rowing boat. Local TV footage showed the man swimming around the moat as the police chased him with a long stick, attracting a crowd of onlookers. He was in the water for about an hour.

He eventually got out of the water and climbed a stone wall only to fall into the hands of police officers who were waiting for him.

Broadcasters were careful to meet Japan’s obscenity laws once he had climbed out of the water, masking images of his private parts with a blurry dot.

A police official said he had never heard of a skinny dipper causing a stir in the palace moat before. The moat is separated from the emperor’s residence by high stone walls and woods.

A palace official said the emperor was in the palace, but it was unlikely he saw the nude swimmer.

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(crash course raver)
10/21/08 10:29 AM
Re: Bakka gaijin new [re: robpongi]  

In reply to:

Broadcasters were careful to meet Japan’s obscenity laws once he had climbed out of the water, masking images of his private parts with a blurry dot.

How big was the blurry dot ?

(electric tomato)
10/27/08 10:02 PM
74 Year-Old Japanese Porn Star Still Going new [re: infidel]  

"How big was the blurry dot ?"

Well, that would depend upon how excited and 'invigorated' he was after his moat dip!

And in other 'up and coming' news FLUM JAPAN DESU:

74 Year-Old Japanese Porn Star Still Going

Via Weird Asia News

In reply to:

I think all men have a glimmer of hope that when we are in our 70’s and starting to need a little assistance around the house, that we might get a nice hot nurse to come and take care of us.

Some fantasy’s might even include a little happy time when being helped into bed or getting your sponge bath, but these are just fantasy’s and cant possibly come true… right?

Well for 74 year-old Shigeo Tokuda, this is a reality that happens more often than you would think.

Thats because Shigeo is actually a 74 year-old porn star who sometimes performs in roles where he is an elderly man in a home, when a hot nurse who is there to help him out gives him a little more help than normal.

“Lately I’m also starring as the main actor in a porn series set in a senior-care home. The girl that I’m costarring with might play my son’s wife, a daughter of a relative that I happen to be looking after, or a helper at one of the care homes.”

It all started over 20 years ago, when Shigeo wanted to buy a porn video and was embarassed to purchase it at an adult store. He went to the production company itself and over time became friends with the director.

Shigeo has since performed in over 250 adult films during his over 14 years in the porn film industry.

Although you would think it is the sex that keeps Shigeo coming back for film after film, it is actually the role playing and acting that turns him on the most.

“I mentioned before that I like films that are set up like TV dramas. This is partly because I’ve always had the desire to turn into all sorts of different people. So personally, I don’t get off just having sex with somebody. I continue working in this industry not because I like starring in adult films, but because I am given the opportunity to act in various roles. The appeal for me is in the fact that I can play different people, not that I can boast about my acting skills. Consequently, most of the films that I’m in have a proper plot and narrative.”

Shigeo has plans to continue moaking more adult films until he feels his health and age become an issue.

“Right now I don’t have any illnesses, so I guess I’ll keep watching my health and at least try to go on until I’m 80 [laughs].”

CNN Video on Youtube

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(electric tomato)
11/05/08 05:25 AM
Sacha Baron Cohen's "Bruno" Crashes Prop new [re: robpongi]  

Sacha Baron Cohen's "Bruno" Crashes Prop 8 Rally

Via The Huffington Post

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen, right, holds up a sign during a Yes on Prop. 8 rally, Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008 in Los Angeles. Cohen was apparently at the rally shooting a movie as Bruno, one of his characters. Proposition 8 would overturn the California Supreme Court's decision earlier this year to legalize same-sex marriage. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

November 2, 2008

In reply to:

LOS ANGELES — Sacha Baron Cohen went undercover as his alter ego Bruno on Sunday by crashing a rally in support of a ballot measure that would ban gay marriage in California.

The British comedian is working on a film based on the fictional character Bruno, a gay Austrian fashion reporter who conducted gag interviews on HBO's "Da Ali G Show."

Cohen, in disguise in a blond wig and preppy outfit, marched with demonstrators who support Proposition 8 while being trailed by cameras in a rally across from City Hall.

When photographers and reporters realized who he was and tried to approach the star, members of his film crew tried to shield him, and he was eventually whisked away in a van.

Cohen, who has made a career out of filming unwitting victims of his fake identities, also played a journalist in the hit movie "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan."

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