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03/23/11 00:18 AM
Throwing Limericks in everyone's eyes..... [re: ]  

When mp3's were leaked from "Toy"
Fans excited to hear from their SpaceBoy
in their joy so rapt
they didn't notice the crap
that Virgin was right to destroy


"A" is for Atonal, artfully adding audible auras

(thunder ocean)
03/25/11 05:17 AM
I still suck at these new [re: Coldfyr]  

The administrator couldn't agree more
listening to Toy makes your ears sore
Fill your ears with cotton,
TW needs a "like" button
For thread like this to keep score


03/26/11 07:55 PM
Re: I still suck at these new [re: K]  

HAHAHA!!! :)

"A" is for Atonal, artfully adding audible auras

(cracked actor)
03/30/11 10:42 AM
Re: Throwing Limericks in everyone's eyes..... new [re: Coldfyr]  

What a great "Conversation Piece" is this "Toy"
all those leaked mp3's giving me so much joy.
I'm "Afraid" that "In The Heat Of The Morning",
this "Silly Boy Blue" will always be a yearning
for "Toy" ... I "Dig Everything" regarding "Toy".

(electric tomato)
01/02/12 11:04 PM
HAHa ha ha Get that STuff Out OF My EYE!! ! new [re: Coldfyr]  

There once was a Man from Milwaukee.
Who 8 a big bowl of chop socky.
It caused such a pain.
He said "Never Again".
& Then played him a game of Ice Hocky.



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